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Aaptiv App Review – Best Fitness App for Workouts

Everyone wants to be fit and have that dashing body you see on magazines’ front pages and the muscles on bodybuilders. For those who love jamming to the melodies, you know what wonderful music does to the psyche and focus. Now, the Aaptiv smartphone application as melded fitness teaching and music into one and give you just the motivation tool you need. Read our Aaptiv review to know more about this #1 audio fitness app on App Store.

What is Aaptiv App?

aaptiv promo codeWell, what is Aaptiv but a audio fitness app that provides both the motivation and fitness training? Aaptiv is an audio-based application that provides fitness classes depending on your fitness goals. The application comes loaded with a catalog of music playlists, which coincide with the various fitness classes. The application also provides a variety of tailored classes depending on your fitness goals and level you need. To sum up the Aaptiv, the music never stops and the trainer is always on your phone.

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Why Should We Need Aaptiv App?

The fitness route is not quite as simple as most would make it seem. It actually tasks your determination thus finding consistent motivation becomes a priority. While starting your fitness journey you need not worry about motivation anymore since the Aaptiv app helps to give you the spur you need. The application also comes with different features to allow you a better time while working out. Additionally, the application provides variety in music and training classes for your different workout sessions. This is inclusive of yoga or jogging each of which has their select accompanying music.

Aaptiv Key Features:

  • Voice feature and Audio based training. The application combines a voice instructor with the music playlist to give you due to motivation.
  • Variety in music. The software comes equipped with a variety of music playlists matched with their workout sessions.
  • Auto-updated fitness classes. The application updates thirty new classes weekly, which ensure you have limited fitness challenges on your platter.
  • Different fitness categories. The software provides instructions and music for different fitness categories. This includes the progression from beginner, intermediary and advanced fitness levels.
  • Outdoor instructor. This feature measures your distance up to the midpoint and instructs you to return. This way you eliminate the hustle of using GPS even on a new jogging or walking track.

 How Aaptiv App Works:

When using the Aaptiv application the workout session fit your schedule, not the other way round you get to choose when and where you want to exercise. The application provides variety in trainers, music, and fitness routines. That way you only choose the type of session depending on your preference and start your work out. Whether you are taking a jog or simply doing yoga the app comes as an instructor and motivator.

For more information, please meet Ceasar Barajas, Aaptiv trainer, on how making daily movement a habit even if you only have just two minutes free:

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What Kinds of Workout will I Find on Aaptiv?

The sessions at Aaptiv vary across twelve categories both indoor and outdoor. This includes running on a treadmill, or outdoor, strength training using body weights, rowing, stair climber, yoga, meditation, indoor cycling, elliptical among else. They also have a race train for 5k, 10k, half and full marathon. While training for muscle building and calorie burn they provide the high-intensity interval train, which builds your strength. Additionally, they also provide monthly challenges specially tailored to your fitness goals and motivation.

Aaptiv reviews

Best Aaptiv App Promo Code:

Timex women's watches coupon codeAaptiv App Special Promotion:

Get 30% OFF on new Aaptiv annual subscription plan + Free 30-day free trial at aaptiv.com.

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FAQs – Getting to Know Aaptiv Audio Fitness App

Who are the Aaptiv trainers?

The group of fitness trainers at Aaptiv is diverse from a physical therapist, renowned athletes, and health instructors with certification on all matters fitness. The bunch at Aaptiv has certification form major health and fitness organizations like ACE, NASM, and ISSA. You can, therefore, rest assured of your training safety and expertise with the instructors who ensure you meet your fitness goals in no time.

Can I contact an Aaptiv trainer directly?

Once you are an Aaptiv member you can join their private Facebook society. This allows you to get in touch with their supportive community for all the motivation you need. Through the group, you can contact the fitness trainers directly in case of an inquiry or when in need for extra motivation on your exercises. This group, however, is only for the Aaptiv members and is closed.

How often do you add new classes to the app?

The app updates about fifty new training techniques weekly to ensure they maintain relevance and keep up with the new trends. This also includes the specially tailored classes for your personal training. The application also updates other relevant content like new trendy training techniques and the music playlist. To keep up with this new updates and app features you can sign up for the newsletter on the website.

How do I download a workout to my phone?

On the Aaptiv application, you can download any workout displayed while connected to the internet. Once you click on the workout, you can view the work out details. To add the workouts to your download list, simply click on the workouts switch to add it to your offline selection. You can then access it once you are offline. To remove the workout from your download switch, simply click on the Workout button to the off position.

Can I tell how difficult a workout session is before taking it?

The application categorizes the workouts according to the difficulty that is a beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can also choose to filter the workout according to their difficulty or other criteria using the filters on the application.

Can I use running or fitness trackers with Aaptiv?

You can track your train using your fitness tracking application by opening it first before starting your session. Then you can start the Aaptiv app and been your training session while the fitness tracker runs in the background.


Are classes in audio or video?

The Aaptiv app is essentially audio based and all its sessions are in voice form. This prevents distraction caused while staring at the screen. The motivational music and expert instruction ensure you focus and get inspired to meet your fitness goals. The company produces its audio sessions in-house with their exceptional audio software while they record, edit, and produce the sessions with an expert sound team.

A Few Aaptiv Reviews from Real Customer:

Here are some of real Aaptiv customer reviews from other sites:

I love this App, I love the idea of a trainer in my ear pushing me because that’s what I need when I work out so this app is great in that respect and with all the intensity levels etc…” Bizzecka from App Store.


I LOVE Aaptiv. It has changed the way I workout completely. I am much more accountable to my workouts when I have a “trainer” in my ear. The app is easy to use and so accessible. I have no excuse not to to workout with Aaptiv…” Michaela from www.trustpilot.com.

Quick Aaptiv.Com Reviews:

Website Layout

Aaptiv app review

The Aaptiv official website (https://aaptiv.com/) is one exceptional tool for marketing and advertisement. The website layout is eccentric yet gives off a simplistic fell. As you navigate the various pages, you find no difficulty in following the links or finding information on the products. This way even the novice internet surfer can find an easy time while navigating the Aaptiv website.

Shopping Processing

The website allows you to purchase a membership directly. It also provides the Apple store and the Play store links to download the Aaptiv application. The website provides the client enough details on what to expect as soon as they download the application and purchase a membership. The website provides enough information on the various membership status for the clients to choose. However, in order to attain a membership the client as to sign into the website using their email or their Facebook account.

Order & Payment

The website also provides a free trial period of thirty days throughout which you can access an unlimited number of classes across the categories. In order to purchase a membership subscription, the client needs to key in their purchase information and check out the payment. The confirmation email sent to your email is proof of the membership subscription purchase.

Customer Service

The website is a hub of information pertaining the Aaptiv application and the company as a whole. The client can find the FAQs page quite resourceful if they are in need of information on the application. The website also provides a link to the Aaptiv Facebook society through which the client can get direct access to the trainers. You can also get updates on additional features on the application.

Technical Support

The website will hardly fail you if you need information on the Aaptiv application or the company itself. The website provides contact information to contact the company in case of an inquiry. Their site also provide you with the hotline number to call when you have a problem with the application or need urgent assistance with the application. Using links to the various social platforms and the newsletter of the company, you can access information as well as get timely updates.

How Much Does Aaptiv Cost?

While purchasing the membership subscription on the website you can view the various memberships as soon as you sign in. For a one-month subscription, the membership cost up to $14.99 with an unlimited access to fitness classes across the categories. Additionally, the Aaptiv website provides first-timers a free thirty day subscription periods throughout which you access unlimited classes on the application.

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Aaptiv App Review – Bottom Line

  • What We Like About Aaptiv App:

While using the Aaptiv app convenience of a workout at any time and place is quite an advantage. You can also access a variety of fitness classes depending on your fitness goals. These advantages coupled with the personalized classes are just what you need to get you fit. The offline use and other features of the application come as a major advantage and attraction.

  • What We Not Like About Aaptiv App:

However, on the downside you need to pay for subscriptions else, you cannot access the classes without purchasing a subscription. Another disadvantage is the fact that you cannot choose your music playlist while using the application. The application chooses the playlist thus; you have to stick to this training method. However, the advantages and the outcome overshadow the disadvantages by a long shot.

Finally, the website is quite convenient while the Aaptiv app is a superb fitness assistant with more can fitness asks for but motivation. This, in addition, the app covers for and you can now rest assured that your fitness goals are simply a finger tap away. Such is the convenience of the modern age when you do not have to fit into schedules. You can now make your own schedule and work as you see fit without worry of time or inconvenience.

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Should I Buy Aaptiv?

The Aaptiv app that offers you a way to meet your fitness goals does not task your schedules, and instead allows you to make your own. What more is there really? The Aaptiv app membership is a definite buy, which guarantees results for any penny spent.

How to Purchase At Aaptiv.Com?

By clicking on the start trial tab on the website, you can access the purchase link for the subscription. For a new subscriber, they need to sign in while the old visitors only need to log into the website. After this, you can then choose your subscription and make your purchase. The website requires you to fill your payment and billing information. Once you check out, you receive an email to confirm your membership purchase. The website also provides a 30% discount on the membership fee as well as a thirty-day free membership subscription for new visitors.

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