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ActiveFit Review – Athleisure Brand will Make You Look Amazing

The one advantage the feminine form has over their male counterpart is its ability to look stylish in almost every wear it dons. Creating the perfect garment for the female form is quite a daunting task if you do not really know how to appreciate the features. One needs to designing garments, which appreciate the female form and provide maximum convenience. One such designer is the ActiveFit wear line, which provides sophisticated wear for women.

Who is ActiveFit?

ActiveFit is a clothing line, which specializes in the design of feminine garments meant for active exercise. Confidence in everyone comes from the different aspects and one of the main boosts of confidence is the clothing one dons. If you look good, you feel good which leads you to reach for your goals. This is what spurs ActiveFit to create athletics wear for women.

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Why Should We Choose Active Fit Wear?

ActiveFit clothing line specifically accentuates the feminine form giving you the confidence you need to walk the extra mile. The active wear creates access to any footwear is it flats or sneakers thus you can choose to either go for a jog or run errands. The design also provides convenience since it provides an allowance for activity without giving discomfort due to heating up. Concisely, ActiveFit is a multipurpose oriented clothing line, which also infuses fashion to give you the extra boost of confidence.

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Each one of the products below infuses style into the activewear to ensure you feel like the fashion guru you are. Additionally, the garments provide comfort for either exercise or simply run your errands.


Activefit skull legging coupon

Do you like your style with a few skulls infused then these leggings are your best pick. The legging infuses a skull detail in the all black fabric to keep you looking badass and stylish. The fabric is 89% polyester and 11%spandex, which give the leggings a stretchable and comfortable feel. The website provides fitting details to help you choose the perfect size. This way the leggings will u you in all the right places.

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Activefit legging review

Every garment you wear should have you looking like a star as you reach for your stardom. The Silver Star infusion into this ActiveFit Infinity Legging provides a pop in your physique while accentuating all your right features. This legging comes in 86% polyester and 16% spandex fabric, which also provides stretch and sweat-wicking features. The fabric provides at most comfort while you go about your business or exercise.


Activefit kenya bra promo code

To complete the fit look you need a bra that is as stylish as the paring leggings. The KENYA bra is both stretchable and stylish and thus easily wins as the perfect paring companion. This bra comes in an 88% nylon and 11% elastin fabric, which gives its superb stretching and comfort on the skin. The stylish lace detail on the back of the bra gives it an eccentric design to complete your stylish look.

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Activefitwear paulina bra review

What better bra would best supplement the Kenya bra other than one with just as a beautiful name as Paulina bra. This bra bears its intrigue in the mesh design on the front and back. This gives it superb thermogenic properties and comfort while remaining stylish. The bra comes in 78% nylon and 24% elastin fabrics, which gives it enough elasticity and comfort for your skin. The bar comes in black or white colors.


Activefitwear layla tank coupon

Comfort and style really come out with this tank top. The design is quite consistent on the front but the mesh design on the back side provides just the eccentricity required to qualify it as stylish. With this either tank, you can exercise or simply have a day out with friends and still enjoy the comfort feel it provides. The fabrics are 78% nylon and 22% elastin thus giving the fabric a comfortable feel and thermogenic qualities for the perfect wear.


Active fit tank discount

The “wild” in its name is no bluff or simply haphazard name attached but rather the design. This tank is completely not, what you expect as you look at it from the front but the backside is open. The full polyester fabric used on the garment gives it thermogenic properties as well as a lit feel. With its eccentric design, this tank easily pairs with leggings or even other wear to complete your stylish getup.

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Quick Reviews:

Website Layout review

The ActiveFit website ( provides quite a simplistic design such that any novice website surfer will have an easy time navigating the various pages. The website provides simple links and straightforward page direction to ensure you can view only the most relevant information. It is a minimalistic design the website also reduces the amount of clutter information and advertisement thus you do not run the risk of confusion.

Shopping Processing

You can access the ActiveFit catalog either using the links at the top or the bottom of the website pages. The listings of the entire ActiveFit wear line includes leggings, tanks, and bras all of which the website categories. Once you choose the category and the specific product the products page allows you to view its description. The description includes its details, reviews by other customers and the product’s care details. You can also choose the color and click on the “add to cart” link to go to the purchases page.

Order & Payment

On the products page, you can go ahead and specify the color, size and the number of garments you wish to purchase. The “Add to Cart” link allows you to view your order details and move ahead to the purchases page. On the purchases page, you can key in your personal, shipment, and payment details. The payment option on the ActiveFit website includes credit and debit cards.

Customer Service

With ActiveFit since the website provides online consultation options to help you find out the perfect size before ordering. Additionally, the website provides a fitting cart through which you can compare sizes. The website also allows you to view the various clearance offers for the different garments displayed. The garments purchased on the website also come with special discounts and worldwide shipment offers.

Online Support

Apart from fitting consultancy, the ActiveFit online cat also allows you to make inquiries to the consults about the garments. The website also provides the hotline, email address, and social media platform links for the convenience of their clients. Additionally blog and FAQs pages give extra insight into the company and their products as a whole.

ActiveFit Review – Bottom Line

The female garments flood the market, each with their own allures and charms. In a flooded market, each product needs an edge if they are to prove their mettle against the competition. For the ActiveFit garments, the edge is the convenience and infusion of style into the design. The garments at ActiveFit give you the confidence you need to breeze through your day and workouts.

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How to Order at

On the products page at, you can customize your garment to give it is your preferred color and size. Additionally, the website allows you to cane the number of garments right on the products page. Clicking on the “Add to Cart” link allows you to proceed to the purchases page on which you can view the order details. The purchase page requires you to key in your personal, shipment, and payment details. For all purchases made on the website, the customer enjoys a free shipment offer and a special discount with our ActiveFit coupon code below.

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ActiveFit coupon codeActiveFit Special Clearance Sale:

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