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10% OFF All About Shapewear Coupon Code

For a limited time, get 10% OFF on shapewears, body shapers, bodysuits at!

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All About Shapewear Review At A Glance

A shapely figure is always in question when a woman walks up to the dressing room to try out a new dress. For males, one has to match up their body shape with the clothes they select in a store. However, slimming girdles take the shape factor out of the equation altogether. The review below seeks to enlighten about how All About Shapewear is giving people their shapely body figures.

Who Are They?

All About Shapewear promo codeAll About Shapewear are an online clothes designer who provides men’s & women’s shapewears, inner wears and body shaper garments such as such as plus size bodysuits, corsets, waist cinchers, girdles, Fajas Colombianas and more. Based in the United States the company not only allows for online shopping they also provide shipping for the various products to the customer’s residence. According to the various satisfactory feedback from their clients, the garments fit and provide the shapely figure as promised.

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What Are They Selling At All About Shapewear?

The company provides girdle garments for both male and female bodies. The girdles on display on the website not only have a superb design they are comfortable to wear. With all the necessary allowances put in place, one does not feel any discomfort when donning these garments. The website also allows for sizing options to allow the customer to make an accurate purchase. To top this whole experience the company provides for free shipping within the United States and regular rates shipping for abroad. Check this video for more information on how easy a real girl wears Colombian women’s short compression garment.

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Top Selling Products at

The design employed on the garments below not only provides convenience but also provides the comfort required. The garments provide all the necessary allowances for the bathroom. In addition, the shape wears do not cause heat discomfort in hot weather, which is a major convenience in hot weather conditions from top brands such as Fajas Salome, Fajas M&D, Fajas Dprada and more.

  1. Fajas Colombian As Body Shaper Braless With A Sexy Lace Panty

Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Braless

Every woman dreams of that curvy figure that accents all her assets. This braless girdle allows for this very feature. With high compression, the anti-allergic material the girdle highlights the body’s waistline thus giving it a streamlined shape. The braless style allows one to wear their favorite bra and fell as sexy as they look. The laced panty style gives the girdle a sexy finish as it defines the waistline. The internal snaps and zipper allow for an easier fitting into the girdle. If you are searching for a girdle that accents the waistline to give you an hourglass figure then the Faja Colombian as body shaper braless with sexy lace is the perfect pick.

  1. Fajas Colombian As Full Body Shaper, Braless, Buttlift & Capri Style

Fajas Colombianas Full Body Shaper

This girdle is a full body from upper back, tummy, and thighs it gives the whole body a streamlined shape. The lighter and softer buttock material gives the buttock a robust and rounded shape. In addition, it also has an elastic band to give the buttocks a natural enhanced appearance. The material used all over is comfortable and the girdles designs provide for perfect breathability. This Faja Colombian body shaper is perfect for daily use as well as postpartum care and post-surgery protection.

  1. Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Braless With A Sexy Lace Shorts And Thin Straps

Body Shaper Braless with a Sexy Lace Short
The braless design and sexy laced sorts give this girdle a divine beautiful look. Its side closure design provides easy fitting. In addition, the girdle as tin adjustable straps for support on the upper body. The sexy lace shorts provide bathroom convenience while still giving compression for the curves. In this entire girdle is perfect for tummy control and high compression, which gives the body a tight butt and curvy figure.

  1. Fajas Colombian As Bodysuit Sort Style No Zipper Medium Compression Thermal Action

Bodysuit Short Style No Zipper Medium Compression Thermal Action

The girdle design starts from the thighs to the bustline to give the body a natural harmonious curvy appearance. The medium compressions and thermal action provide comfort and perfect breathability for the girdle. The no zipper also adds on to the natural graceful looks but still provides space for comfort. This Faja Colombian bodysuit provides a striking full-body curvy look that accents the curves and provides for comfort.

What Makes All About Shapewear Different For Other Shapewear Products?

All About Shapewear have a Colombian design that gives them a sexy look so appealing to many women and men. The natural curves and seamless design not only provide for comfort it accomplishes the shapely goal of any person who wears it. In addition to all this, the design also provides allowances that are convenient for health situations like postpartum care and post-surgical healing. The design of All About Shapewear not only gives the body a shapely look it also leaves room for necessary conveniences

A Few All About Shapewear Reviews on Real Customers:

Here are a few original All About Shapewear reviews from Amazon:

Veronica Castanea – says:

“Excellent product, great and comfortable fabric material, easy to pull up, almost invisible, I like my new shapewear body, I’ll but another one soon.”

A verified Amazon customer says:

“Amazing. fits great. Feels great after surgery.”

Quick Review

Website Layout

All About Shapewear Review

The website leans more towards the marketing and information than to elegance in design factor. With enough information on the various products displayed on the website, the customer is sure to make the right decision. The links to a majority of the useful pages are accessible through the menu bar at the top left of the homepage. This allows any user regardless of their IT knowledge to navigate the website easily. In addition, the links are self-explanatory thus easy to follow. Briefly, this website is a work of convenience for the customers and a marketing tool for All About Shapewear products.

Order and Shipping

When one logs on to the All About Shapewear website the menu bar at the top left of the homepage will allow access to the products page. The products page displays the various products for both genders. Clicking on a particular product allows the customer to view all the specifications of the product and its respective prices. In addition, the page allows them to access the purchase link. The purchase page requires the customer to fill in their billing, payments, and shipment information. The shipment information allows free shipments within the United States while for out-country shipments require them to incur the charges.

Customer Service

Shapewears’ customer care provides the needed convenience to the customer. One of the conveniences is the sizing option, which allows the customer to make a sizing option with help of sizing experts. This way, the customer can hardly go wrong when they make a purchase. Another convenience is the exchange policy that allows the customer to return non-fitting girdles for another choice or a gift certificate. The shipment of the products of the in-country or out-country customer’s doorstep is another convenience by the company.

Online Support

The website is a hub of information on the All About Shapewear products. The insightful information on the product specifications allows the client to make informed purchases. The FAQs page also allows the customer to get answers to their various inquiries without the hustle of trying direct messaging. For more inquiries through the website, provide a direct mail option and a phone line to reach the personnel at All About Shapewear. In addition, the website also provides links to the various social media platforms from which one can get in touch with All About Shapewear.

All About Shapewear Review – Bottom Line

The perfect figure not only allows the body to look design it also boosts the person’s self-esteem. Now there is no reason one cannot go for the curvy dress and look as smashing as a model on the runway. Instead of feeling out of place shopping in a clothes store, one can now have any clothes they like and pull out the perfect looks with All About Shapewear body shapers. All About Shapewear girdles provide the opportunity for anyone to have a shapely figure and feel as sexy as they look.

How to Order at Allaboutshapewear.Com?

The menu link allows the customer to access the products page from which they can view the various products. The products page provides information on the products, which includes the prices of the various products. Using the purchase link on the products one accesses the purchase page on which they need to fill in the billing, payments, and shipment information. This allows for the shipment of the products to the customer’s residence. In addition to this, the website offers a 10% off with our special All About Shapewear promo code on their products.

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Latest All About Shapewear Promo Code:

10% OFF All About Shapewear Coupon Code

For a limited time, get 10% OFF on shapewears, body shapers, bodysuits at!

10% OFF All About Shapewear Coupon Code

For a limited time, get 10% OFF on shapewears, body shapers, bodysuits at!

(All About Shapewear Coupon Code & Review)

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