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Quick Amazfit Review – Should We Buy Amazfit Smartwatch?

A sound health is important to live a happy life. Daily exercising is essential in this regards. It keeps the body healthy and fit. But in the hustle and bustle of life, exercising is the least thing to think about for many people. For these people, a fitness band works not only as a health tracker but a motivator as well. Health enthusiasts know the benefits of these bands and they take full advantage of them. Amazfit offers different wearable devices that monitor daily activities with great style. In this Amazfit review, you will learn more about their product.

Who is Amazfit?

Amazfit coupon codeAmazfit is the brand of Huami, the largest wearable device company in the world. Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. In the mere time of three years, the company has sold over 35 million units till date and has 17.1% global market share. Other than producing renowned Amazfit products like Pace, Equator, Moonbeam, and Arc, Huami also provides wearable technology for Xiaomi. The company is also known as the maker of the Mi Band.

The company has gained so many awards because of their amazing products. Their awards include Design Award 2016, Reddot Design Award winner 2016, Design Award 2017, and Reddot Design Award winner 2017. The company’s mission is to connect daily activities and biomechanical signals with smart data services for wellbeing of human health.

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What Makes Amazfit Different to Others?

Amazfit is different from others in the many ways. Here are some things that make them stand out among the competitors.

  • Classy products that suit everyone’s needs
  • One year limited warranty on all products that proves their trust in what they make
  • 30-days return policy if you don’t like the product
  • Only three years in the business and sold more than 35 million units till date
  • Earn so many awards in very few time
  • Quality assurance of the product
  • Every checkout is the secure checkout
  • Compatible price tag on every product

What Are They Selling at

Amazfit offers wearable devices that track health activities. They have devices such as Pace, Arc, Equator, Moonbeam, and their related accessories. The top sellers of are as follow:

  1. Amazfit T-Rex Pro

Amazfit T-Rex Pro coupon

Amazfit T-Rex Pro watch is the sports smartwatch with GPS enabled. It plays music, tracks health, monitors heart rate, and more without the need of phone. This Amazfit smart watch face can be customized. On the display screen, it also shows calls, emails, texts and app notifications.

Key Features

  • Tracks indoor and outdoor activities including walk, run, bike, elliptical and many more
  • Monitors distance covered, time, heart rate, burned calories, speed, altitude, elevation etc.
  • Plays music to the internal storage and connects to the Bluetooth earbuds wirelessly
  • Tracks distance and route by built in GPS (supporting four Global Navigation Satellite Systems)
  • Notifies for incoming calls, emails, messages, and other apps
  • 10 ATM water-resistance
  • Ultra-long 18-day battery life with typical use

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  1. Amazfit Band 5

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Amazfit Band 5 is a water resistant health and sleep monitor. It has a scratch resistant OLED touch screen and an optical heart rate sensor. This simple looking activity tracker has durable construction and offers 15 days battery life in one time charge.

Key Features:

  • Tracks steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, and heart rate without any phone access
  • Shows battery status and current time on the display screen
  • Alerts for alarms and incoming calls
  • Arc companion app for Android and iOS stores all the tracked data
  • Sleep Monitoring & Blood Oxygen
  • Women’s Health Tracking
  • 15-Day Battery Life
  1. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro discount

The Amazfit GTR3 Pro is the 24-hour activity tracker that monitors calories burned and sleep. It even alerts you for the incoming calls. It is a fashionable wearable that keeps you healthy as well. The band is made from premium leather whereas the metal is rose gold plated; with this combo, you track your health with elegance and style.

Key Features:

  • Tracks sleep, steps taken, distance and calories automatically
  • Alerts for calls and alarms through silent vibrations
  • Resists water up to 3 feet and 30 minutes; has PI68 ratings
  • Beautiful leather band with rose gold details
  • 12-day Battery Life
  • Powerful Zepp OS

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Amazfit Watch FAQs:

  • Is the Amazfit Smartwatch compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

    Yes, the Amazfit watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • Can I use the Amazfit watch while swimming?

    Yes, the Amazfit sport watch is water-resistant and can be worn while swimming.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery can last up to two weeks on a single charge.

  • Does the Amazfit watch have a heart rate monitor?

    Yes, the Amazfit watch has a heart rate monitor.

  • Is Amazfit owned by Xiaomi?

    Amazfit is a sub-brand owned and operated by Huami Technology, which is a subsidiary of the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. Amazfit’s products are sold directly to consumers under the Amazfit brand, or through other retail channels such as Amazon. Xiaomi provides significant financing to Huami Technologies by way of investments in Amazfit’s product lines, R&D support for new product development and manufacturing capacity for existing products. Aside from that, there is no direct relationship between Xiaomi and Amazfit as posted on their official FAQ page.

Amazfit vs Garmin: Which One is Better?

When making a comparison between the Amazfit and the Garmin, there is no clear answer as to which one is better. Both offer superior fitness tracking technology featuring heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, GPS navigation, and more. However, the Amazfit stands out due to its extensive battery life of up to 6 days on a single charge versus just 4-14 days for the Garmin depending on usage. Additionally, the Amazfit also has a larger display for easily reading information as well as being more affordable than typical Garmin devices.

On the other hand, the Garmin provides better accuracy with its sensors providing reliable altitude readings in addition to being able to access additional data from third party sources or apps such as weather updates or sports scores. In conclusion, both devices offer features that can be enjoyed by various users, but ultimately it is up to you to decide which fits your lifestyle needs best.

Which is better Amazfit or Fitbit?

When it comes to choosing between Amazfit and Fitbit, both have their advantages and disadvantages. While Fitbit brings a wide range of options with well-known products like the Versa 2, the Charge 3, and the Inspire HR, they may lack features like an Always-On Display (AOD) or water resistance up to 50 meters. Meanwhile, Amazfit offers many affordable options that boast features like AODs and great battery life, but their app is not as user friendly or feature-rich as Fitbit’s. Ultimately, it depends on which features are most important for each individual user as both brands offer something unique to meet differing needs – from advanced fitness insights to attractive design choices.

Quick Reviews:

Let’s have quick reviews on

Website Layout

amazfit review is simple website that is highly user friendly. You can directly navigate to their products by selecting the option present at the top bar. The other options present at the top bar are: Community, Blog, About Us and News. The ‘Shop’ option is also available at the top right corner for instant access.

Shopping Processing

Select the product that you want to buy and click on “add to cart” button. Add the quantity by clicking + or – button. Click to ‘Secure checkout’ to proceed further. Enter the relevant details and complete your shopping. They offer one year limited consumer warranty on all of their products. Plus, they also have a return policy within 30 days, if due to any reason you are not satisfied with the product. The knowledge base is apparently extensive and hella helpful. Plus, the live chat feature is dope and the reps are responsive when you need help.

Orders & Shipping

All orders can take up to 48 hours of processing before they are being dispatched for your home. If you are in US, your order will arrive in 5-7 business days. But if you live outside US, your delivery time may exceed this limit. Folks are saying that they get their orders on time without any problems. The free shipping on big orders is a plus, and the tracking feature lets you know where your stuff is at all times.

Customer Service

Customers have been saying that the service team is chill and helpful. They’re polite, know their stuff, and quick to fix any issues. At all the queries are answered appropriately by their customer service agents. Email them at to seek the answer to your questions.

Online Support

If you have general questions to ask, you can take help from their online support page. Visit and check if the answer is already present among the topics.

Finally, Amazfit offers some of the best health monitoring wearable devices available today. Either it is Amazfit Band 5, Amazfit GTR3 Pro or Amazfit T-Rex Pro, every device is the example of perfection. The diversity of the products allows the customer to select according to their taste and style. If you like to go funky, they have something for you. If elegance is your class, then you can find something as well. Remember check our Amazfit promo code to save your money at checkout.

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Amazfit promo codeAmazfit Special Deal:

Get up to 30% OFF on Amazfit sport smartwatches, sleep & activity trackers at

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