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An In-depth Amazfit PACE Review

This post is aimed at educating potential customers and the general public about the Amazfit PACE smartwatch. In this Amazfit PACE review, you will find information regarding the following key features of the sports smartwatch: technical specs, design, how it works, compatibility, uniqueness of the Amazfit PACE and a special promotion currently available.

What is Amazfit PACE?

Amazfit Pace promo code

The Amazfit PACE is a GPS-enabled fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid. This sports smartwatch was introduced to the United States market by Huami in November 2016. The purpose of this watch is to track key metrics during work outs and sports such as speed, distance, tempo/rhythm, time, heart rate and calories burned. The Amazfit PACE also automatically tracks sleep every night, which aids in determining sleep patterns and total sleep time.

Key Features:

The Amazfit PACE smartwatch has a display size of 1.34 inches with a 320 * 300 resolution. The screen is an LCD touch. In addition the screen has a transflective color display which is always on. The smartwatch weighs a light comfortable 54.5 g and has a 1.2 GHz Core Processor. The watch has a total storage capacity of 4GB and 512 MB RAM. A key component of this smartwatch is its long lasting battery life; with up to 5 days of regular use and 11 days of basic use. The Amazfit PACE IP67 feature makes it water and dust resistant. The watch also has an inbuilt optical (PPG) heart rate sensor, GPS+GLONASS support.

Check this video for more information on this Amazfit sports smartwatch:

Why Should I Choose Amazfit PACE Smartwatch?

There are several reasons for going the Amazfit PACE way when it comes to smart watches. One of them is the always on transflective color display, which is a notable plus on visibility. The smartwatch is visible indoors even with the backlight turned off. Outdoors, the more the light the easier it becomes to read and navigate the screen.

Second, with a total onboard storage size of 4 GB, the Amazfit PACE smartwatch allows for device free and wireless music listening; which means you can easily connect your Bluetooth ear buds and don’t have to carry your phone with you when out for a walk or a run.

Third, the Amazfit PACE IP67 feature makes the watch water and dust resistant, another notable advantage.

How Does Amazfit PACE Look?

The Amazfit PACE smart watch’s dark ceramic bezel gives a beautiful combination of class and sport to the red color design of this smartwatch. It is impossible to believe it is in principle a sports watch. In addition, the watch has high quality rubber straps which are comfortable.

How It Work

Amazfit PACE review

The Amazfit PACE sport smartwatch is used for tracking physical body activity and fitness during the following indoor and outdoor sports and work outs: runs including trail runs, walks, biking and ellipticals. On the top right side of the watch case is a “home button” which activates the touch screen, basically waking up the watch. When out for a walk or a run, the watch tracks steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, active and resting heart rate. This data enables one to optimize on work out sessions. Amazfit also offers running training manuals for different categories of users, for example, beginners, intermediate (5K, 10K) and marathon runners. The always on display gives notification for emails, calls, texts and other apps.

This Amazfit heart rate traking smartwatch also tracks sleep variables such as: actual time of sleep, deep vs. light sleep, actual wake up time and total time slept, enabling one to determine sleep patterns and habits.

The Amazfit PACE smartwatch comes with an included charging and USB port, for charging and media transfer purposes.

What Makes Amazfit PACE Different to Others?

Design wise the Amazfit PACE is well distinguished from other sports smartwatch models available in the market. Unlike most others, the Amazfit GPS-enabled sports smartwatch has a balanced classy and sporty outlook. Its rubber straps are interchangeable, meaning you can conveniently swap them with any similar sized straps.

When trail running, the smartwatch monitors additional metrics such as average and best speeds per mile, elevation gain or loss, altitude, vertical speed, maximum speed, maximum and average cadence. Additionally, the in-built GPS feature makes distance tracking effective and accurate. This is especially useful for professional athletes and work out enthusiasts.

Heart rate readings are much more detailed and available for different states; sleep, aerobic, non-work out and fat burning. A comparison of maximum, minimum, current and past hear rate trends is also available.


The Amazfit PACE GPS running smartwatch has Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity allowing for wireless and phone less music listening while working out. The smart watch’s companion apps exist for iOS and Android. All data is synced and accessible through the Strava app.

Color Available

The Amazfit PACE is available in two colors, red and black.

Amazfit PACE Review – Final Thought

The Amazfit PACE is a complete sports smartwatch; with inbuilt GPS and heart rate sensor, remarkable display, visibility and connectivity options, and longevity. Retailing at a pocket friendly price, the Amazfit PACE is truly a bargain.Buy it now get discount on Amazfit PACE.

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