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DietSensor Review at a Glance

From ever since we can remember, scientists have urged people to maintain a balanced diet. This would hardly caution people until them had a nutrition problem or condition. Today the rampant nutrition related illnesses work to spur people to check on their diet. Knowing that everybody reacts differently to various foods developing a diet assistant tool that helps us manage our nutrition goals is quite a feat. DietSensor, with a ton of research and modifications they have created the perfect tool for monitoring nutrition.

Who is DietSensor?

DietSensor Coupon CodeThe DietSensor company is the brainchild of Remy and Astrid Bonnasse who surprising had no previous affiliation to the tech world at all. The efforts were personal after their nine-year-old daughter’s diagnosis with type one diabetes. After trying the previous versions of diet monitoring tools proved ineffective, they strove to create a new application for diet monitoring. The company’s founding was in 2014, after assembling a thirty five-man team. By 2016 the company attained an award innovation of a technology at CES.

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What Are They Doing at

DietSensor’s aim is to create an integrated system that allows everyone to keep track of his or her nutrition and diet requirements. Diet Sensor is for anyone whether looking to lose some pounds or reduce the calorie intake it is still a helpful tool. With the SCiO sensor, that uses infrared spectroscopy and the DietSensor application work to ensure every meal you take balances for optimum nutrition.

What is the Best-Selling Product At DietSensor.Com?

  1. Digital Scale + SCiO Scanner

Digital Scale + SCiO scanner review

Most diet monitoring applications seem ineffective since one has to key in data manually. The nutrition value of food is inaccurate without the direct reading of the calorie amount and the portion. With the SCiO scanner created by consumer physics, on can get the calories by scanning their foods directly. Since the different molecules vibrate differently with different foods, using infrared spectrum on the device measures the calorie amount in the foods. The scanner connects by Bluetooth to the smartphone application, which updates the information in real time.

Though this technology may seem nearly effective, the portions of food vary which makes the readings unfit to determine the nutrition values. The soon to be unveiled Digital scale takes into consideration this very snag. One can weigh their portions on the digital scanner anytime and have their readings updated to the DietSensor app directly. Using Bluetooth the scale connects with the DietSensor application to send any readings.

The DietSensor application on the other hand receives these data and makes necessary recommendation on the nutrition value of the food. This application also keeps the record of your diet and even informs the user on the various foods they take that cause them effects. To get the application one needs only to visit their Appstore or Playstore and download it. The SCiO scanner goes for $249, which comes with a $10 to $20 fee to use with the DietSensor application. Watch this video to know how to use DietSensor SCiO food scanner in real life:

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What Makes DietSensor Different From Other Smart Nutrition Monitoring?

While many smart nutrition-monitoring applications may provide the data, they are cumbersome and at times inaccurate. The variations in nutrition values of different foods and the effects on the body is a trick business to monitor. However, the DietSensor surpasses this very problem to provide the nearest thing to accuracy in nutrition. Their award winning integration of smartphone technology and the SCiO scanner allow for accurate readings.

A Few DietSensor Reviews from Actual Customers:

DietSensor enjoys positive reviews from various customer for their accuracy in nutrition monitoring.

In one review Catherine France says this, “Although to this day I haven’t had any health issue I have to say that the DietSensor app taught me how to eat healthy. Since I’ve been using DietSensor, I am more cautions with my meal, especially during night shifts…”

“After losing 100 pounds keeping track of my nutritional statistics is critical to my maintaining my weight loss. DietSensor has become a crucial partner in maintaining my healthy life style…” so says Sheryle a 65 year old from USA.

Quick DietSensor.Com Reviews

Website Layout

DietSensor Review

The DietSensor website’s designs account for meticulous simplicity. With more information than advertising, detail it very helpful to the client. The website has minimal links to the various pages, which are but a few. The homepage has enough information to ensure the customer fully understands the products. Briefly, the website designing had the customers’ convenience in mind.

Shopping Processing

With the information on the DietSensor website, the customer will have an easy time making a purchase. The informative and well-detailed pages allow the customer enough information for their convenience. The website also allows the customer to make direct purchases for the SCiO spectroscopy scanner and Bluetooth weight. The specifications and its working as earlier explained are on the website pages. In addition, one can purchase a DietSensor subscription for using with the SCiO scanner. The purchase links on the website provide an avenue for buying the various items.

Booking and Payments

The DietSensor website allows their customers to make purchases as soon as they click on the purchase links. The links allow the customer to view the various specifications and prices for the items in order to make informed purchases. The purchase page allows the customer to add the item to a virtual cart. To check out, one needs to provide their billing information and payment details. The billing information includes names and addresses for delivery. Payment avenues include stripe or credit cards.

Customer Service

The customer service team aims towards ensuring the smartphone application works efficiently. The application and the various accompaniments ensure that the client can monitor their nutritional trends for a better healthy life. The customer also enjoys the vast cache of nutrition health, which includes the 600,000 different foods from which they can design their menus. In this way, the application ensures that the user always maintains a healthy diet while enjoying nutritious meals.

Online Support

Their official site ( provides ample information to contact the DietSensor personnel in case of an enquiry. The website itself provides a direct message service where one can send a message and have it replied by email. The website also provides links to the various online platforms on which one can connect with DietSensor. In addition to all this, the website has a FAQs page, which provides detailed information for the various enquiries.

DietSensor Review – Bottom Line

Dietary caution is a personal responsibility and maintaining the nutritional needs of the body is not a light matter. With the various nutrition monitoring tools the customer is better equipped to keep track of their diets. DietSensor is not only geared towards maintain track on diet but also providing recommendations on the nutrition habits of their clients. DietSensor have simplified the journey to fitness.

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Should I Buy DietSensor SciO Food Scanner?

DietSensor SCiO Scanner coupon

Diet Sensor is not only for those who have nutrition related illnesses; it is fashioned to keep everyone healthy. Be it a person seeking to lose weight or gain it the application works all the same. What sets it apart is its accuracy and compatibility with the SCiO scanner and Bluetooth weight measure. These two accompaniments ensure that the readings are bot simplified and accurate. Therefore, the DietSensor is a definite choice buy for any diet cautions person out there. Please check our DietSensor promo code below to get up to $70 OFF on DietSensor SCiO scanner + digital scale.

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