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Many times, you may have found yourself doing something that in an environment that does not support your functionality. You may want to read in a noisy coffee shop, or you may want to meditate better in your yoga class. The mill of activities or the stress in your head may remain your constant barrier to do what you want. Perhaps you want some deep sleep or to do some serious reading? Read our Elf Emmit review to know more about this wearable mind and body stimulating headband.

ELF Emmit Review At A Glance

Meet the Elf Emmit headband that works with the help of a smartphone application. The Elf Emmit helps your mind to bypass your environment or the state of your mind, to a relaxed mode that you can choose with the aid of your smartphone.

What is ELF Emmit?

Elf Emmit Review

The ELF Emmit headband and app is a technology that has been developed to stimulate the activity of the brain. The device utilizes a safe patented technology of frequencies that help the brain operate better. The device has been created to function on the known scientific facts that the mind works under electromagnetic frequencies.

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Key Features:

  • The Elf Emmit has a wearable brain stimulator that is not invasive.
  • The headband has a chord that runs to your smartphone like an earphone plug.
  • The device is operated by a smart phone application, which runs some mood features that you can choose from.
  • The mood choices include improve sleep, deepen meditation, reduce stress, and improve focus and fast learning.

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Elf EmmitELF Emmit for SALE:

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Why Should I Choose Elf Emmit?

Elf Emmit uses technology that is noninvasive. It is a patented technology known as the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS). The technology has been used for more than 50 years for neurological and medical functions. The technology has also been proven to have scientific benefits, and its use has been proven to have existed in ancient times.

How Does Elf Emmit Work?

The Elf Emmit comes in a slim simple and good looking box. The box is wrapped in foil to as proof that it has not been tampered with.

Once you open the box, the package is neatly displayed. The Elf Emmit headband wraps around a square placing of the manual. There is also a brochure and the how to use manual. This mind & body assistant is well placed with the chord concealed behind the headband padding.

Check this video for more information on how Elf Emmit works:

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How Does It Fit?

The headband fits by placing it comfortably at the back of your head. You then plug the cord behind your smartphone. You then open the app on your phone and choose between programs.

How to Use Elf Emmit?

ElfEmmit headband

The Elf Emmit operates on the principles of known medical facts that the brain operates on different frequencies. The different frequencies help in the various states that our minds can be in. The device works to improve the way in which our brain operates on these frequencies, though the brain cannot be set to do what we want it to do. The app offers various moods that stimulate your brain to operate more efficiently. The moods provided by the app are: Improve sleep, deepen meditation, reduce stress, improve focus and fast learning.

While at rest or sleeping, it has been scientifically proven that our brain works from 1-5 Hz and the frequency increases to 30 Hz when we are active.

The Elf Emmit uses the smartphone to generate the electromagnetic pulses on the Elf Emmit headband. The amount of power that goes to the headphones while listening to music is the same amount of power going to the ElfEmmit headband.

The headband emits different frequencies as you would desire. The app installed on the phone helps to control the levels that you want your headband to emit the frequencies.

What Makes Elf Emmit Different To Others?

Elf Emmit coupon code

The Elf Emmit is the first wearable mind stimulating headband in the world that can stimulate your brain function by electromagnetic stimulation.

Unlike other stimulating devices, the Elf Emmit is easy to use, very light in weight and the design is stylish to spot.

A Few Elf Emmit Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of Elf Emmit customer reviews from other sites:

A satisfied customer said that she had been experiencing a sleeping problem for many years, without finding a solution for it. She then bought the Elf Emmit. The first time she tried it, she didn’t expect that the device was going to work immediately, but it did. She thinks that the El Emmit device is worth using and her gratefulness goes to ElfEmmit.


Another satisfied customer is happy that he no longer has to wear headphones or listen to audible sounds. He says that all you need to do is put on the wearable and install the app to stimulate the mood you desire.


Another customer who said that he had been practicing meditation for a year said that the device helped him to improve in breathing.

Please watch this customer review on Elf Emmit headband for more information:

A Quick ElfEmmit.com Reviews

 Website Layout

Elfemmit.com Reviews

The website (https://www.elfemmit.com/) is easy to use with visible navigation tools. They also have cool graphics that make you feel like you are in a happy place.

They have a small non-intrusive pop up on the bottom right corner of the screen that keeps notifying you about who has bought the device, in real time. The website logo is a simple two letter “Ee” that makes it even simpler a website.

The prominent sky blue color is a prominent and attractive color to most people. They also have a live chat available which is a cool plugin that extends to the Facebook Messenger. The good thing with the chat box is that it does not pop up unless you want to chat with them.

The website (ElfEmmit.com) has a shop where you can make the purchase, and it will be shipped to you.

Orders and Shipping

The standard process of buying products online is used, only that they have gone a mile further into clearly explaining what you should do.

The first thing you do to make an order is by entering your full name, email address and the number of your credit card.

Your card is charged at the moment your device is shipped. A reminder email is sent to you with all the information that you may need together with your shipping date.

You can also cancel an order that you have made before the actual shipment is made.

They fully include the cost of shipping in the total price of the product.

They also provide international shipment.

Customer Service

The website offers a very detailed FAQ that will direct you in any way that you may need help.

If you would want to communicate to the team, the Elf Emmit email response is very fast, and they respond in a concise period of 24 hours.

Online Support

The Elf Emmit has a full page dedicated to providing support to the customers. The first method that you can reach out to them is by using a contact form displayed on the support page.

They also have a category on working principles which they operate on. The principles explain everything you may want to know about Elf Emmit, and it feels more like a classic FAQ category.

They also have a full page on Safety which is important considering the technology that is in place. Elf Emmit has taken the time to address any fears or uncertainties which you might have by providing lots of information to dispel your worries.

Elf Emmit Review – Should I Buy Elf Emmit Headband?

Of course, yes! Make your order today for the Elf Emmit wearable brain stimulator. They have an offer on their website. I am sure you could get a better deal out of it.

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How to Buy Elf Emmit?

Their website reads that the device can be bought at $199. They will offer you free shipping, and the dispatch is shipped within 5 to 7 days. You can save $70 OFF with our special Elf Emmit coupon code below.

They also offer a 30 day off money back guarantee which allows you to test for your satisfaction. Within the 30 day period, you can ascertain whether or not the Elf Emmit works for you and you can return the product to them for 100% reimbursement.

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