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Free Findster Coupon Code:

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Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker Review – The #1 GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats without Monthly Fees

Everyone needs a pet whether a dog or a cat you just need one. One of the main reasons why one should own a pet is their constant presence, which provides you with psychological wellness. Many psychologists will agree that a pet can be one of the remedies to stress and loneliness. With all this in consideration, you can only imagine what a person goes through when you cannot find your pet. Most pets have a knack of taking off unannounced, which is why most owners would rest easier with Findster GPS pet tracker.

Who is Findster?

findster coupon codeNo one understands the distressed caused by runaway pets. Since you cannot keep them in check physically, you need to keep track of their location and have a means to find them at any time. That is what Findster solves with their products. The brand of pet trackers provides genuine products that allow the customer to keep track of their pets remotely on their smartphones.

Visit Site:

What are They Selling at

The website provides a catalog of pet trackers form the Findster brand. The most prominent of the products is Findster Duo+, which comes in a double module set. The website also provides links to download the Findster pet tracker smartphone application. The products come with special features such as no additional charges required for the smartphone application or the modules. The products thus set themselves apart from all other pet trackers in the market.

An In-depth Review of Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker:

What is Findster Duo+?

findster duo pet tracker coupons

Findster Duo+ is a real-time GPS pet tracker for dogs and cats without monthly fees. This pet activity tracker comes with double modules for the pet collar and the owner. The communication between the two modules allows the smartphone easier tracking your pet, which is independent of cellular tracking. The product comes as a set while the smartphone application customer can download through the link provides on the website.

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Why You Should Need a Findster Duo+ Pet GPS Tracker?

It is common for pets and dogs especially to take unexpected leaves of absence for long periods. The need to exercise or find excitement while chasing a rabbit may be overwhelming for most canines. The pet’s owner in these times can only hope that their pet finds its way home. These are worries every pet owner has to contend with overtime a pet goes out of sight. For this reason, you need a tracking device, for your pet, which will shave you the worry.

Key Features of Findster Duo+:

  • Real-Time Tracking – This feature keeps you informed on your pet’s location using the smartphone application. The owner’s module updates the GPS location details in real-time on the application.
  • Geo-fencing – This feature allows the user to mark a safe virtual boundary for their pets. The owner receives a notification n their smartphone overtime their pet goes beyond this boundary.
  • Activity monitoring features – The module monitory the activity rate of the pet and provides the information to the smartphone application. This feature comes in handy while monitoring the pet’s health.
  • Location history – The application also sports a location history for the previously visited location and the walks taken.
  • No extra charges after you purchase the modules – You can even share your pet’s authorization with other trusted people at no extra charge.

How Findster Duo+ Works:

The Findster Duo+ comes in a set of two modules one for the pet and the other for its guardian. Using wireless connection the two modules communicates location details to your Findster smartphone application. The application updates the location details in real-time among other information like activity rates. However, the locating range for the modules goes up to 3miles (4.8 km) for effective detection.

Watch this video to find more information about how the Findster Duo+ keep track of your pets in real life:


Free Findster Duo GPS Pet Tracker Coupon Code:

Free Findster Coupon Code:

For a limited time, get FAST free shipping on Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker at

Free Findster Coupon Code:

For a limited time, get FAST free shipping on Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker at

What is the range of Findster Duo+?

The two modules of the Findster Duo+ connect wirelessly and thus eliminate the need to use cellular tracking to map location details. The modules, however, need to be within the 3-mile range of each other in a less dense area. For dense urban places, the range goes as low as 0.5 miles for effective connection between the modules.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Findster review

The most important thing about a good website is its convenience and simplicity. No one wants to keep looking for links to the various pages or trying to find any useful information on a website. In that respect, is proficient in providing convenience and simplicity. The website links and layout gives even the novice client an easy time looking for information and navigating the pages.

Shopping Processing

To effectively track sin the Findster Duo+ you need two modules and the smartphone application. Both of these you can find on the website. To purchase the Findster Modules you need to click on the “Buy Now” link on the website. This will take you to the purchase page on which you can view the various features. You can either choose one, two or three Findster Duo packages with lower prices respectively.

Booking & Payment

Once on the Purchase page, you can choose your preferred package and use the checkout link to make your purchase. A single package includes a pet module, a guardian module, and a single charger. The checkout link offers two options of payment, which are either the Debit or credit cards or the PayPal method. The first method requires you to key in your personal and payment information to finalize the payment.

Customer Service

When looking for a pet GPS tracker it is easy to just key in the word and find numerous results and even some genuine trackers. However to find one that does not ask for additional fees for updates or cauterization is rare. The website ( allows you to buy more than one tracker in case you own more pets at a discounted price. Once your order on the website, you receive the products within two weeks right at your doorstep with the Findster website’s free worldwide shipping offer.

Online Support

Once to log on to the Findster website, you can easily find information on how the Duo+ works. The website packs enough information for the convenience of their clients. In case of further questions, the website also provides a detailed FAQs page. Additionally, Findster website provides a Blog page and frequent newsletter to inform the customer of new updates on the application.

Findster Duo+ Review – Bottom Line:

Pros & Cons of Findster Duo+:


  • No monthly charges or contracts after purchase.
  • Comes with Geo-Fencing features.
  • You get to receive Findster Rewards with continued use.
  • Superb tracking features.


  • A little bit pricey but you don’t need to pay monthly fee.

Should I Buy Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker?

healthy pet is the vision of every pet guardian out there. To keep your dog healthy and jovial you need to take it for long walks and allow it to hunt in order to keep its natural instinct sharp. However, once they take off and do not come back for a long time the owner is bound to start fretting. With Findster, you can rest easier knowing that no matter how far the pet roams you can always fetch them or at least keep an eye on their location. So the final answer is “YES”.

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How to Order Findster Duo+?

Once you click on the “Buy Now” link on the website, you access the purchase page. On this page, you can view the various details of your purchase. The various package s vary for a single, two or three trackers each consisting of a single, pet module, guardian module, and charger. The prices for each package vary from $149.99 to $249.99 for one tracker and three trackers respectively. The website provides you with options for Debit and Credit cards and PayPal methods of payment. Once you purchase the tracker the company guarantees a free two weeks shipment period worldwide. Please check our special Findster promo code to save your money at checkout.

New Findster Duo Pet Tracker Promo Code:

Free Findster Coupon Code:

For a limited time, get FAST free shipping on Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker at

Free Findster Coupon Code:

For a limited time, get FAST free shipping on Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker at

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