FitTrack Atria Watch Review

FitTrack Atria Watch Review – Should I Buy This Smartwatch?

The best fitness trackers can be utilized to assist you with getting healthier, get increasingly active, and even get more sleep. They can help propel you to be increasingly active, track your progress, and even give you direction on how hard you ought to propel yourself. While many are intended to be utilized outdoors, most can likewise track indoor exercises, for those of you who need to rehearse social distancing, yet also need to remain in shape. The Atria smartwatch or fitness tracker is useful constantly. You just wear it as a standard watch to track your heart health and your fitness endeavors. Here’s a full review on FitTrack Atria.

What is FitTrack Atria Watch?

FitTrack Atria Review

Atria and Dara are fitness tracking devices. The Atria is a watch that tracks your heartbeat, steps and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, while the Dara brilliant scale tracks your weight alongside a variety of various wellness data.

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FitTrack Atria Smartwatch What Can Atria Do?

  • Sleep Tracking and Stages – View your sleep insights, including your time spent in light, profound, and REM sleep stages, while receiving customized insights to enable you to improve.
  • Pulse Tracking – Accurately track calories copied, improve your endeavors during exercises, see your resting pulse inclines, and discover your cardio fitness level.
  • Dashboard – Set objectives, track progress, and get a total image of your health and fitness—all in the Atria app.
  • Smartphone Notifications – View calls, messages, and schedule warnings on-screen along with pop-up messages from your favorite apps. Accessible within sensible proximity to your phone.
  • 7 Exercise Modes – Yoga, Elliptical, Running, Walking, Climbing, Riding, and Basketball
  • Guided Breathing Sessions – Find snapshots of quiet during your time with customized breathing meetings dependent on your pulse

Who is FitTrack Atria Watch for?

It’s for any individual who needs to monitor their exercise activities. Day by day activity tracking is simple with the smartwatch. It takes a gander at factors, for example, your walking distance just as to your general activity with reminders to continue moving when you’re inactive. You can utilize it to improve thought of exactly how inactive your life can get without a cognizant exertion to get going.

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Why Should We Choose FitTrack Atria Fitness Watch?

For each new fitness tracker, we ought to assess its equipment structure and solace. You should have the option to wear the device throughout the day. And FitTrack Atria has everything. If the device has a touchscreen, we ought to have the option to hope to perceive how intelligible it is, particularly in splendid daylight. We likewise need to examine how simple it is to explore the fitness trackers’ menus; you don’t have any desire to need to burrow through various screens to change your music in case you’re out running. The watch appends to the charger with magnets, yet you’ll be happy to realize that not at all like the Apple Watch and different smartwatches, you won’t need to charge the FitTrack Atria smartwatch observe each night.

The UI of the watch is straightforward and explore. Raising your wrist, tapping the screen, or pressing the catch as an afterthought will awaken the display to show all the fundamental info. You can choose from more than one device here.  You can in like way plunge down into the menus to see data about your rest, utilize the watch to find your phone, genuinely check your pulse, set a clock, experience relaxing up breathing, check your messages, control the music spilling from your telephone, and check the air. They all show about relative data like the hour of the day, air, battery level, number of steps, calories exhausted, and last heartbeat.

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Key Features of FitTrack Atria Watch

  • Activity Tracking

Everyday activity tracking is simple with the smartwatch. It takes a gander at factors, for example, your walking distance just as to your general activity with reminders to continue moving when you’re inactive.

  • Sports Modes

There are 7 games the smartwatch perceives and tracks. Among them is running, which is my favorite. At whatever point I’m out jogging, You can know the distance you spread. It encourages you to remain roused.

  • Pulse Monitor

The pulse monitor is a decent indicator of cardiovascular health. It shows how the heart improves with better fitness. It’s a way from how your fitness endeavors reward your health in time.

  • Sleep Monitor

The sleep monitor is useful, particularly if you have a bustling way of life. You may in some cases battle to get enough sleep. The smartwatch reveals to you how much you sleep each night and consistently. If you realize you’re worn out, it likely has much more to do with your resting time than you may initially think.

  • Taking Calls

The smartwatch work which separates the device from fitness trackers is its calls’ capacity. You can accept calls straightforwardly on the smartwatch and this is useful while training at the rec center, running, or in any event, when out cycling.

  • The Fittrack App

In case you’re wondering where the entirety of the information from these 2 devices can be seen, it’s in the official app. Here’s the place you get the additional subtleties and the statistics of your week after week, month to month, and yearly progress.

How Do I Set Up Atria Watch?

  • Download the FitTrack Health app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Ensure Bluetooth is empowered on your cell phone
  • Open the FitTrack Health app and get to Settings
  • To associate, Atria, tap ‘Interface Device’. To disconnect, tap ‘My Device’ and then ‘Disconnect’

How FitTrack Atria Watch Works

At the point when you stand on a FitTrack scale, an extremely low, safe electrical sign is sent from four metal anodes through your feet to your legs and abdomen. The electrical sign goes quickly through water that is available in hydrated muscle tissue yet meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. This resistance, known as impedance, is estimated and input into experimentally approved FitTrack conditions to figure body composition estimations.

FitTrack Advanced Dual BIA Technology utilizes two unique frequencies to catch your body composition information. By using various frequencies, much higher precision of estimations can be accomplished.

FitTrack Atria FAQs:

How can I improve my Sleep Quality in the FitTrack Health app?

To help improve your sleep score, chip away at your general sleep habits, heart health, and activity levels:

  • Exercise prior in the day or if nothing else 3 to 4 hours before you rest.
  • Maintain a consistent sleep plan.
  • Meet the CDC’s suggested 150 active minutes out of each week.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

7 + Day Battery Life. With a multi-day battery life of 7+ days, FitTrack Atria watch tracks your day by day activity without a minute missed.

Is FitTrack Atria Watch Waterproof?

FitTrack Atria watch is IP67 waterproof.


The Fit Track App is perfect for both iOS and Android devices. Check this video to know how to connect your new FitTrack Atria watch with your smart phone.

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Pricing and Plans

You can find the Dara Scale at $89.99. The Atria smartwatch begins at $99.99. At the point when you get them together, you just compensation $179.99. Those buying one Atria watch get a half discount on a second smartwatch.

A Few FitTrack Atria Watch Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of real FitTrack Atria customer reviews from other sites:

Ian & Jen C. – says:

I love this watch. It’s definitely a step above the lower priced smart watches. It’s a perfect middle of the road product...”

Kayle. – a verified buyer says,

“Cool and Affordable SmartWatch. This smart watch is nice and has some great features. First of all, I should say the display is very good compared to some of the other similar watches I had…”

Quick Reviews:

Site Layout reviews

The official site of is no vulnerability marvelous with it’s a progressed and graphically spellbinding UI. Other than an away from of activity, contains clear, direct headings, making the site simple to investigate.

Shopping Processing

It’s a fundamental method. You have to visit the official site first and pick your FitTrack from the site. You need to pick your item from the site first and a brief timeframe later adds them to the cart. After you’ve picked your FitTrack Product, click on checkout and fill the form with your name address with other information. At last, affirm your request by picking your payment method. If you have any coupon code, apply it here. After the method is done, you’re all set.

Order and Payment

You can pick the payment methodology on the item’s official page. They acknowledge Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB. They likewise acknowledge PayPal. Paying by credit, charge card or Paypal provides the quickest request handling.

Customer Support

You can expect to have it straight down concerning their customer care and straightforward as can be they do. Complete the form from the site including your email, telephone number, and concerns. They’ll hit you up when they can.

FitTrack Atria Fitness Watch Review – Should I Buy FitTrack Atria Smartwatch?

The organization offers these 2 items with an official app. They can be utilized together as they perform various capacities. However, they can likewise be utilized independently. The Dara smart scale, then again, is incredible. It works similarly as portrayed.

In case you’re considering improving your fitness venture, these are the kinds of devices to be utilized in the long term. Those on a tight spending plan may even find a decent arrangement on these. For instance, on the off chance that you get one fitness tracker, you get a half discount on a second one which might be utilized by your accomplice.

It offers change continually. In case you’re considering the items, don’t hesitate to check the discounts and advancements on the official website. And there’s a huge promotion running. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you shouldn’t give it a second thought and get one. Please check our FitTrack Atria coupon code & special offer if you want get this smartwatch.

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