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FitTrack Review – Is The Best FitTrack Dara Smart Body BMI Scale?

The following article is a comprehensive review of the company, FitTrack, providing great insights into what it is, why we need it, its key features, how it works, pricing and plans, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about this smart body BMI scale. This FitTrack review will conclude by providing a quick overview of the company’s website including its layout, how customers can make orders and payments on the site, and provision of online support.

What is FitTrack Dara Scale?

Fittrack coupon codeFitTrack Dara scale is a smart body BMI scale that uses highly advanced technology to assess and monitor several different aspects of your BMI, and not just your weight. These other integral aspects include your hydration levels, body fat percentage, bone mass, and muscle mass amongst many other elements. This information is geared towards helping the user understand their body better, and access personalized feedback.

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What is included with the FitTrack Dara – Smart Body BMI Scale?

FitTrack Dara Scale coupon

The following are included with the FitTrack digital scale:

  • Smart Step technology
  • Multiple-user weight tracking management
  • LCD display
  • Compatible with Android 4.3, and iOS 8 plus newer versions of both OSs.
  • Weighs up to 181.437 kilogrammes
  • Bluetooth connectivity plus App

FitTrack Dara Scale Coupon Code:

Fittrack coupon codeFitTrack Dara Scale Special Offer:

Save up to 50% OFF + Free Shipping * on FitTrack Dara Smart Body BMI Scale for only $84.95 (Reg. $169.90) at

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* Free shipping excludes Middle East, Africa and Caribbean countries.

Why We Need FitTrack Dara Body BMI Smart Scale?


We need FitTrack smart scale because it gives us personalized insights into our health, which helps us understand our bodies better. With this scale, you are able to measure 17 different health parameters including your weight, body mass index, bone mass, hydration levels, muscle mass, fat mass, and many more. All this information gives you a more comprehensive overview of your health, the areas you need to work on, and where you are doing good.

The personalized daily insights help keep you on track so that you can achieve your health goals.

This highly advanced weighing scale is also able to  recognize a maximum of 8 different users, and their unique profile, automatically.

Key Features

  • Set and Track Goals
    One main feature of this scale is that it comes with an app that allows you to set goals, and track your results every day. In addition, with just the touch of a finger, you are able to get a holistic and comprehensive review of your health using this FitTrack app. This app syncs perfectly with Google Fit, and Apple Health.
  • Different Modes
    The most accurate Bluetooth glass bathroom scale comes with two main modes – athlete and infant modes. The athlete mode is designed to provide more accurate readings for individuals with an athletic body type. However, it is suitable for all body types. The infant mode allows parents to accurately track the weight of their infants to ensure that their babies are always in good health, and to be alerted immediately when their health declines.
  • Comprehensive Composition Analysis
    With the FitTrack Bluetooth body fat scale, you will also receive a full body composition analysis that entails monitoring 17 health markers including your muscle and body mass, your BMI amongst others.
  • Multiple User Functionality
    It recognizes up to 8 different users automatically, and offers independent synchronization for each.
  • Accuracy
    The scale uses highly advanced, patented technology that guarantees accurate measurement of Health parameters. These measurements are often accurate to within 300 grams.
  • Nutrition Monitoring
    FitTrack digital scale also allows you to set a goal for your weight, and track your daily calorie intake and budget in order to help you achieve this goal.

How FitTrack Scale Works:


Each FitTrack weight scale uses the patented Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology to measure the different parameters of your weight and BMI. When you stand on the scale, a low current, electrical signal is sent from four different electrodes located on different parts of the scale through your body.

This signal moves through water located in muscle tissue pretty quickly, but begins to meet resistance once it comes across your fat tissue. This resistance is what is known as impedance, and it is what the FitTrack scale will then measure and input into specific equations to compute different body measurements values. The scale is capable of calculating these values and reporting them back to you in less than 20 seconds.

Individuals with pacemakers are advised not to use this body composition scale monitor as the electric signals emanating from the scale might interfere with the medical device’s operations.

Pricing and Plans – How Much Does The FitTrack Scale Cost?

There are two pricing plans available for this product. The first plan is where you can purchase the FitTrack – Smart Body BMI Scale for $169.90 with the FitCare + Lifetime Warranty at $45. Otherwise, you can choose to purchase only the scale for $169.90.

Free FitTrack Scale Discount Code:

Fittrack coupon codeFitTrack Dara Scale Special Offer:

Save up to 50% OFF + Free Shipping * on FitTrack Dara Smart Body BMI Scale for only $84.95 (Reg. $169.90) at

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* Free shipping excludes Middle East, Africa and Caribbean countries.

FAQs of FitTrack Smart Scale

What is the maximum weight limit supported by the scale?

The maximum weight supported by the scale is 400pounds, or 181.437 kilogrammes.

What is the minimum weight recognized by the FitTrack scale?

The minimum weight supported by this scale is 2.9kg, or 6.6 pounds

Is this scale waterproof?

The scale has a waterproof level of IPX-3.

Is the scale safe to use?

The electric signal that emanates from the FitTrack digital scale is unnoticeable, and completely safe for human beings.

A Few FitTrack Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of original FitTrack customer reviews from other sites:

Omar Asad – – a verified buyer says:

” This scale is amazing! First of all the design is so sleek, it looks so nice wherever you put it. The app is so easy to setup, as long as you have bluetooth on, then the app will automatically connect right to the scale and you don’t have to do anything further to set it up… “


Amanda – – a verified purchase says:

” I’m in love with this scale. It not only measures your weight, it also has 17 different measurements. My favorites are the metabolic age and muscle mass… “

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

FitTrack Dara scale review

The website layout ( is fairly simple in structure, making it very simple to navigate even for individuals who are new to the site.

The most relevant links can be found on the header of the homepage, prominently displayed for the benefit of the site visitor.

The homepage also provides comprehensive information about the product, why it’s different from others in the market, its key features, what it measures, product specifications, as well as a snippet of the company’s blog.

Order and Payment

Order and payment are both done on the website. Simply select your preferred plan, and proceed to checkout. Once here, you will be prompted to enter your personal and payment details as well as choose your preferred payment method from the options available. These options include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Authorize payment from the method chosen, and you will receive an email confirming your purchase upon the payment going through. This email will also detail shipping processing including when and where you will receive the product.

Customer Service

You can find the company’s ‘Contact‘ link on the header of the homepage. This link will direct you to the contact page where you will find the customer Service phone number, as well as a contact form. You can choose to use either or both in order to get in direct touch with the company’s customer care department.

The website also boasts of a comprehensive FAQ page where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions by other customers who have used the product, or simply inquired about it. You are bound to find answers to your most pressing product-related queries on this page.

Online Support

The company has also displayed its social media handles on its website. You can use these to communicate directly with the company over social media in order to get assistance for any query that you might have.

FitTrack Body BMI Scale Review – Does FitTrack Dara Scale Really Work?

Yes, FitTrack smart scale really does work, based on the authentic reviews and testimonials left by genuine customers on the website and other places on the Internet.

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How to Buy FitTrack Smart Body BMI Scale?

Simply visit the company website, select your preferred plan, and purchase it using your preferred payment method. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful purchase as well as details on how to start on the program.

Hurry and purchase now in order to be a part of the ongoing promotion where you can receive up to 50% OFF on your preferred plan. Check our FitTrack Dara smart body scale coupon code below.

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Fittrack coupon codeFitTrack Dara Scale Special Offer:

Save up to 50% OFF + Free Shipping * on FitTrack Dara Smart Body BMI Scale for only $84.95 (Reg. $169.90) at

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* Free shipping excludes Middle East, Africa and Caribbean countries.

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