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Flex Watches Review – One of The Best Kickstarter Watch Brands

There is a wide range of watch organizations out there that make superb watches. In any case, Flex watches are only somewhat unique about for all intents and purposes whatever else that you’re going to discover available. While the facts demonstrate that the watches themselves are novel and fascinating in their own right, the primary concern about the organization is that it’s intended for a noble cause. This is very not quite the same as other watchmaking organizations, without a doubt. At the point when you get down to it, there is plenty of fascinating things about this organization that set it apart from others.

They originally began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and were very much financed. They raised roughly $64k. At the point when they propelled the Kickstarter campaign, each watch sold gave a supper to youngsters out of luck. We don’t have a clue what number of watches were sold, however on the off chance that we do the maths, it is around 1k watches sold or somewhere in the vicinity. In any case, from that point forward, the more likely than not sold a huge number of watches. Here’s a full review on Flex watches:

Who is Flex Watches ?

flex watches coupon codeFlex Watches is the brainchild of two friends, possibly closest friends, Travis and Trevor. They needed to accomplish something, something great, something which was going to help individuals and have an effect. They thought of Flex Watches however roused by Trevor’s mum, Karen-Kagan Jones.

She was battling with cancer. She was additionally helping and chipping in while spreading her certain vitality to the world. At last, she picked satisfaction consistently until she died in 2012.

To begin making changes and affecting individuals’ lives, regardless of how huge the issue is, little changes are required. Little switches will, in the end, include and roll out a major improvement, and this is the place Flex Watches was conceived. 10% of deals are given straightforwardly to various causes and noble cause. Since its dispatch in 2015 as a Kickstarter crusade, they are presently helping many, numerous causes. They have distinctive shaded watch wrist brands to speak to various causes. From their site, they presently bolster 10 causes. It doesn’t take a great deal to make development in this nation.

These two people are trusting that when others see that they’ve made a fruitful organization that helps others around the globe in a wide range of various circumstances, they will observe and in the long run take action accordingly. Simply envision what things could resemble if everybody had this demeanor.

Visit Site: www.flexwatches.com

Why Should I Choose Flex Watches?

  • Flex Watch has a greater cause

The uncommon thing about this organization is that each watch they sell speaks to one of a kind reasons. On the off chance that there is a sure thing that pulls at your heartstrings, there’s a superior to the normal possibility you can discover a watch related to that cause. While the two friends, Travis and Trevor, constantly needed to accomplish something that would help other people, things hit home in 2012 when Trevor’s mother, Karen-Kagan Jones, died from cancer. Indeed, even while battling cancer, she decided to show others how its done, chipping in and letting her grin light up the times of everybody she ran over. These two friends chose to respect her life by accomplishing something that made a difference in her name. These two people have not chosen to go out and set some major changes in motion with their capacity to help other people since they understand that no two people can change the whole world without anyone else. Be that as it may, they additionally acknowledge something different.

On the off chance that everybody is eager to do their part, brilliant things can occur. That is actually what they’re doing. And if you like helping other people or supporting a specific reason, you can help, as well. You should simply discover a watch that compares with the reason that is generally imperative to you and afterward buys it. 10 percent of the returns will at that point go to that relating exertion to improve things around the globe.

  • Their Unique Designs

In case you’re searching for something that you’re not prone to discover anyplace else, this is the spot to go. They have a wide range of watches that are incredibly exceptional so on the off chance that you need something that particularly speaks to your character, this is the primary spot you ought to be looking. Each shading speaks to an alternate reason that they have joined forces to give back 10% of the benefit.

  • No Shipping Charge

If you live anyplace in the United States, you won’t need to pay for the shipping expenses to get your watch. If you’ve bought anything through the mail of late, you know how much cash this can spare you. Once in a while, the delivery expenses can nearly be as much as your price tag, contingent upon what you’re purchasing.

  • Warranties

Regardless of what you get, it’s under Warranties for a long time after that date. If you have any issues with it, you should simply tell them and they’ll deal with it for your benefit.

What Are They Selling at Flexwatches.com?

Flex Watches gives the endowment of consideration. In the brilliant, perky hues and shrewd elastic form, the message behind the brand rings completely clear. At the point when you purchase a watch, 10% of benefits go to an astounding cause that is associated with each watch’s interesting fine art. The causes incorporate; Autism, Hunger, Clean Water, Veterans, Anti-Bullying, Animal Rescue, Environment, and the Arts. Their Flex-fam is people who care, they elevate the causes that are near their souls, and they are excited in helping out the individuals who need it the most.

Best-Selling Products at Flexwatches.com:

  1. Anti-Bullying Classic

Anti-Bullying Classic coupon

Anti-Bullying Classic is to bring issues to light against bullying. One out of each four U.S. understudies reports being bullied over the school year. Bullying can prompt scholarly issues, substance use, and savage conduct later in puberty and adulthood. Be that as it may, 57% of Bullying circumstances stop once peer mediation and backing are empowered. Join the fight to bring issues to light and end school harassing for the last time.

Best Flex Watches Coupon Code:

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Get 20% OFF all orders on Flex watches, smart watch bands... at flexwatches.com.

20% OFF Flex Watches Coupon Code:

Get 20% OFF all orders on Flex watches, smart watch bands... at flexwatches.com.
  1. Hunger Mini

flex Hunger review

This unique one size for all watch is for helping individuals to get by from Hunger. Model Citizen Fund is a non-benefit association that gives a stage where individuals can see a valid and quick reason and impact by giving knapsacks with more than 100 things inside to oppressed individuals around the globe, giving them the devices and certainty to manufacture/reconstruct their lives. Regardless of whether it’s a catastrophic event, a starvation stricken town in Africa, or a destitute safe house, our rucksack will contain every important thing to enable somebody to endure.

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  1. Black Sport

flex smart watch review

This 25mm high-grade silicone band having an adornments style organization clasp. One size fits all. The Flex smart watch has a 48mm case, a hardened steel screw down backplate, and 3atm water-safe. Japanese multi-work development including 3 sub-dials for the afternoon, the date, and the seconds. The assets earned from these watches will help endure those out of luck.

  1. Bananas!

Flex Watches Banana! reviews

The Minions and Flex Watches have cooperated to introduce these of a sort Minions Flex Watches. In addition to the fact that they feature the most insidious characters around, however, Flex will give 10% of benefits to Autism Awareness.

  1. Autism Band

flex smart watch band

This Flex band for smartwatch is to help bring issues to light about chemical autism. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) influences one out of sixty-eight U.S. youngsters. Clinical examinations show that early determination and intercession lead to fundamentally improved results for influenced youngsters and families. Go along with them in supporting ASD treatment, training, research, and promotion.

Flex Watches FAQs:

What is the size of the Flex watch?

The substance of the Flex Classic watch is 45mm. The substance of the Flex Mini watch is 36 mm.

Are Flex Watches water-resistant?

Indeed, obviously! The watches are 5atm water-safe and water tried to 165 feet. You can swim, shower, and play in the downpour with your Flex Watch.

Are Flex Watches interchangeable?

Indeed! The groups and faces are tradable so you can buy additional groups to make new styles. Or on the other hand, you can purchase 2 watches to make 4 styles, 3 watches to make 9, etc.

What is the Flex watch made of?

The band is high-grade silicone and the face is hard plastic with a hardened steel backplate.

How do I put the face into a new Flex watch?

Line up the gap in the band with the dial and supplement the highest point of the watch face into the gaps in the band, trailed by the base.

A Few Flex Watches Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of real Flex Watches customer reviews from reviews sites:

Jillian Laine Jergler – Amazon.com says:

My 14 year old is in love with this trendy watch. It’s durable and easy to tell time. The band is comfortable.

Adam B – a verified buyer says,

“I love these watches. I currently own 3. I occasionally change them out they are comfortable to wear and are always a conversation starter for the specific cause.”

Here is another flex watches review for Autism watch from a buyer:

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Quick Flexwatches.com Reviews:

Site Layout

flex watches review

The official site of Flex watches (https://flexwatches.com/) is no vulnerability spectacular with it’s an advanced and graphically spellbinding UI. Other than an away from of activity, Flexwatches.com contains clear, direct headings, making the site easy to look into.

Shopping Processing

It’s a basic procedure. You need to visit the official site first and pick your ideal flex watch from the site. You have to pick your chosen watch from the site first and a short time later add them to the cart. After you’ve picked your watch, click on checkout and fill the form with your name address with other information. Ultimately, assert your order by picking your payment strategy. If you have any coupon code, apply it here. After the strategy is done, you’re good to go.

Order and Payment

You can pick the payment strategy on the item’s official page. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB. They likewise accept PayPal, G-Pay, Shop-pay, and Amazon-Pay. Paying by credit, charge card or Paypal, G-Pay, Shop-Pay, and Amazon Pay gives the quickest order handling.

Customer Support

You can expect Flexwatches.com to have it straight down concerning their customer care and pure and simple they do. Complete the form from the site including your email, telephone number, concerns and FAQs. They’ll hit you up when they can.

Flex Watches Review – Should I Buy Flex Watches?

Whatever makes you decide to help with the acquisition of your watch, this organization gives that rate legitimately to that exertion rather than utilizing it for regulatory costs, overhead, or whatever else. At the end of the day, 10 percent goes toward improving something as opposed to being circled again into the organization. Individuals settle on decisions consistently. Also, even though the issues in this world are huge, the little decisions they make can indicate a major distinction. FLEX is about those decisions. Together they have planted a great many trees and helped a large number of individuals all around the globe.

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20% OFF Flex Watches Coupon Code:

Get 20% OFF all orders on Flex watches, smart watch bands... at flexwatches.com.

20% OFF Flex Watches Coupon Code:

Get 20% OFF all orders on Flex watches, smart watch bands... at flexwatches.com.

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