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Fresh Meal Plan Review – Fresh & Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Think about going home after a long tiring day, opening the refrigerator, grabbing the food, putting the food, and having the food ready on the table within 5 minutes. The food is just like home-made food with no additive and preservatives. It all may seem very dreamy in your hectic life but it’s true. In this Fresh Meal Plan review, you will learn about the miraculous service that has made life easy for thousands of health enthusiasts who have a really busy schedule.

What is Fresh Meal Plan?

Fresh Meal Plan Coupon CodeFresh Meal Plan is a meal plan delivery service that prepares meals in the hygienic kitchen and delivers to you. The meal is fresh and not frozen and has all the macro-nutrients like carbohydrates or proteins. The company is co-founded by a CIA-trained chef and a bodybuilding enthusiast. The meals are ready to eat and can be reheated when you want to eat.

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Who is Fresh Meal Plan for?

The Fresh Meal Plan is for those who are health enthusiasts and care about their health and have no time to cook.  They bring healthy food to you every week so after a tiring day, you don’t have to cook the meal.

Fresh Meal Plan review

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They offer healthy food in the following categories:

  • Traditional
  • Paleo
  • Ketos
  • Vegan
  • Lean and Mean

Why Should I Choose Fresh Meal Plan?

If you don’t have time to focus on your diet-specific food, then you can have it delivered at your home. They offer the food that is of high quality and meet all the dietary requirements. Their food is free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, and added sodium. The food is fresh with the quality of macronutrients like no other.


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How Does Fresh Meal Plan Work?

To order the delicious and yummy food that is full of health, there are three simple steps.

  1. Select the Weekly Meals

The new menu is posted every week with many healthy and mouth-watering options. There are five menus with so many choices. When you order for the first time, and then you forget to select the meal for the next week, you can get the ‘Chef’s Choice’ meal automatically. You will not receive any item that you have disliked previously though.

  1. Get It Delivered

Once you have selected the meal, you can get the fully prepared meal at your doorsteps in no time. Your food is delivered at your doorstep weekly unless you freeze your subscription and don’t want to get the food anymore.

  1. Refrigerate and Use When You Want

Meals are prepared and packed in the insulated packaging and chilled when delivered so you can transfer them to your refrigerator instantly. When you want to eat the meal, open the seal and place it in the microwave to heat. The food containers are recyclable and can be placed in the microwave whenever you want to eat.

How Much the Plans at Cost?

The price starts at $72 per week for 6 meals but as they are not enough, the plan that attracts most is the one week plan having 10 meals in $109. The addition of extra meals, la carte items, or protein changes the price of the plan.

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How Do I Initiate Ordering Fresh Meal Plan?

Getting started is pretty simple. All you need to do is to click on the Signup button and read the instructions to follow them.  You can initiate by choosing the meal for the first week and then set the preferences for the coming weeks. By doing so, they will be ready to give you your first shipment. You can download their mobile application as well to administer your next orders.

How long does the food remain fresh after ordering?

The food comes in eco-friendly new packaging. It has the special seal technology that keeps the freshness of the food intact. The containers have very little material and could be recycled easily. The meals come with the expiry date to inform you about the level of freshness.

How to Reheat the Meal I Have Ordered Fresh Meal Plan?

It’s easy! Just remove the film and heat for 2-3 minutes in the microwave. If there’s any sauce container then remove it. Don’t heat sauces, salads, parfaits, and any cold meal in the oven.

Do they Offer Strict Vegan Meals?

Yes, they offer a 100% vegan meal plan for those who like to have plant food only. There are many vegan dishes having pure vegan ingredients only.

A Few Fresh Meal Plan Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of real Fresh Meal Plan customer reviews from other sites:

Holly S. – says:

LOVED IT!  I loved the food (which changed each week and you could choose from any plan). I seriously loved every meal...”

Melissa Ann – a verified buyer says,

“I have tried many meal services and this is hands down the BEST! The food is delicious…”

Quick Reviews:

Here are the quick reviews to know more a bit about them:

Website Layout reviews

Their website ( is as simple as any website could be. It has everything neatly placed in its tab. There are only three menu tabs: The Plans, The Meals, and How It Works and these tabs cover all.

Shopping Processing

There are two options to select from. Either you can make your own plan, or you can select the predefined chef choice plan. Both types of plans have different numbers of meals starting from a minimum of 6 meals per week up to 14 meals a week.

The shopping should be considered according to their weekly meal plan. All the orders of the previous week are delivered on Thursday and any order, after that, would be shifted for the next week. It is for the national orders. For the local orders, the menu is available from one Thursday to another and delivered on Monday.

Order & Payment

When you decide which plan to go for, you can easily place your order and add it to your cart. Then you will be asked about your dislikes and you need to mark them. After that enter your shipping and billing information and pay using your bank card. Any card would do the job that has online payment allowed.

Customer Service

Their customer service is outstanding and the staff is ready to help you whenever you require.  Firstly, you can check the answer on the FAQ page. There’s a high chance that you will get your questions answered instantly in the FAQ session.

If you don’t, then you can contact their customer service agent available from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time. You can instantly get your answer by joining the ‘Live Chat’ option present at their website or by calling at 561-330-4345. Emailing is also possible but the answer won’t be instant. You can email at

Fresh Meal Plan Review – Should I Buy Fresh Meal Plan?

Many times, we want to adopt a special diet but unable to follow it because of the hectic busy schedule. On account of this, the wish of a healthy lifestyle remains a dream and doesn’t turn into a reality. The Fresh Meal Plan makes this easy and lets you follow your diet plan hassle-free. Whether you want to go for Paleo or Keto is your choice, they offer all. There are special menus for vegan followers as well.

The diversity of the meal plans and the a la carte dishes make them one of the best quality fresh food providers. The food remains fresh and easy to reheat which give their customers more advantage. On the whole, if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle with your busy routine, then taking their services can really improve things for you. Please check our Fresh Meal Plan coupon code to save your money at

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How to Redeem Fresh Meal Plan Coupon Code?

Please enter our special Fresh Meal Plan promo code and it will be instantly redeemed and be calculated on the final price of your billing during checkout.

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