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In this review of the company Freshly, a description of what product they deal in shall be given. Also, reasons will be given on the importance of choosing their product. How the Freshly process works shall also be explained as well as showing the quality of their product. There will also be an FAQ section that will answer some general queries about the company and its product.

This Freshly review shall also give an overview of Freshly’s website for easier navigation through it. Also, how to order for their different meals shall be broken down, including purchase and payment. There will be a customer service section as well. This will give visitors to the site options on how to contact Freshly for purposes of support if a reason should arise.

Freshly Review – Does Freshly Really Work?

What is Freshly?

Freshly coupon codeFreshly is a meal subscription service that delivers fresh meals that are carb-conscious. In addition, they offer naturally sweet flavors and authentic ingredients. This is opposed to meals focusing on added sugars and processed foods. The highly-skilled chefs at Freshly create balanced meals with a focus on optimizing nutritional value. This is through adding fruits and vegetables to have a mix-and-match of meals to fit any dietary preference. Freshly sources for the best quality ingredients, cook a complete meal and deliver. Meal subscriptions or deliveries arrive on the agreed-upon day and time of the week, packed in ice. One can refrigerate or freeze for later consumption.

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What’s Freshly’s food philosophy?

Freshly’s food philosophy is lead by three principles; Less processed, less sugar and more nutrients. Freshly aims to provide these three to their customers in their products.

Why Should We Choose Freshly Meal Delivery Service?

Freshly fit reviews

One should choose Freshly because it offers nutrition plus foods that one craves as well as convenience. The variety of menus offered by them is wide. With over 30 different meals, one will never miss what one is looking for. The easy recipes and convenience offered do not compromise on the quality and nutrition of the meals. The use of Freshly can be a good way to introduce a healthier diet at home, one without any artificial flavors, preservatives or refined sugars. Meals are delivered fully prepared, therefore the hassle of cooking is removed and the advantage of high nutrition is just one delivery away. Delivery is also done according to an individual’s schedule, therefore no waiting time for meals. One can also shift meals, skip them or otherwise as they wish or change the Freshly Fit plan altogether. Also, when it comes to the environment, Freshly Fit is sustainable and recyclable. They like to keep their meals in sizeable portions to cut down on food waste. Therefore, nutrition, convenience and food cravings all wrapped up in one food subscription solution.

Is Freshly Really Healthy?

Freshly meal delivery service review

Freshly pride itself in providing food that is less processed, has less sugar and is most nutritious. That is their food philosophy. The sugar content in their foods in general is way less than normal. The average American consumes 100 grams of sugar in a day, Freshly aims to reduce that by 60% or more over a week. The fact that people eat a lot of processed food-stuffs, in America the statistics go as high as 60% ultra-processed foods. These are such as junk food, boxed meals and refined starches. Freshly through their meals reduce this and add more fresh nutrients.

The meat that Freshly uses is free of additives, fillers and preservatives. The meat used by Freshly has also been inspected and approved for use by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). When it comes to produce, they also source it from vendors based in the US. Provision heavily depends on seasonality and availability. In this way, Freshly ensures that its meals are truly nutritious as well as offering a balanced diet.

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How Does the Freshly Work?

The process of how Freshly works is quite straight-forward. First, is the sign-up process under the Sign-Up tab. One can alternatively go straight and choose their meal plan, from the 4, 6, 10 or 12 meals per week. After this, one will have to choose from the menu the number of dishes as per the meal plan they chose. After this one follows the prompts until payment of the meal plan is made. During this process, the user can filter their food or menu choices by dietary preference. In this way, they will only see options that are free from soy or dairy. A user may also decide to set the filter at a carb-conscious setting. Alternatively, the setting may be one of fewer than 500 calories or having extra protein and so on.

The meal plans are changeable once made and can even be changed with every order. But once this is done, afterwards the delivery is made. Delivery is made in a cool box, therefore one does not have to be home to receive the package. It will stay cool and preserved for an additional 12 hours at the door. After one receives their package, the only thing left is to heat their meal in a microwave and enjoy it. Alternatively, one can also use their oven for heating purposes. After this one can rate their meal so that Freshly keeps making the meals that the receiver likes.

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$60 OFF Freshly Coupon Code:

Get $60 OFF your first four orders ($15 per order) at

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Freshly FAQs:

  • Where are your meals cooked?

Freshly cooks its meals in Savage, Maryland, Linden, New Jersey and Phoenix, Arizona. The kitchen facilities are huge and its equipment ideal for their production. Freshly can cater for all its customers.

  • What’s the difference between Freshly and Freshly Fit?

The Freshly option is a generally balanced nutritional profile. It is a healthy, chef-crafted and classic option of meals for the individual. Alternatively, the Freshly Fit selection is created with a focus on precise macronutrients. This is to fuel an active lifestyle and support particular health goals. They are lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein. Both options are chef-designed, convenient and aim to minimize added sugars and processed foods in the body. The aim of this is to increase nutrients and offer real health benefits to the eater.

  • Is Freshly owned by Nestle?

Yes, Freshly officially joined the Nestle family from the 30th of October, 2020.

  • What should I know before I order?

There are some things to consider before signing up but the process is fairly easy. Upon creating a subscription, one will get weekly deliveries of their choosing. This will happen continuously unless they choose to cancel or skip a delivery. This means that one is in total control of their subscription. One can choose to skip or even change to a meal plan as one wishes. Weekly notifications are sent with deadline reminders for each order to ensure one receives exactly what they ordered for. The first order is the beginning point for future orders. When the meal plan is updated, it resets the default menu for future deliveries. Freshly also exchanges an existing dish for a new one every week. Therefore, one is encouraged to double-check the order to confirm the deliveries.

  • Are all of my meal orders delivered on the same day?

An individual’s meal plan is delivered together on your chosen day of delivery. One is advised to refrigerate the meals upon arrival; some may even be frozen to extend their shelf life.

  • Do you change the Freshly meals on your menu?

Yes. To keep things new Freshly changes up meals every week. This is done by exchanging something old with something new while maintaining the favorites of the customer. Customer meal ratings are also used to revamp recipes.

  • What size Freshly meal plans do you offer?

Freshly offers the 4, 6, 10 and 12 meals per week plans.

  • Are all of Freshly meals gluten-free?

Yes. All of Freshly’s meals are cooked in kitchens that are 100% certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). Some of the kitchens do store ingredients or products that contain gluten, but all meals are cooked in a certified gluten-free safe spot.

  • Are Freshly meals low in fat, calories, carbs and sodium?

Freshly makes sure their meals are balanced, with a bit of everything for everyone. Therefore, Freshly’s meals have a range of nutritional value. It even has a feature that sorts by the nutritional value. Therefore, as one edits their order, they can also view the full nutritional breakdown and ingredients of the order.

  • Where is Freshly shipped from?

Freshly cooks and uses partners to ship its products from Phoenix, Arizona, Linden, New Jersey, and Savage, Maryland.

  • How much do your Freshly meal plans cost?

Freshly offers four meal plans that one can choose from and they cost as below:

– 4 meals a week at $45.96 plus shipping of $5.99 totaling $51.95

– 6 meals a week at $56.94 plus shipping of $5.99 totaling $62.93

– 10 meals a week at $89.90 plus shipping of $9.99 totaling $99.89

– 12 meals a week at $101.88 plus shipping of $11.99 totaling $113.87

If there is any applicable sales tax the amount will appear at the checkout point of purchase.

The Freshly meals are individually portioned, intended to serve one person.

A Few Freshly Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of real Freshly customer reviews from other sites:

Jeanette – a verified buyer from says:

With Freshly you just pop it in the microwave for 3 mins max and dinner is ready. Food tastes great too! ....”

Janice of Oberlin – a verified buyer says,

Tried the Beef Pilaf w Broccoli veg for lunch today. Still GREAT FOOD!! I am ecstatic with this food!…

Quick Reviews:

 Website Layout

Freshly review

The Freshly website layout is a straight-forward one. The top section of the website has links that will redirect a visitor to the rest of the site. These main links are Plans and Menu, How it Works, Gifts, Get $40 and Help. In addition, there is a Log-In tab plus a Sign-Up one as well. Above this header section are two other link options. These are Freshly and Freshly business. The former is for individual ordering. The latter is used when ordering for many individuals like in an office setting. On the home page, as one continues scrolling down, the website explains how the Freshly process works. Also, what is on the different menus is briefly shown depending on the meal plan that one chooses. Further below are a few reviews by different individuals who have used the Freshly meal subscription. Freshly also explains their food philosophy. Here they show how their customer’s needs of convenience and nutrition are combined and delivered to them. Finally, in the footer section of the website, there are quick links to other Freshly pages. The links are categorized under Company, Learn More and Join Us.

Shopping Processing

Start the shopping process by choosing the meal plan that works for you. Freshly offers plans for 4, 6, 10 and 12 meals a week. If one has never logged into the Freshly system before, one will need to fill in their email and zip code. After this, one will be prompted to choose a delivery date and click on the ‘Next’ tab at the bottom. This will redirect one to the menu page. Click on the desired meal and then the plus icon on the right to add the meal to the shopping cart. Do this for the number of meals that your plan allows you to choose, 4, 6, 10 or 12 meals.

Also, one can add Freshly Fit items to their cart by scrolling down until the Freshly Fit options. This offers a good option especially in a household where one person wants the regular plan and the other individual favors Freshly Fit. But it can also be used to combine both options. This is the shopping process complete.

Order & Payment

Once your shopping cart is full, then you can click on the ‘Next’ tab. One will be redirected to the checkout page. At this point, fill in the address details requested and confirm your order, then click on Next. Here payment details will be requested and once filled out then the payment process is done.

Customer Service

Freshly has various support services if a visitor to the site is experiencing issues on it or with the services offered. At the footer section of the website, there is the Contact Us link. Through this, one can text or call a Freshly customer service representative at any time, day or night. There is even a chat or email option available on the website. Still on the footer section of the site is a link to FAQs. These will be able to answer any general queries that visitors to the site may have. When it comes to an individual’s weekly plan, if they want to make changes to it, this can be done through the website. There are also icons that link visitors to Freshly’s different social media platforms. These can be used to get in touch with them as well.

Freshly Review – Does Freshly Meal Delivery Service Really Work?

Yes, the Freshly meal delivery service does work plus it offers a free Freshly coupon code with its purchases at the moment. Freshly is the perfect option of a food delivery solution that provides nutrition as well as convenience. The meal plans in total offer over 30 different meal options, therefore when it comes to selection, one is spoilt for options. As much as some choices of meals will cater for cravings individuals may have, the choices do not compromise on the nutritional value of the food. The nutritional value of the food is very high on what Freshly aims to provide to its customers. Delivery is also done according to a person’s schedule. In this way, one gets what they need, when they need it. As the subscriber to the meal delivery service, you have full control of your schedule. One can decide whether to shift meals, skip them or stop the service altogether. This management of the meal subscription is made even easier through the Freshly smartphone application. Here one can search for their favorite recipes, track their delivery, and find answers to questions at any time. Through its food philosophy, Freshly offers naturally sweet flavors and genuine ingredients as opposed to added sugars and processed foods. Also, Freshly highly skilled chefs create well-crafted meals. All of which are balanced for optimal nutritional value plus with added fruits and veggies. Freshly basically offer a mix-and-match of meals that will fit one’s dietary needs including preferences like gluten-free, dairy-free, and more. Freshly are also concerned about the environment. Their packaging is recyclable. They keep their meals in sizeable portions to try and cut down on food waste.

Freshly’s meal subscription service may be best suited for busy people. Another category could be those just looking to avoid cooking but still enjoy a nutritious meal. Having said that Freshly offers convenience and a healthy meal to any subscriber. The menu is also peanut-free and certified gluten-free.

The service might suit people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, as well as people looking for calorie-controlled options. Check our special Freshly coupon code to save your money at checkout.

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How to Redeem Freshly Coupon Code?

Please enter on our special Freshly discount code and it will be instantly redeemed and be calculated on the final price of your billing during checkout.

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