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An In-depth Review of Healbe GoBe

Among the health enthusiasts, there is an increase trend of using health tracking wearable because of the insight it provides. These devices are created to improve the health. They are paired with mobile app or computer app to show the overall health data. There are many kinds of such devices available in the market today. Some provide basic health details while others give the complete vision of the health. One of these devices is GoBe from Healbe.com. In this article, you will know more about them and their amazing product.

Who is Healbe?

Healbe is the designer and producer of Healbe GoBe. Having its roots in 1999, Healbe created the innovative wearable, that is able to measure major health parameters including automatic calorie intake. In 2012, a team of experts including Artem Shipitsyn, George Mikaberidze, and Stanislav Povolotsky created this company with Algorithm.

Saint Petersburg-based Algorithm Innovation and Technological Consulting Center worked on the method that provides non-invasive way of testing concentration of sugar in blood. The team of the experts worked for a decade to create something for the betterment of mankind’s health. With Healbe GoBe, their dream turned into reality.

What Are They Selling at Healbe.com?

At Healbe.com, you will find the world’s first complete health tracking wearable that is able to monitor all the major aspects of life that would help you to have a healthy life. Healbe.com works to provide good health with less efforts. They are the sellers of Healbe GoBe; this all in one Automatic Body Manager device has the ability to measure calorie intake, hydration level and other vital things.

An Overview of Healbe GoBe – An Automatic Body Manager

What is Healbe GoBe?

Healbe GoBe Coupon

GoBe is the 100% original wearable from Healbe. It provides complete health report to the user.

Healbe GoBe Key Features:

GoBe from Healbe comes with the following features:

Energy Balance Calculation:

Energy balance is the energy input and output relationship. In other words, it is the relation of calorie intake and calorie burned. The final numbers are important in knowing whether you are on the right track of losing weight. GoBe is made to calculate calories consumed and calories burned automatically. Thus, it helps in weight management.

Calorie Intake:

GoBe features patented FLOW™ Technology that accurately detects the calorie intake through skin via three sensors: an accelerometer, piezo sensor and impedance sensor. It uses the information of the body to calculate calories. After you take food, body cells absorb glucose and release water and through sending different frequency signals, GoBe measures fluid volume and provides glucose curve of the body.

Calories Burned: calories, steps, distance

After the intake, how much calories you burned? Even you burn calories while sleeping. GoBe keeps the track of your calories all the time.

Hydration Level

When your water balance is low, GoBe knows and sends you signal to drink more water.

Quality of Sleep

Quality sleep is important to improve overall health. Healbe GoBe detects sleep quality and tells you when you need to sleep more.

Heart Rate

The top feature of GoBe is heart rate monitoring. It provides your average heart rate without any chest strap.

Stress Level

Body acts differently during the stress, and GoBe knows it when you are crossing normal stress levels and tells you to control your stress.

How Does Healbe GoBe Look?

The design is simple and stylish. It comes in black and silver color with the black band.

How Does GoBe Work?

Working of GoBe is quite simple. Tie the device on hand like your watch and it will do the job. GoBe syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth to send the data to the free Android or iPhone app. You can check the information on your smartphone.

Check this video for more information:

Quick Healbe.com Reviews:

Website Layout

Healbe review

The website is simple and everything is just a click away. On the top of the website, there is ‘Buy Now’, Menu, Language and Log In option. Overall, the website is easy to navigate.

Shopping Processing

Healbe deals with only one product currently i.e. GoBe. When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ option present on the home page, it will take you to the purchasing link of Healbe GoBe. Select the color and quantity of GoBe and click on ‘Add to Cart’ button. Enter your details and place your order.

Orders & Shipping

After you place your order, delivery may take up to 10 Business days. You can select from different and most suitable shipping method. 30-day money back guarantee is offered if you find any flaw in the product.

Customer Service & Online Support

If you have any question regarding Healbe GoBe, you can email their customer service team at gobe@healbe.com.

Finally, Healbe GoBe is the innovative automatic body manager that knows your body better than you. It tells about calorie intake without adding your diet manually. You just wear it and it tells you all.

GoBe is better and complete health monitoring device than others available in the market today. If you want to order it, then use our special GoBe coupon. Click on the Healbe coupon code and get discount on Healbe GoBe right away.

Special Healbe GoBe Coupon Code:

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Healbe GoBe Special Deal:

Get $100 OFF and Free Shipping on Healbe GoBe Automatic Body Manager!

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