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The following article is a comprehensive review of the company Healbright. The aim of this article is to give readers an in-depth look into the company, and its main product offerings. This Healthbright review will look at what the company is, the company’s main offerings, why customers should choose its products, how it works, as well as the pricing and plans for the products.

Healbright Review – Best Site for Taking Mental Wellness Courses

What are Healbright Courses?

healbright coupon codeThese are online courses designed by Healbright to help individuals improve their emotional wellness, and their capabilities of handling stress. The courses are also designed to help users learn how to develop better relationships with those around them.

Access to these online courses is on demand, and are proving to be very effective not only because of convenient access but also their engaging nature, and practicality.

Expert therapists prepare and teach the courses. The courses are self-paced, and individuals can retake the courses as many times as they would like.

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What Are They Selling at healbright.com?

They are selling mental and emotional wellness courses that have been designed by psychotherapists to offer critical therapy sessions online at affordable prices, and on-demand. The team of psychotherapists in charge of the creation of courses use the latest in neuroscience, meditation, and clinical psychology to develop and deliver courses that are effective at enhancing the emotional wellness of the viewer.

healbright wellness courses

The courses available include:

  • Managing your children’s moods and behavior: practical parenting skills drawn from modern neuroscience
  • Deepening your relationship: the Imago Couples’ Dialogue;-powerful tools for stronger relationships
  • The weight loss language: a psychological approach to sustainable weight loss
  • Staying sane while raising young children: What nobody tells you about parenting
  • Optimizing intimacy: simple strategies for sexual success; a course for couples
  • Resilience Strategies for Grief and Loss; effective techniques for working with death, divorce, break-ups, and other forms of grief and loss
  • Lasting longer; a course for men- overcome premature ejaculation. A sex therapy based course to help men master their sex lives.
  • Fending off compassion fatigue: caring for yourself while caring for others. Practical skills for caregivers.
  • The Neuroscience of personal change; a three step process for working with anxiety and depression and promoting emotional well being
  • 7 paths to lasting happiness; a self help course. How to be happy, cultivate gratitude, and find fulfilment.
  • Healthy food, healthy mood; how dietary changes can reduce anxiety , depression, and difficult emotions
  • Mindful Focusing; using the body’s felt sense to solve problems and create change
  • Navigating trauma; a charitable offering to those suffering from Trauma and PTSD. Learn the systems and how to deal with them.

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Why Should We Choose Healbright Online Courses?

We should choose Healbright Courses because, most importantly, they are confidential. You will never be prompted to share any personal information after you have purchased a course.

In addition, the courses have been proven to be effective as users have reported significant improvements in emotional wellness, stress reduction, and relationship management after engaging with the course materials produced by Healbright. It has also been shown that the efficacy of these courses is at the same level as traditional, face to face therapy sessions. Check this video for more information about Healbright on-demand courses.

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Get 10% discount on mental wellness courses at home with our Healbright promo code at healbright.com. Expires on 07/10/2020.

Benefits of Taking Healbright’s  Mental Wellness Courses:

They are also quite affordable when compared to hourly face to face therapy sessions.

The videos are taught by highly reputable mental health experts, best-selling authors, and they convey upon viewers, research backed and highly effective therapeutic skills conveniently.

Another benefit of the Healbright Courses is that they are accessible on all types of mobile devices, at any time of the day or week.

For corporate clients, the benefits of these courses include improved mental health and stress reduction for their employees. This translates to less expenditure on healthcare costs by the company, reduced employee turnover, increase in productivity, job satisfaction, and performance, as well as reducing the cost of sick leave in the company.

Healbright assures its corporate clients of affordable prices as well as simple integration into their HR systems.

Another important benefit of these Healbright courses is that they incorporate tools and techniques from a variety of disciplines including neuroscience, psychology and meditation, providing the students with a holistic approach to mind, emotional, and body wellness.

How Healbright Works:

Individuals simply need to visit the company’s website, and pick a course that is most suitable to the matter that you would like to explore.

Once you have selected a course, it is imperative that you read through the course description as well as the modules that will be presented during the duration of the course. You can then proceed to purchase the course using your preferred payment method.

Pricing and Plans

Each Healbright course offered by these trained professionals costs $99. Once you purchase a course, you will have unlimited, and unencumbered access to it across all of your devices.

Two courses offered by the company, i.e.  ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Mood‘, and ‘Mindful Focusing‘ cost $59. The course, ‘Navigating Trauma‘ is free.

You can also opt to subscribe and pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to the website in order to gain unlimited access to the courses for the duration of your subscription.

Quick Healbright.com Reviews

Website Layout

healbright review

Their official website layout (https://healbright.com/) is quite simple making it easy to navigate even for individuals that are new to the site. All of the courses as well as their descriptions are easily accessible from the homepage. Course samples have also been provided on this page.

Order and Payment

Purchasing a course is done on the website. Once you find a suitable course, select it, and you will be redirected to its unique page. Here, you’ll find the course description as well as the ‘Enroll in Course Now‘ button. Clicking on this button will take you to the checkout page where you will be prompted to enter your personal and payment details, as well as authorize payment from your preferred payment method.

The payment methods available include credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

Customer Service

Each course page has a FAQ section where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers about that particular course.

In addition, the website has a ‘Contact Us‘ page where you can find and fill in the contact form and submit it to the customer care representatives.

Online Support

You can take advantage of the company’s social media handles to get in direct, real-time contact with the members of the company’s customer care team. You can find the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles at the bottom of the contact us page.

Healbright Review – Is Healbright Legit?

Yes, Healbright is a legitimate online company providing on-demand, online, mental wellness courses designed to help individuals improve their relationships with others, learn effective stress reduction methods, as well as enhance their emotional wellness.

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How to Order at Healbright.com?

Simply visit the website, select the product you wish to purchase, and proceed to the checkout page. Here, you will be prompted to purchase the product using your preferred payment method. Once the payment has gone through, you will receive an email confirmation of the purchase as well as relevant shipping details.

Hurry and purchase now in order to be eligible for the ongoing promotion where you can receive up to 10% OFF on your purchase. Please check our Healbright coupon code at checkout.

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Get 10% discount on mental wellness courses at home with our Healbright promo code at healbright.com. Expires on 07/10/2020.

10% OFF Healbright Coupon Code:

Get 10% discount on mental wellness courses at home with our Healbright promo code at healbright.com. Expires on 07/10/2020.

How to Redeem Healbright Promo Code?

Please enter on our special Healbright coupon code and it’ll be instantly redeemed and be calculated on the final price of your billing at checkout.

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