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Life Fitness Coupon Code:

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Life Fitness Coupon Code:

Saving up to $400 OFF + Free Delivery and Install on Select Products.


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An In-depth Review of Life Fitness

There is nothing as healthy and fulfilling as breaking a sweat in a fitness center. Be it a gym or a dojo the need to keep the body at its finest is an endeavor that requires dedication if the effects should remain. Living fitness is a company that bases their daily operation on this need to keep the body fit. Below is a Life Fitness review that enlightens on the company’s endeavor to make sure the fitness centers are well supplies with exercise equipment.

Who is Life Fitness?

Life Fitness coupon codeLife Fitness is a company created in the year 1845 in Brunswit. The company endeavors to create and distribute fitness products and equipment to the various fitness centers globally. However, they started as a work shed they have made to remain in business through the century, even grew, and expanded. Their dedication geared towards designing fitness equipment that is both convenient and comfortable.

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What Are They Selling at

The website deals in fitness equipment and products. The various equipment includes treadmills and other fitness equipment. The website provides a catalog of all the fitness products Brunswit Company designed.

Top Selling Fitness Products at

Quality and effectiveness forms the basis of the products at life fitness. The designing of the products be is an indoor cycling bike or a treadmill each made with care for the aesthetics as well as their effectiveness. The products below provide a unique way of exercising which they customize to fit the client’s unique requirements.

  1. T3 Treadmill

T3 Treadmill

The T3 treadmill is an excellent contraption meant to ensure the home user gets an effective exercise session. The T3 treadmill like all life fitness products takes care of the aesthetics with its sleek design and streamlined finis. The quality makes it a beauty in any home. The durability of the T3 also allows the user to take even longer miles.

  1. E5 Adjustable Stride Elliptical Cross Trainer

E5 Adjustable-Stride Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Versatility is the thought that comes to mind with this piece of exercise equipment. The E5 Adjustable-Stride Elliptical Cross-Trainer is a biomechanics ingenuity perfected by testing it on users. Its ability to exercise different groups of muscles makes it a choice equipment for exercise. The stride extends from 18 to 24 inches, which allows the user to adjust for their comfort. The specifications on the E5 cross runner makes it a prized exercise equipment to have at home.

  1. Life Cycle GX Indoor Cycling Bike

Lifecycle GX Indoor Cycling Bike

The GX indoor cycling bike is the result of years of biomechanical innovation and user-testing to ensure it works with crisp effectiveness. Its design factors the comfort and the effectiveness of this equipment in providing good exercise to the user. The multi-adjustables on the GX indoor cycling bike customizes it to the unique rider’s style.

Watch this video for more information on LifeCycle GX Indoor Cycling Bike:

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What Makes Life Fitness Different to Other Fitness Products?

While many design fitness equipment with purpose in mind, Life Fitness adds more to their products. Factors like convenience comfort and aesthetics set Life Fitness apart from other competitors. The various equipment and the catalogue are on the website for easy purchases.

A Few Fitness Life Reviews from Actual Customers

The convenience while using Life Fitness products is apparent in their customers’ reviews. Vijay Thakkar a gym owner in Mumbai, India has this to say,

“Users appreciate how their workout data is stored, the ability to customize their routines, and that they can aim for a certain level of fitness. Setting goals through LF connect is a great way to get people motivated about excise.”

Another story in Stuart, Florida, USA, Bill Ward the chief operating officer of Marine Sands Country Club compliments Life Fitness for their innovations.

“We choose Life Fitness for their product and scope of service that includes initial planning, equipment selection, programming, and support.”

These are only few of the many success stories regarding Life Fitness.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Life Fitness review is a website designed for convenience as far as bulky websites go. The extent of information on the website allows for the user make an informed purchase. The interface is user friendly while the links are straightforward and easy to follow. The user bar allows the client to access the various website pages, which contain information on the fitness products.

Shopping Processing

To access the various product lists, one needs to use the menu on the top left of the homepage. The “Products” link allows the user to view the various categories of fitness equipment Life Fitness offers. Following a series of links on the pages, one can then view the specifications on any product of choice. The products pages also allow the customer to purchase the fitness equipment directly from the website.

Booking and Payments

The options for purchasing a product from the website allow direct shipment or information on a store near the client’s residence. Not all products are available for purchase online but the information on the website allows the customer insight on their specifications and effectiveness. Once the customer is decided on a product, they may click in the purchase link for it to add to their “Cart”. The cart link at the top of the page allows the customer to view the products they intend to purchase. To check out the customer needs to key in their chosen payment method online either payment or offer bankcard details.

Customer Service

The service at Life fitness affirms their prowess in creating fitness solutions. The website allows the customer to order customized part for the fitness equipment. They also allow finance plans for various fitness centers. These services provide great convenience for the client willing to purchase the Life fitness products.

Online Support

The website is a hub of information on Life Fitness products among which is contact information. For starters, the website provides a live online cat platform that allows the client direct contact with LF operators. On the website, one also has access to the various phone contacts if they wish to speak directly to the Life Fitness personnel.

Life Fitness Review – Final Thought

Exercise not only keeps the body fit it also allows for an amount of happiness or so says the scientific findings. Regular exercise ensures the body is consistently fit and therefore one requires a routine in order to active balanced toning of muscles. Using the right equipment ensures the body gets the required exercises and makes the routine easier to follow. The innovations of Life Fitness allow the user not only to make good on excursive they also add an aesthetic appeal in the deal.

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How to Order at

The website allows the client to access information on the products and even purchases them provided they are available. The “Products” link on the menu allows the client to scroll down the lists of fitness equipment on the website. Life Fitness website provides information on the products purchase, their availability, and which store one can access them. Once the customer is decided on particular products, they may go ahead and view their various specifications for deeper insight. Once they are sure of the purchase, clicking on the purchase link allows adding the product to their virtual cart. To check out one needs to provide purchase information for the products which may include bankcards or online payment methods. The purchase provides up to 30% discount on the products and free shipment. Additional information on the customers’ residence allows for shipment of the products.

Latest Life Fitness Promo Code:

Life Fitness Coupon Code:

Saving up to $400 OFF + Free Delivery and Install on Select Products.

Life Fitness Coupon Code:

Saving up to $400 OFF + Free Delivery and Install on Select Products.


Life Fitness saleLife Fitness Sale:

Save up to 30% OFF on treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, home gyms…etc. + FREE Shipping at

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(Life Fitness Coupon Code & Review)

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