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In a world that upholds technological revolutions as they come up each day, a growing need for the development of artificial intelligence is one of the greatest things that have come our way as human beings. Read our Lifebeam Vi review to know more about this AI personal trainer & running headphones. And use our GetVi coupon code to get discount at

An In-depth Lifebeam Vi Review

The health sector especially has benefited a lot, and people continue to receive specialized treatment and assistance form artificial intelligence. As an example, meet Lifebeam Vi an artificial intelligence personal trainer and headphones that helps you keep fit by adjusting your regular running programs.

What is Lifebeam Vi?

Lifebeam Vi Review

Lifebeam Vi is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) coach who comes with a voice activated, fully immersed, and real time experience for you. The device is made to integrate its activity by checking out your heart beat rate, and giving you feedback through a pair of wireless Bluetooth ear buds.

Vi is made of technology that can only compare to that used for aerospace purposes. Her design is a state of the art masterpiece that makes it comfortable and intuitive for turning on even when you are on the go.

The device has a long battery life, and a precision tracking ability. The device is capable of giving you a continuous update and feedback over your progress. It analyses your progress and makes adjustments to the way you train, so that you can get a better training plan in real time. This will help you achieve your goals without getting injured. The device will keep a track of your physiology, which will help build a history and a rapport with you, pushing you to the extreme over what you can do.

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Key Features:

It has a human voice which interacts with you as you work out. The AI comes in as a workout companion, and has the capability to respond to your voice command.

Vi by Lifebeam includes a mobile phone app that is available for both Apple and Android users. The app is a fitness helper which can be used when you are on training or off. It keeps and provides you with detailed feedback over your progress. The progress report is displayed in a way that you could understand through a simple glance. When you are off the training track, you can use the app to set your plans for training even as you check over your progress. The app also allows you to have control over what Vi does, giving you access to customizing the artificial intelligence.
It also has bio sensors that can be classified as space grade to ensure that you get accurate measurements.

The biosensors are able to check out the heart rate, elevation, cadence, speed, time, and location Vi also has a great audio powered by Harman / Kardon. It allows you to enjoy an interactive sound between you and the AI coach. You can also enjoy the music from your phone through this device since it can also play your music. The device also has a microphone for answering or making your phone calls.

Why Should I Choose Lifebeam Vi?

Lifebeam Vi offers you a full day of interaction. Unlike other devices that have to come off after you are through with your exercises, you can continue to use Vi for other purposes such as playing your music, and even phone calls. It also takes note of how you spend your day by tracking the activity of a full day. The device is so light and comfortable that you won’t have to remember that you are wearing it.

How Does Lifebeam Vi Look?

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The Vi looks more like normal Bluetooth wireless earphones. It is around the neck headset with ear buds. The ear buds are magnetic on their back so they can attach neatly onto the neck bands while they are not being used. There are some control buttons on the neck band to allow you take a call as you do your exercise, or when walking. The neck band has an inbuilt USB that will allow you to charge it and have a full day of charge with Vi.

How Does Lifebeam Vi Work?

LifeBeam Vi works intuitively. It is activated by a tap on the right ear bud. After you activate it, it gets to work by analyzing your heart beat and giving you insights on how better you can improve your exercises. It collects your history and provides you with better workout methods. Watch this video to know how Lifebeam Vi works:

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What Makes Vi by Lifebeam Different To Others?

The greatest difference is the human voice that Vi Life Beam boasts of. This makes it to bring the interaction to a personal level where you enjoy a coaching that does not sound like a robot. Vi also comes with an app that is full of biosensors that utilize your surroundings to give you a more accurate suggestion about yourself.

The quality sound that is clear, neat and crisp is from audios by Harman Kardon. This makes the device great to use, even for music and calls.


  • The device runs with an application that is compatible with both Apple and android phones.
  • The earphones connect to the phone or smart watch using Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The device is also compatible with Spotify to allow you make the most out of Harman Kardon audio system.

A Few Lifebeam Vi Reviews from Real Customers:

A happy customer gives her user experience and says that she is so far satisfied by Vi. If she decided to quit on herself, no one would know, but Vi would get to know about that. The greatest thing that Vi does is to encourage her. With Vi, she doesn’t have to look at the watch as she gets update on how well her speed is kept.

Another happy client is glad over the way LifeBeam Vi has flexibly customized its system to help him achieve the goals he has set. He is glad that Vi assesses his needs and abilities, and encourages him for a little more push further.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout review

The website looks amazing and interactive. The website layout is well done and you can easily scroll down through various categories from the landing page. The page buttons are conspicuously placed on the front part of the website, making it easy to navigate all through the website. The support button on the right hand corner is also convenient, to help in easily communicating.

All the pages for this website are responsive, and the buy button is simply displayed to help make an easy purchase of the device.

Orders and Shipping

Ordering and shipment are through the obvious normal online purchasing process. As you make an order you will get to fill out the shipping details where you would like the products brought to.

Customer Service

The website has dedicated a full page to help you in reaching out to them. The “Contact Us” page has a full contact form that you can use to quickly send out an email over anything that you would want to have a response for.
There is a forum page also where you can get to know what you need from other Vi users who might know something about what you need help for.

The FAQ page also has an interactive part where you can see various interactions about general discussions to complaints.

Online Support

For online support, the website has a support button that can be used for one on one chat communication with Vi agents.

How to Buy Lifebeam Vi?

The Vi by Lifebeam goes for $249. The price is pretty much worth the interaction with an artificial intelligence that helps you make the most out of your running exercises. The best part over this device is that you will not have to put up with robotic voices. Check our GetVi coupon code below and get free shipping.

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(Lifebeam Vi Review)

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