Misfit Beddit Review

In our Misfit Beddit review, we will show you how this Misfit sleep monitor works and how to buy it with a special discount

Misfit Beddit Review – What is Beddit?

Misfit Beddit is a sleep monitor that helps users to track their sleep quality and various health indicators to provide a comprehensive sleep analysis. The user can sync this sleep tracker to any iOS device through Bluetooth to use the free Beddit app and dashboard for viewing graphical sleep analysis and coaching tips to improve the daily sleep cycle. Beddit is small in size and comes with a band for attaching it to a mattress unlike other sleep trackers which are needed to be worn on the wrist or phone tucked under a pillow. Beddit tracks heart rate, sleep quality, snoring, movements and sleep time and feeds the data to the Beddit app for users for inspection.

Is It Right for You?

Amongst so many sleep trackers available in the market, you’ll find Beddit the most original in terms of design and highly accurate in monitoring various health indicators. As it is attached to a mattress, you would not need to wear it on the wrist unlike other sleep monitors. To view the sleep stats, you simply need to tap the stop monitoring button in the app to sync the recorded data in Beddit sensor. Nothing can match the sleep tracking features of Beddit and it is certainly the best option for you for monitoring your sleep for attaining fitness.

How Does Beddit Look Like?

Misfit Beddit Review

Misfit Beddit is 65cm long and 3cm wide and its flexible, adhesive sensor strip can be attached across the bed for tracking sleep quality. It is available in black and white colors and its sensing strip needs to hang down the edge of the mattress for accurate sleep tracking. The sleep tracker has a wire that connects to the USB power adapter for powering the sensor and does not require any batteries for operation.

Setup Misfit Beddit

After buying, the user simply needs to take it out of the box and stick the adhesive strip of Beddit to the mattress after removing the paper on it. Once attached, the user will have to connect the power adapter to a wall socket to provide power to Beddit. To start monitoring, it is necessary to download the Misfit Beddit app from the Apple App store to record sleep data and sync it with the app for review. Once the above step is done, the user can easily start the Beddit’s operation when necessary.

How Does Beddit Work?

In order for Misfit Beddit to work, a person first needs to buy the sleep tracker from the official website “http://misfit.com/products/beddit” by providing the billing details and contact information. Once the order is confirmed and shipped, the user simply needs to stick the adhesive sensor strip of Beddit across his bed and download the Beddit app from his iOS device for pairing it with the sleep tracker’s sensor through Bluetooth for monitoring his sleep.

Beddit will start recording various health indicators automatically, after the user taps the recording button on the app. Once the user wakes up, he can stop the monitoring button on the app to have a look at the summary of his sleep session. The sleep tracker will show light and deep sleep periods, breathing and heart rate and overall sleep quality throughout the sleep session. Also, with the help of the Beddit smart alarm system, the user can set up an alarm to rise up in the morning when he’s in light sleep for a refreshed wake up.

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App Compatibility

Beddit supports iOS operating system only, the Android version will be available in the market soon. Presently, Beddit supports iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S and iPod touch (5th generation).

Misfit Beddit Review – Bottom Line

All things considered, Misfit Beddit is a good sleep tracker that measures the sleep quality and various health indicators of the user to assist them in getting the most out of their sleep cycle. As it is small and easy to setup, it is certainly the most inventive sleep tracker around.

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