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Exclusive Misfit Flash Cyclist Coupon Code

Misfit.com have now announced the latest Misfit Flash Cyclist coupon code this year where you are getting free shipping or saving $10 off and you help yourself to track record while you are cycling. Depending on the Flash Cyclist you are capable of getting the coupon code that you require.  The different rates in the Flash Cyclist coupon codes do not reflect the quality of the Flash Cyclist or they don’t have effect on their functionality neither.

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How to Redeem Misfit Flash Cyclist Coupon Code?

There are two methods to redeem your Flash Cyclist promo code that are both refreshing to use.

The first method that you can use is where you are required to register and when you purchase online you will receive a Misfit discount code and you are required to click on the coupon code and a new tab will appear. The tab will direct you to the redeeming place where you are required to just enter the Misfit Flash Cyclist promo code you were provided with and click on redeem.

The second method is so easy since all you have to do is choose the Misfit coupon that you require and click on the link provided below it and it will be instantly redeemed and be calculated on the final price of you product.

What is Flash Cyclist?

Misfit Flash Cyclist CouponFlash Cyclist is Flash Cycling Edition (FC). It uses the same hardware as Flash but with a new firmware to add cadence sensor capability. With Flash Cyclist, your cycling sessions will be measured even better.

Yes, Misfit has managed to squeeze out another tracker before the end of the year and this time it’s one for the two-wheeler lovers.

The Flash Cyclist Edition, which is basically the Misfit Flash, has all the same activity and sleep tracking features but also adds a cadence sensor to make it more bike-friendly.

It uses the same clip holder that comes with the Flash Link so you can wear it on your shoes and works with the most popular cycling apps including Strava, MapMyRide, Wahoo, and iBiker.

Keys Features of Flash Cyclist Edition

When you take your flagship product and halve the price, build quality is usually the first casualty – and the Misfit Flash is no exception to this rule. Plastic prevails over metal and the curiously attractive metallic, shine of the Shine is replaced by dull matte finish on the Flash.

The good news for design aficionados is that Misfit has released the Flash with a series of bright and bold colors, which makes choosing your ideal band a little more personable. They seem to be aimed at the younger audience, as few of the choices naturally pair with business wear.

The surface is now a physical button with brighter LEDs, and the Flash slips into the back of the strap, meaning it can’t fall out. It still boggles the mind that Misfit can’t secure its tracker effectively within a strap.  Back to the plus points though and the design is fully waterproof, so not only will it survive the shower it can also be used in the pool, which headlines an impressive line-up of features that outstrip many of its rivals. Other features include:

  • Water Resistance: Up to 50 meters
  • Vibrating Feedback & Alarms: Yes
  • Smart Button Function: Yes, using the Link App
  • Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer
  • Measures: Steps, Calories Burned, Distance, Activity Types, Sleep Quality, and Sleep Duration
  • In-App Activity Tagging: Running, Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Yoga, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, and Dancing.
  • Notification: Vibration Alerts for alarms, calls, texts, and movement reminders.
  • Charging: None
  • Battery: Three 393 button cells

How Does Flash Cyclist Work?

Check this video to know how Flash Cyclist worked:

In terms of activity tracking, the Misfit Flash certainly does more than your average fitness band.

First up is steps and sleep tracking, which is the standard fare of any activity tracker? We found both to be extremely accurate, tracking in line with other wearable devices, such as the Withings Pulse Ox and Pebble smartwatch (using the Misfit app).

Sleep tracking is automatically detected, so there’s no need to remember to switch on a sleep-tracking mode, as with competitors such as the Withings Pulse.

Does It Good?

There’s no question the Misfit Flash is an incredibly adept tracker, and its versatility puts it head and shoulders above its competitors. However, despite a recent redesign of the app, the analysis side of the equation still leaves a lot to be desired.

The app itself is much improved, especially on Android, which was nearly devoid of any features. The iOS app was always more feature rich, and looks good with activity categorized day-by-day, which is easy to swipe through and examine.

Finally, this is the best opportunity for you today just visit the Misfit official site and purchase your now and start keeping record while cycling. What you need to do is just get the right package so that you can enjoy from the right Flash Cyclist discount code offer.

Special Misfit Flash Cyclist Promo Codes:

What you just need to do is to create an account with the Misfit.com website and you will be given a privilege to make you order from where ever you are. You will still benefit from the special offer where you will have free shipping of the Flash Cyclist.

Misfit coupon codeMisfit Special Offers:

Save up to 30% OFF on Misfit hybrid smartwatches, fitness trackers, accessories  + Free Shipping at misfit.com.

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