Misfit Flash Review

In our Misfit Flash review, we will show you how this Misfit fitness tracker works and where to get it with a special discount.

Misfit Flash is going to catch every fitness loving person’s attention as it is an extension of an already successful product Misfit Shine. Misfit Flash offers all of the great features which were included in the first Misfit fitness tracker and is available for a lower price.

Misfit Flash Review – Best Fitness Tracker

Misfit Flash ReviewMisfit Flash is certainly the most efficient fitness tracker to track the user’s sleep, step count and even his dips in swimming pools. The only factors which differentiate it from its previous version are its plastic body and a lower price. The earlier one was also waterproof, but it had a metal body which increased its cost arguably in the market where all the competitors were cheaply priced. New Misfit Flash has half the price of Misfit Shine along with all the great quality and features. It has the tendency to track multiple activities with the battery life of more than six months.

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Is it Right for You?

Well, no one can pass by a Misfit product without having an allure to own it. Misfit Flash is a perfect product for those who do not like to operate complex products and their apps. It is mostly appreciated by the way it displays user’s activity and sleep data. It also suits people who lack continuous motivation for fitness because its point system inspires them to work harder.

How Does Misfit Flash Look?

Misfit Flash is a simple plastic disc which can be attached to a clip or any wrist band. It has to be attached to the user’s arm or any body part with the help of either of these two things. It is available in multiple colors, therefore the buyer gets the choice to match it according to his style or jogging suit. The user has to set his daily activity goals first and then he can press the screen of Misfit Flash which is basically an over-sized button to track his activity. Pressing that button will light up the small lights on the edge of the circle and those lights tell the user about the achievement of his daily goals.

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Setup Misfit Flash

Setting up of Misfit Flash is quite easy. The user has to download the Misfit Flash app from Apple App Store first or Google Play Store. Then it has to be installed on any smart device like a smart phone or tablet which is easily accessible for the user. After that, the user has to follow the further instructions which appear after opening the app and fill in the data. This data is kept confidential and helps Misfit Flash to display the most accurate data. Soon after setup, Flash’s button has to be pressed for linking it to the app. Lights on the Flash will light up if the operation has succeeded.

How Does Misfit Flash Work?

Misfit Flash ReviewA prospective buyer can purchase it directly from “http://misfit.com/” because the process is very easy. All he will have to do is click on the device and add it to his cart. Checking out will need him to fill in some information regarding his address and make payment of just $49.99.

App Compatibility

The app of Misfit Flash is compatible with:

  • All iPhones after 4s
  • iPad 3/4/mini/air
  • iPod touch 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 and onward
  • Google Nexus 4 and onward
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Android 4.3 and above

Misfit Flash Review – Conclusion

All in all, Misfit Flash is an incredible fitness tracker that accurately monitors the activity and sleep duration of the users for assisting them in achieving their fitness goals. Misfit Flash is cheap, but not the most economical fitness tracking device in the present market. It is most suitable for people who want simplicity in usage and want to own the latest electronic devices.

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Misfit Flash Coupon
A Fitness Tracker for Everyone! Fun Colors. No Charging. Only $29.99 $11.99.

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