Misfit Link Review

Misfit link is one of the best fitness trackers that actually looks like a small coin which can act as a remote control to toggle the playback controls of music or assist users in taking selfies by using their smartphones. The device enables the user to track their fitness and sleep with ease with the help of a Halo of 12 LED lights. In this Misfit Link review, we will include all the details about Misfit Link to help you make a better decision for buying this product.

Misfit Link Review – Is It Right for You?

What is Misfit Link?

Misfit Link Review

Misfit Link is a remarkable fitness tracker that not only tracks the fitness of the user but also enables them to control various functionalities of their smartphones with the help of Misfit app. It is considered to be the most cost effective fitness trackers available on the internet that comes with a wide variety of features. Misfit Link has a sleek design which includes a firm clip on its back for clipping it to a shoe, pocket, belt, or collar of the user. With Misfit fitness tracker, now you have got the ability to track all the cardio activities and fitness goals with ease.

How Does Misfit Link Work?

The buyer can easily setup and synchronize Misfit Link with his smartphone. The user just needs to install the Misfit app on his phone and then the device will automatically synchronize itself with the phone.

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App Compatibility

The Misfit app can work on with iPhone versions 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 plus. It can also operate on the iPod touch 5. Samsung galaxy S4, S5 and note 3 also support this fitness tracker. Android 5.0 BLE devices and above versions can also run with this app.

Is It Right for You?

Misfit Link is a very suitable wearable available at an affordable price. If you do cardio regularly, this device is made just for you as it will track your activity and send all the data to your smartphone to assist you in achieving your fitness goals effectively. Misfit Link comes with a smart button that enables its user to navigate music playback, take selfies, move through slides, control brightness of Misfit Bolt with the assistance of Misfit app no matter where he is sitting.

Misfit Link Review – Conclusion

On the whole, Misfit Link is an innovative fitness tracker that accurately monitors the activity and sleep of the user and synchronizes the gathered data to his smartphone with the help of Misfit app. It is one of the low-cost activity trackers available on the internet that offers a large variety of features that make it a must-have for athletes and fitness freaks. With a low price, advanced features, and sleek design; this activity tracker is second to none for indicating the activity progress of the user.

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