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Get $10 Off on Misfit Phase Smartwatch

For a limited time, new customers get $10 off on Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch + Free shipping with our special Misfit discount code.

Get $10 Off on Misfit Phase Smartwatch

For a limited time, new customers get $10 off on Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch + Free shipping with our special Misfit discount code.

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Quick Misfit Phase Review

Today technology has developed a lot and many innovative inventions are being launched in the market every day. Hence people are able to use them for their purposes. If you explore the products which have been launched in the recent days, you will definitely get astonished because many interesting are available today and hence people are able to do lot of things with those products. The Misfit phase is one such product which is very effective for the people in two different aspects. They can use it as just a watch and at the same time they are able to use it as a fitness tracker.

What is Misfit Phase?

Misfit Phase coupon

Actually Misfit Phase is a hybrid smartwatch which is having many excellent features. Unlike the earlier days, people in the present days are very much conscious about their fitness. It is because their lifestyle as well as food habit has been completely changed and hence they are supposed to deal with many health issues. In order to keep themselves protected from those problems, the individuals are doing so many things and they are concentrating on their body fitness. If you are one among them, then this will definitely be an effective product for your purpose. By using this device, you are able to track your fitness and the physical activities that you are doing day to day life. This smart watch will let you know all those things therefore you do not have to concern about anything.

Keys Features of Misfit Phase

Generally people who are about to purchase a product will definitely have the doubts regarding the features present in the product. Similarly you will also have many doubts about the interesting features available in the Misfit Phase. As it is mentioned already, this watch can be used a normal watch to check the time. At the same time, it has many features as people expect. This will be an efficient device in tracking the activities and it has all the elements which are needed to do that.

Actually this device has 3-axis accelerometer hence it can easily track the steps and the distance that you cover by walking or running. Moreover it can also track the number of hours you are sleeping. You may have a doubt how you are able to check all those things. Actually this smart watch will be having a mobile application and you can install in your mobile phone. Then you are able to access all the needed things easily through your mobile. The Misfit Phase and your mobile phone will be connected therefore you will have no issues in accessing the watch and the other information.

Watch this CNET video to know how does Misfit Phase hybrid smartwatch look:

Design and Display

It is impossible not to overemphasize on the Misfit Path stylish design. For a hybrid smartwatch, its ranks among the water resistant types of the Misfit brand with shower proof and swim proof up to 50 meters. The watch comes in different tones, which provide the customer with a variety. Additionally, the interchangeable 20mm silicon wristbands allow you to order your custom color for the chronometer. This Misfit Phase hybrid smartwatch comes with unique customizable vibrations for phone notifications. You can also customize the lower button for specific phone tasks like making a call and taking a picture.

The 41mm display with its minimalist design is among the smallest of the Misfit smartwatches. It is, therefore, the best fit for petite wrists such as women’s. The round face and preference of dots over numbers give it a simple analog look. It is therefore comfortable and easy to pair with your daily outfits.

What Makes Misfit Phase Different to Other Smartwatch?

There are many products which are similar to Misfit Phase therefore when people are recommended to use this product instead of others, they will definitely question about how this product is different from the other products available in the market. Actually when compared with the other products, this will be very easy to access. It has many interesting features which are essential for the people to track their daily activities and their fitness level. This will be very effective and the results given by this product will be accurate therefore the individuals do not have to concern about whether they are able to get the proper results.

How Does Misfit Phase Work?

As it is mentioned already, it has a 3-axis accelerometer therefore it will not be a problem for the Misfit Phase to track everything easily. Similarly it has an individual’s application to access the options therefore people can easily make use of those options and get to know the things that they want. Generally most of the smart watches will be having a screen in order to display the things that people want to know. But in the case of Misfit Phase, it is not like that and it does not have a screen to do that. Since a mobile application is connected with this smart watch the individuals can simply easily make use of the application and get anything they want. As the smart watch does not have a screen, it will not use the battery much and hence it will last for a long period of time.

Finally, this will definitely be an effective option for the people to track the fitness and the physical activities therefore the individuals can purchase and use this without any concern. If you want to Buy it now and get FREE shipping then you can make use of the special Misfit Phase coupon codes which are available on our web site.

Battery Life

The Misfit Phase hybrid smartwatch sports a CR2430 coin cell battery, which lasts up to six months. This is quite common with the Misfit hybrid smartwatches. The long life battery in interchangeable as soon as it starts to fail. This removes the possibility of having to dump the whole watch as soon as the battery starts failing.

Finally, a smartwatch need not be constrained by the technology of its creation. This aspect is the traditional reason why the smartwatch has had a hard time penetrating the fashion trends. The smartwatch can now both be stylish and still provide all advantages of the smart technology. Suffice to say, the Misfit Phase is only a pioneering example in the integration of the smart technology with fashion wear.

Exclusive Misfit Phase Promo Code:

Get $10 Off on Misfit Phase Smartwatch

For a limited time, new customers get $10 off on Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch + Free shipping with our special Misfit discount code.

Get $10 Off on Misfit Phase Smartwatch

For a limited time, new customers get $10 off on Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch + Free shipping with our special Misfit discount code.

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