Misfit Ray Review

Misfit Ray Review – Best Fitness and Sleep Monitor

When we first clapped eyes on the Misfit Ray we were slightly puzzled. Here’s our latest Misfit Ray review, slick looking fitness tracker from Misfit that helps you to keep track of what you are doing. Well, it’s the answer to a problem faced by all fitness bands. That problem is thus: people only have two or fewer wrists. And each wrist can handle just one wearable at a time. Whether it’s that classic watch you like, your shiny new smartwatch/fitness tracker or some other piece of jewelry, there’s limited space for tech. on the other hand you find that most of the people don’t like wearing two devices – it looks dorky as hell and can leave you feeling encumbered. This is a problem for the fitness tracker. But with the new Misfit Ray it is solved since the tracker is available in small sizes that you can wear even in the leg.

Misfit Ray Review in Detail

What is Misfit Ray?

Misfit Ray MonitorThe Misfit Ray was announced in Las Vegas during CES 2016, looks like it’ll do a better job at staying put. It’s a simple aluminum cylinder with clips on both sides. These clips will accommodate the rubberized sport or leather band that are included with the Ray. The 8-millimeter spring clips will also work with other chains if you have them. Or you can detach one end of the Ray, letting the tracker hang like a pendant around your neck.

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Is the Misfit Ray Right for You?

Does the Misfit Ray contain the activity tracking features that you require? Well the Ray covers steps, automatic sleep detection, progress against goals and all the usual’s. There are limitations however. Unlike the Shine 2 the design doesn’t allow for Misfit Link smart button controls and alerts for calls and messages are much less prominent. But this is a less feature as compared to the other features. From the people who have tried it all are encouraging other people to buy it.

How Does The Ray Look?

Misfit Ray Review

It looks like a bracelet, which avoids clashing with your tech, sits alongside other bangles or bands nicely and can be worn as a necklace. In terms of design, Misfit is keen not to be drawn into questions of gender.it is made in a way that it can be worn by any gender since shine was made more into female. While dainty enough to look good on smaller wrists, the Misfit Ray does a good job of staying fairly unisex. The Misfit Ray itself is fairly dainty, measuring just 38mm in length and weighs just 8g. At first it appears as if the unit itself is a hollow tube, but the strap clips into either end with a hidden 8mm bar. The unit itself pulls apart to reveal two replaceable batteries. Like the Shine it will still last for six months between replacing the battery, and it’s still waterproof to 50m.

How Does Misfit Ray Work?

Misift Ray Overview

Ray does the same things as the recent Shine 2: it vibrates, tracks steps and sleep, can be worn while swimming (for up to 50 meters), and lasts six months on a replaceable battery. It also connects with Misfit Link, a programmable smart remote interface that turns the band into a simple smart button of sorts. But its lightweight design means it only has a single multi-color LED for simple notifications, instead of the 12-LED clock and fitness-progress ring on existing Shine and Flash trackers.

Installation and Setup

What you need to do is to download the Misfit Ray app on your smart phone and create an account if you don’t have one. After creating an account then you can link you Misfit with the smart phone and get started. It is not hard at all to do all the set up.

App Compatibility

The Misfit app, compatible with iOS and Android, is where all of your activity tracking information and goals are stored. With it, you can see more detailed information about how successful you were at keeping moving throughout the day.

The Home section is where you get an overview of your daily activity, including steps, distance moved, calories burned, and amount of sleep from the previous night. The main tracker shows you how many points you’ve earned from your day’s activity in either a circular view or linear graph. Scroll down to see “Today’s Story,” which provides details on your activities, including when you were moderately or vigorously active.

You can also see your progress in a weekly or monthly overview with details on how many points you’ve earned or hours you’ve slept within that time period.

In the Social section, you can connect with others that also use the Misfit app to track their daily activities. Tap a person’s profile to see how many activity points he or she has earned, as well as the daily and weekly record.

Misfit Ray Review – Conclusion

Misfit Ray offers the best products that can help you to track all you record and know your calorie weight loss as you do you exercise. Regret no more, invest in misfit ray today and protect your future in a style. Try the latest deal of Misfit Ray today and do not be left out by other people as they exercise. This special deal offers free shipping when you purchase.

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