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In this Misfit review, we will show you all information you need to know about those fitness trackers and other useful home products from Misfit Wearables. So let’s check it out before buying any Misfit products.

Who is Misfit?

Misfit.com reviewThe Misfit.com is an official website of Misfit Wearables that deals in inventing and manufacturing fitness and sleep tracking products that are wearable and also can be used in smart homes. On the web page, users and buyers can find complete details of the various products that are being offered and buy any item by ordering for shipment.

What Are They Specialized in?

Misfit specializes in activity and sleep tracking products, which do not resemble with the random fitness tracking products that exist in the market, as they have unique properties and functions. The high quality activity and sleep quality trackers enable users to view statistics related to the activities done on a daily basis and sync the data with their smartphones. The company also manufactures special LED bulbs and necklaces for women to carry Misfit Shine or Flash easily.

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Which Misfit Is Right for You?

Misfit products review

  • Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker

Misfit Shine Fitness Tracker records calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken and sleep quality of the user while performing various activities. By using Misfit Shine, the user would be able to keep in touch with his actual health, as he would be able to download any fitness application on his smart phone by means of which the recorded data can be synced easily.

  • Misfit Flash (Sporty Fitness Tracker)

Misfit Flash Fitness Tracker allows the users to monitor calorie count, steps taken and distance traveled while performing sports activities such as running, walking, tennis, cycling, basketball, soccer, etc. The user can wear it anywhere on the body easily including waist, wrist, ankle and arm for monitoring the activity levels.

  • Misfit Bolt (Wirelessly Connectable Bulb)

It is a unique item which can change the environment of a room by illuminating in different colors. Misfit bolt can be controlled through a smartphone directly and there are no technical setup or procedures required. The best function that bolt provides is that the user could wake up with its alarm and soft yellow light in the morning (resembling the sunlight).

  • Swarovski – The New Shine Collection

Swarovski is the world’s best wireless activity and sleep tracker that uses solar energy to function. There is no battery required and no charging is needed due to its solar power capability. Swarovski and Misfit have joined together in order to provide the best advanced technological tracking in jewelry now. This would help the user look fabulous throughout the day, even if he is going for sports, a concert, work, etc. The user would be able to set his targets, keep a record of his progress, improve his fitness and also would be able to share the data with his friends!

  • Misfit Beddit

Misfit Beddit allows its users to set their aims and see them fulfilling. It offers a range of smooth and gentle music for the user to listen while he is off to bed and keeps a record of the total sleep time while the user is asleep. It measures the total sleep time, sleep quality, heart rate and other data to inform the user about his sleep effectiveness.

Customer Service and Support:

If you have any question related to the company and its products, you can visit the page http://misfit.com/support. If you don’t find your enquiry in the already present support page, you can fill the form on their contact page.

Misfit Review – Conclusion

Overall, Misfit Products are regarded as the best fitness products across the globe due to their advanced technology, design and high quality material. The Misfit Wearables provide extraordinary benefits and are remarkable in their function. With superb customer support, outstanding products and affordable prices; Misfit Wearables (Misfit) offers nothing but the best to satisfy its customers.

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Misfit coupon codeMisfit Special Offers:

Save up to 30% OFF on Misfit hybrid smartwatches, fitness trackers, accessories  + Free Shipping at misfit.com.

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