Misfit Shine vs Fitbit Flex

Misfit Shine vs Fitbit Flex – Which Activity and Sleep Tracker is Better?

Misfit Shine vs Fitbit Flex

It is now very much common to use the fitness and sleep tracker and there are many people who are using the fitness tracker to track something and to be conscious always. There are many numbers of useful activity trackers which are available in the market at the great price point and people might have greatly overwhelmed with all the options which are found in the tracker. The most famous trackers are said to be the Misfit Shine and the other is the Fitbit Flex.

This Misfit Shine is the product which is bee sold in the market for about $99.99 but now it has been came down to a very deep price which is about $69.99 and it made the people to enjoy the price greatly. But the Fitbit Flex which is said above is said to be costlier than the other Misfit Shine and it sold at the price rate of about $99.95. But it is found that people are also now ready to buy this product at this price because of its excellent benefits and its great usefulness.

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When this Misfit Shine is compared with the Fitbit Flex the appearance of these two are found to be same but there are different carious colors which can be seen in these two products and people can choose any of their lovable color for their personal use. So, there is no big difference which can be seen in the appearance and only the price of these two products has great different variations.

Misfit Shine vs Fitbit Flex – Different Between The Key Features of Two Fitness Trackers

People can see the similar formulations in both the fitness trackers and both the trackers will greatly help them to use it for the same reason and for the same aspect. So, people can use anyone of it without any fear. All the features are said to be similar in these two products and it is also highly compatible with the Windows and also with the iPhone. It can be also used in the Android devices and so people need not worry about the differences found in these two different fitness and sleep monitors.

The water resistance capacity is also found to be highly similar in both these products and it is highly valuable one. Misfit Company says that their device is highly safe to use them or to wear them when the people are swimming in the water and it works greatly up to the depth of about 50 meters. The other company which is the Fitbit is saying that their device or their tracker is highly sweat, rain and also made with splash proof. But however this wireless activity and sleep wristband is not having the swim proof capacity as found in the Misfit Shine.

Battery Life

There is a very great difference between the battery life of these two fitness and sleep trackers and the Misfit Shine is having the replaceable batteries which is absent in the other one and it works up to 6 months. But the Fitbit Flex is highly different and it must be charged whenever the battery power gets down. Full charge of the battery will surely help the people to use it up to 5 to 6 days completely.

All these are the common difference between the two activity and sleep trackers Misfit Shine vs Fitbit Flex and people can buy anyone of it based on their comfort and their convenience.

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(Misfit Shine vs Fitbit Flex)

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