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Misfit has announced an incredible offer to all of its loyal customers. The company is offering a discount on all Misfit Vapor purchases. Please read our Misfit Vapor review and use the special Misfit Vapor coupon code below to get discount when you purchase this latest smartwatch.

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How to Redeem Misfit Vapor Coupon Code?

Click the link to reveal the Misfit Vapor coupon code. The customers simply have to enter a Misfit Vapor promo code when prompted, which will allow them to redeem this latest promotion. The Misfit coupon guarantees a special discount on every Misfit Vapor purchase.

An In-depth Review of Misfit Vapor Smartwatch

The smartwatch trend is a long time coming and it seems to have finally caught on. As more and more tech companies scramble to create their own brand smartwatch which is compatible with the smartphones. The fashion trends too are integrating the smartwatch thus contributing to its popularity. The Misfit vapor is the first of its kind released in October 2017 even though its announcement was earlier in the year. This Android smartwatch is quite the stunner with quite the pros going for it.

What is Misfit Vapor Smartwatch?

Misfit Vapor coupon

The Misfit Vapor is the first attempt by Misfit, the reputable manufacturer of stylish and functional wearables, at a smartwatch. Even though the Vapor is designed as a smartwatch, helping you achieve your fitness goals is still the main function of the wearable, just like all the other fitness trackers that Misfit has produced over the years.

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Key Features of Misfit Vapor

Some of the key features of the Misfit Vapor include a heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate as you go through your fitness or normal activities, and a GPS location service that is built into the smartwatch. The location service allows the user to track their activities in real time regardless of their location.

The smartwatch has an accelerometer that packs several fitness-focused pieces of hardware. The wearable is also water resistant and swim proof, which means that users can track their laps while they are swimming. Another feature of the smartwatch is Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to play your favorite tracks while you are on the move.

How Does Misfit Vapor Smartwatch Look?

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch

The Misfit Vapor is circular in shape, and comes with a touchscreen display. It is a great-looking fitness smartwatch, with well-designed straps that are interchangeable, and a stainless-steel frame. This Misfit smartwatch has only one tangible button, which is located on the side of the wearable. The button is used to turn the display on and off, and when you do turn it on, you see the beautiful rich blacks within the display that make the wearable stand out from other smart-watches.

Design & Display

The design is a matter of perspective while wearing the Vapor smart watch. While there are slimmer smartwatches for the men, this one falls more on the normal size. For the women though, it may seem a tad too hefty. The 13.5 mm thickness coupled with a 1.39-inch screen, however, lessens the hefty look and makes it look slimmer. The screen is AMOLED with 326 pixels per inch this makes it quite bright in comparison to other smartwatches like the LQ…

Generally, the design is minimalistic with only a side button, which is barely visible. The button is click and almost inconspicuous form the general design. The metallic luster on the Misfit Vapor gives it a stylish look with the compliment of the shiny bezel on the screen edge. The bezel allows you to scroll through the features without obstructing the screen. Additionally, the Misfit Vapor comes with an option for different wristbands thus you can customize your watch to your individual taste.

How Does Misfit Vapor Work?

Misfit has created unique software for the Vapor that is designed to enable the transfer of music to the watch, to notify the customer of any messages, calls, or social media notifications, as well as synchronize the watch to the company’s applications. The operating system also has the capability of running a number of applications on the smartwatch. These applications will include music, weather, mobile contacts, as well as activity tracking.

The Vapor also comes with an OLED display that allows the user to view notifications for messages, calls, as well as social media alerts. There is also a touch bezel that allows the user to respond to these notifications, to interact with different applications, as well as switch up watch faces, all done without the need of covering the display.

When it comes to activity tracking, the watch comes with a 3-axis accelerometer, a heart rate tracker, an altimeter, and an in-built GPS tracker. It also offers waterproof resistance for the swimmers for up to 50 meters of water.

Misfit Vapor vs. Samsung Gear S3 – What are the differences between Misfit Vapor and Samsung Gear S3?

The Samsung Gear 3 and Misfit Vapor have much in common with only a few differences. The Samsung Gear 3 comes at a lower price since its release was in 2016, however but still packs enough features to rival the Misfit Vapor. For the daily uses, both have worked perfectly. This includes activities like walking, jogging, or swimming. The heart rate monitor and GPS integration among other features make them both good fitness monitors. Additionally, they are both compatible with iOS, and Android OS. However, the Samsung S3 Gear has a longer battery life of up to thirty-six hours while the Misfit is only twenty-four. The Misfit also as an NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The Vapor’s operating system is compatible with both Android wear and iOS, meaning that the user can access the apps from smartphones using these operating systems.

Check this video to know how to setup this Misfit Vapor smartwatch:


Color Available

The Misfit Vapor will come in rose gold or black finishes. The watch also features interchangeable straps that accentuate its design. The customer can select the color of watch and strap that matches their fashion preference.

The Misfit Vapor is an excellent smart watch that allows you to track your daily activities, as well as your heart rate. You can get message, call, and social media notifications on the watch, as well as play music from the wearable. It also comes with a very stylish design that is sure to correspond to your fashion sense.

Battery Life

It may come as a disappointment with the Misfit Vapor only lasting a day of full activity. This includes the heart rate monitoring among others. However, the redemption factor, in this case, is the short charging time. It only lasts an hour and a half on the charging cradle. The charging puck comes with the smartwatch and connects magnetically to the watch. The battery life overall lasts up to two years after which it starts to deteriorate. This is at the same time the Android system stops receiving updates.


The Misfit Vapor goes for about $199 or rather an overall figure of $200 on the online stores. These include Amazon, Best Buys among other markets, which sell Misfit products. The limited warranty for the smartwatch goes for two years. It only covers manufacturing faults and not accidental damage to the case or the wristbands.

Quick Mistfit.Com Review

Website Layout

Misfit.com reviews

The Misfit website majorly focuses on the marketing aspect. Along with the catalogs is the purchase links of the products on the website. The website itself is quite classy and well designed. The links and the menu bar are a show of the unique design skill vested in its creation. However, even with the eccentric design of the Misfit website, it still accommodates the novice internet user with its user-friendly outlay.

Order & Payment

The customer can view the entire Misfit catalog directly on the website using the store’s link at the bottom of the homepage. The catalog includes all smart gear and the other Misfit products in the market. The purchase link allows you to add these products to your virtual cart. The “add to cart” button allows you to access the payments page, which allows you to choose the mode of payment of preference.

Shopping Processing

As soon as the customer settles on a particular product, they can click on it to view the “add to cart” button. Once you click on it allows you to choose between a PayPal method of payment or the normal online payment. It also allows you to make specification on the product like the color of the wrist strap on the Misfit Vapor. The final page allows you to key in your shipment details and email address. After that, you can check out as soon as you key in your payment details.

Customer Service

The website allows the customer access to a cache of information on the Misfit products this includes the shipment details. A direct purchase on the website allows the client to enjoy free shipment to their residence. The website also has a detailed FAQs page on which provides answers to queries on the misfit products.

Online Support

Apart from the FAQs page, one can receive their answers by directly contacting the Misfit personnel. The contact information on the website allows the client to make direct inquiries through the phone line or the Email. Additionally, the website provides links to the online social platforms of the Misfit products. The Misfit blog could also be a resourceful method of receiving answers on any products or just receiving updates.

Misfit Vapor Review – Bottom Line


  • A vivid AMOLED screen
  • Touch-sensitive bezel
  • Easy to use interface
  • Interchangeable wristbands
  • An accurate heart rate monitor
  • Affordable


  • Hefty design
  • No NFC (Near Field Communications sensor)
  • Easily scratched body

The smartwatch is stylish and resourceful for various purposes. This is the reason why many tech giants are scrambling to get in on the fun while the fashion trends are warming up to the smartwatches. The convenience of having one strapped to your wrists goes unnoticed until you do actually have one. As it happens, among the top id the Misfit Vapor which is both stylish and versatile.

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Should I Buy Misfit Vapor Watch?

You should definitely purchase this Misfit Vapor smartwatch if you are looking for a smart device that can track your activities, play your favorite tunes, monitor your heart rate, as well as allow you to keep track of all of your communication. In addition, it is relatively affordable and stylish. Buy it now with our special Misfit Vapor promo code, and get FREE shipping.

Special Misfit Vapor Promo Code:

Misfit coupon codeMisfit Special Offers:

Save up to 30% OFF on Misfit hybrid smartwatches, fitness trackers, accessories  + Free Shipping at misfit.com.

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