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Moov has just announced its latest Moov coupon code. The company is offering special discount on all of its products if the customer uses the unique code while purchasing any product from the company’s catalog. When you get your hands on the coupon code, you can use it to redeem a Moov promo code that will guarantee you discount on any Moov product of your choice.

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How to Redeem Moov Coupon Code?

Click the link on the website to redeem the coupon. The link will redirect you to where you can view the code. Copy the code, and key it in when prompted to do so on the website. Once you have redeemed the coupon, every purchase you make will be 50% cheaper than the stated price of the product.

An In-depth Review of Moov

The purpose of this review article is to provide you with a brief overview of the company Moov. The review will include information pertaining to some of the products sold by the company, including information on their distinct features, how they look, as well as how they work. This Moov review will also cover some of the features of the company’s website to give you an inkling of what to expect when you visit the site to make a purchase.

Who is Moov?

 Moov is a company that produces innovative wearable fitness solutions for consumers who want to analyze their fitness progress.

What are They Selling at

 The company specializes in producing and selling wearable products that are aimed at helping you keep track of your fitness routines. The company’s products do more than just keep track of your calories and activities. These products are designed to coach you in order to enhance your fitness and workout experience.

The Best Selling Products on

Moov HR – Heart Rate Tracking + Smart Coach

What is Moov HR?

Moov HR couponMoov HR Sweat™| Heart Rate Based Coach

Price: $99.95

The Moov HR is an activity tracker with the specific ability of measuring EKG-accurate heart rate using a swim cap or headband.



Key Features of Moov HR

One key feature of the Moov HR – Heart Rate Tracking + Smart Coach is that it is waterproof and can last up to six hours in the water. In addition, you can synchronize the device with the Moov app on either iOS or Android in order to receive coaching on workouts and training.
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How Does Moov HR Look?

Customers have two options to choose from when it comes to the Moov HR. one is within a sweatband, otherwise referred to as the Moov HR Sweat, and the other within a swim cap, otherwise referred to as HR Swim.

How Does Moov HR Work?

The Moov HR works like other trackers in that it uses the same optical sensors and green LED lights that can be found in the Apple Watch and Fit Bits. However, the HR sensors can measure the blood density around your temples enabling it to measure heart rate accurately. Other trackers measure your blood flow around your wrist.

When you connect the wearable to the Moov app, you will receive coaching tips on high intensity workouts. The workouts are divided into intervals, are high impact, and they work within your heart rate zone. This will help you burn more calories within a short time ensuring that you achieve and maintain your fitness goals. The workouts include a body-weight circuit, high intensity interval training, as well as indoor cycling.

2. Moov Now – Motion Tracking + Smart Coach

 What is Moov Now?

Moov Now couponMoov Now | Motion Based Coach

Price: $59.95

The Moov is a wearable sports coach that specifically offers interactive coaching in boxing, swimming, cycling, and running.


The Moov Now is the successor of the Moov HR, one of the most popular sports wearables of 2014. This motion tracking + smart coach is the updated version of the Moov that has the same coaching capabilities but also features activity tracking and a new design.

Key Features of Moov Now

It incorporates a magnetometer, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer, all of which are supposed to provide the device with the necessary statistics to enhance the coaching experience. These sensors monitor your daily activities to tabulate your fitness requirements. In addition, the device comes with a watch battery providing the user with six months of battery life from a single charge.

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How Does Moov Now Look?

The Moov Now is much smaller compared to the Moov HR, making it easier for the customer to handle. A silicon band works as the strap for the Moov Now, with a pouch designed to house the sensor. The wearable also has holes at the top of the strap that add a stylish texture to the device. The device comes with two differently sized straps- one large and one small. The different sized straps are meant to help you position the sensor either on your ankle for tracking your cycling and running activities, or on your wrist for boxing and swimming activities.

How Does Moov Now Work?

The Moov Now tracks your daily activities and tabulates how active you are during the day as well as when you are asleep at night. You can view this daily information on the home screen of the Moov app.

The device also provides coaching for four main sports that include boxing, cycling, swimming, and running. The app will track you when you are carrying out these activities and guide you on how to improve your fitness regimen. The app creates a number of training plans that are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. It also comes with a voice coach that guides you as you train in real time.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout review

The landing page of the Moov website is simple and easy to interact with for all types of users. The links to the company’s main products, the Moov HR and Moov Now, are clearly labeled and are placed at the top of the page. When you click on each of the links, you will be redirected to the specific product’s details page. At the bottom of the page, you will find links to the About, User Reviews, Press, Careers, Blog, and Support sections of the website.

Shopping Processing

The website will process your shopping by verifying your payment details, and sending you an e-mail when everything goes accordingly. The website store showcases all the products from the company. On this page, you will be able to see which products are on sale, as well as their new prices. Accepted payment methods include Visa and MasterCard.

Orders & Shipping

Visit to find out all about the status of your order as well as its shipping information. A number of topics are discussed here including whether the company can ship its products internationally, as well as what to do when you have not received an email confirming the processing of your order. You can also find out how to track your international shipment.

Customer Service & Online Support

You can contact the company’s customer service using their social media handles whose links you can find on the company’s home page. In addition, there is a ‘Support’ link at the bottom of the page. When you click this link, you will be redirected to a FAQ section where most of your queries can be answered. If you feel like you have not received an answer to your query, you can email the company directly with the email address provided on the FAQ page.

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that can also coach you on how to improve your performance, and accelerate your fitness achievements, then Moov is the company to look for. Its next generation products are designed to monitor your activities, and advise you on where to improve so that you can get the most from your fitness routines.

How to Order Moov Activity Tracker?

Simply visit the Moov website and order the product of your choice. Buy it now and get free shipping with our special Moov coupon code.

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