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Best Motiv Ring Coupon Code:

Motiv ring couponMotiv Ring Coupon Code:

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An In-depth Review of Motiv Fitness Ring

Balancing work and life has become a challenge to many people today. The issue is then compounded by the lifestyle that people are living. People have a preference for fast foods and soft drinks more than the healthy foods. Additionally, people have little time for exercising. This means that health and stress issues are also on the rise. While doctors and nutritionist can give guidelines on healthy living, technology has stepped in to provide real-time tracking of a person’s vitals. Motiv Ring is a technology with this objective.

What is Motiv Ring?

Motiv ring review

Motiv Ring is a wearable tech that promotes fitness, measures the heart rate and tracks sleeping patterns. As its name suggests, it is a ring that is fitted with a smallest fitness & activity tracker that transmits body vitals data to the Motiv app thus allowing the individual and the doctor to track the person’s vitals.

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Key Features:

It is small size and fashionable. Without compromising functionality, Motiv ring has consolidated form, fit and functionality to promote fitness. Besides, it comes in various colors.

Why I Need Motiv Ring?

You will need the Motiv Ring for some reasons. If you are a busy professional with little time to exercise and visit a doctor, Motiv ring helps you track your body vitals and alert you when you need to visit a doctor. Motiv Ring works at all-time irrespective of where you are. It does not matter if you are showering or asleep, the ring is quite comfortable and water resistant. Secondly, Motiv ring allows you to remain fit. Apart from just tracking your vitals, it notifies you of the necessary action to maintain fitness. It improves your lifestyle.

How Does Motiv Ring Look?

Motiv Ring is a small wearable ring worn at your hand. It is designed in different colors according to the person’s preference for a black strip. Also, when ordering one, it is designed according to one’s measurements making sure it fits perfectly. An app accompanies it for display of data. It also comes in various sizes according to a person’s finger size.

How Does Motiv Ring Work?

Like other trackers, Motiv Ring uses technology to retrieve the person’s vital information. It is worn on the finger to ensure that the heart rate is easy to measure. It also has a flexible circuit board and battery that allows the ring to collect data without being connected to the phone consistently. Its memory store data for two days and immediately syncs with the phone within range. Watch this video for more information on how to use Movtiv ring in real life:

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What Makes Motiv Ring Different to Other Fitness Trackers?

Unlike the Samsung and Apple wrist trackers, Motiv Ring has made significant technological innovations. These innovations make it different from other fitness trackers. First, it is a ring. It is worn on the finger unfashionable colors and design. It is also water resistant. Secondly, you do not need your phone when you go out jogging. The Motiv ring collects data, stores it and then syncs with the phone once you get home. Unlike the wrist watchers, it is not connected to the phone always.


The Motiv ring is also compatible with other technology devices. It is compatible with Apple’s iOS 9 and any other version that was designed later. Besides, all version of iPhone from the fifth is compatible with the Motiv Ring. However, the Motiv app improves compatibility with these devices as it aids in data collection. Also, it syncs wirelessly thus the person may transfer data on-demand through the latest Bluetooth technology. It has minimal impact on battery.


Motiv ring coupon code

Currently, Motiv Ring comes in two different colors, Rose Gold and Slate Grey. The two colors are trendy and subtle making the ring appealing to many. They also do not fade. The colors are also unisex thus irrespective of the gender it remains stylish. Additionally, the black strips complement the colors without drawing unnecessary attention.

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout Reviews

Motiv Ring has the most elaborate website layout. The website is divided into four display pages, design, technology, experience, and sizing. For every page, a short video is attached that plays recurrently. The videos give a consumer marketing view. Secondly, every page has a tab that allows the consumer to get detailed information on how the product works and who it is made. It provides relevant information that is understandable. Besides, the website is user-friendly. Accompanied by pictorials, the website is not only appealing, but it is also educative for potential Motiv Ring purchasers.

Orders & Shipping

Alternatively, Motiv ring website allows the buyer to purchase the product online. Currently selling at one hundred and ninety-nine dollars per ring, the client gets a discount of twenty dollars for every purchase that includes more than two rings. Additionally, the customer may make orders and provide preferences such as the size and color of the ring. Secondly, shipping for the Motiv ring is free and prioritized according to consumer’s demands. However, sizing can only be made after ordering. Delivery takes place in two business days.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential to facilitate the capacity of the company to meet requirements. Therefore, as the consumer buys the Motiv Ring, they provide an email address that allows the company to communicate with the client. The company also provides Motiv news through the emails. Besides, there are prompt replies from people who communicate with the company directly via calls and email. As such, the company has provided contact information on its website allowing existing and potential clients to reach consumer service assistance.

Online Support

Motiv provides online support that does not require the customer to visit their office or call to get information. First, its online support provides comprehensive services. It web-based supports allows the consumer to get information on the ring, purchase the product and make payments. Besides, its online support is efficient. It limits costs, time and promotes usability for the client. However, its online support services do not allow clients to communicate with the company via the website window.

Bottom Line

Maintaining fitness is important especially with current lifestyle trends. People are consuming fast foods, minimal exercise and maintaining stressful daily lives. Moreover, there is an increasing chance of having chronic medical conditions. It is imperative that people maintain fitness and monitor their body conditions. Motiv Ring is a wearable tech that facilitates a person to achieve this objective. It has a heart rate sensor that collects data and relays it to one’s phone. With the data, one may monitor their fitness. Besides, the ring is stylish, comfortable and functions without affecting the quality of data.

Where to Buy Motiv Ring?

Motiv ring is a must purchase fitness, heart rate & sleep tracker. Note, it is not reserved for people who have had health issues. It is a tech product that allows one to monitor their health condition. Its capacity to collect quality data from the finger without compromising a person’s style makes it an attractive product. Additionally, its efficiency in promoting fitness for a person with a stressful lifestyle makes vital to all. It is important to stay ahead of any possible issues that may relate to your health.

Currently, Motiv Ring has a special promotion that gives one a discount for more the two rings purchased. The discount is twenty dollars and free shipment.Check our special Motiv ring coupon code below:

Top Motiv Ring Promo Code:

Motiv ring couponMotiv Ring Coupon Code:

Get $20 OFF each additional Motiv fitness tracking ring when you order 2 or more rings + FREE Priority Shipping at

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