Motiv Ring Review

People are becoming more and more conscious about their health. Nowadays, it is very easy to know how healthy your lifestyle is with the use of fitness tracker. Motiv creates one such kind of health monitors and in this Motiv Ring review you will learn more about them.

Motiv Ring Review At A Glance

What is Motiv Fitness Ring?

Motiv ring review

Motiv Ring is the beautiful concept of Motiv that makes fitness tracking even more elegant. It is the ring that tracks your day to day fitness activities and sends the data to your phone for easy visualization. From monitoring your heart rate to calculating your calories burned, this little ring is capable of doing lots of things. It uses three sensors to track the data: 3-axis accelerometer, Smart LED Sensor, and Optical Heart Rate Sensor.

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Motiv Key Features:

Motiv Ring functions like any other fitness tracker, but the difference is you don’t wear it on your wrist but you wear it on your finger. Here are the amazing features of Motiv fitness ring:

  • Tracks active minutes of whole day
  • Tells about the activity types and intensity
  • Provides insight of how well do you sleep and for how long
  • Monitors your heart rate with its special sensors
  • Gives the data of calories burned during any activity
  • Counts all the step taken along with the info of distance covered
  • Good battery life that could last up to 3 days
  • Highly durable and waterproof
  • Comfortable to wear and looks elegant
  • Allows setting of weekly active minutes goals
  • Could store the data in the ring for two days without being sync to the phone

Why I Need Motiv Ring?

If you are a health enthusiast who is tired of wearing a monitoring watch all the time, then Motiv Ring is something for you. It is also ideal for you if you don’t want your health to get in the way of your style.

Like any fitness tracker, Motiv Ring provides the insight of all your health activity. Monitoring the health data helps you to improve your lifestyle and makes it even healthier. Motiv Ring tracks various aspects of your health and tells you where you actually stand. You need this ring if you care about your health and want to live a healthy life. If you have any history of heart issues, or if it runs in your genes, then Motiv fitness tracking ring provides the easy method to monitor your heart activities that could prevent stroke and other cardiovascular issues.

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How Motiv Ring Looks

The Motiv Ring design is quite simple yet elegant. It has its own class. It is neither shiny nor blunt that makes it ideal for everyday wearing. This fitness tracking ring looks great on men as well as women. It has a plain outside with the tracking locating inside of the ring. The tracker completely gets covered by your finger and others couldn’t tell that you are wearing a fitness tracker.

How Motiv Works

Motiv fitness tracking ring

In simple words, you work and it tracks all your work. But in detail, it is a powerful tracker that comes with many properties that makes it going for day to day task. It uses a lithium ion battery that takes only two hours to get fully charged, and could run for three days without charging.

Motiv Ring collects and stores the data and sends it to its compatible app on your phone from where you could know how healthy you have spent the day. However, for that you don’t have to keep your phone with you all the time, as this ring could store the data of up to two days before you sync it with your phone. The synchronization is automatic but you can also do it on will by rotating your ring for few times.

To sync data, this ring uses advanced Bluetooth technology that takes very little amount of energy of your phone as well as of ring.

What Makes Motiv Ring Different to Other Fitness Trackers?

To this date, there are many fitness tracker found in the market. Most of the fitness trackers are available in the form of wrist band. Here, what makes Motiv Ring fitness tracker unique that it is a beautiful ring that could be wear any place any time.

Heart rate monitoring is offered by many fitness & activity trackers, but Motiv’s fitness tracker is one of the kinds. It is the first company to use an optical heart rate sensor in a ring this size. Detecting heart rate from finger provides far way better result than on wrist because fingers have less hair and no or fewer tattoos. The memory storage of the ring is also a cool feature as the ring could go up to two days without syncing the data with the phone.


Right now, there’s a bad news for the Android users that it is not compatible with any Android device. But Apple users could enjoy using this amazing ring. This device is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later or iPhone 5s or later.

Color Available

The Motiv Ring is available in two beautiful colors. One is for men, and the other one is for women: Slate Gray and Rose Gold. But the women too could enjoy the former color but sorry guys, if you wear rose gold, it won’t suit you.

A Few Motiv Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of Motiv customer reviews from rating & review sites:

The first activity tracker I actually want to wear all day, every day. Motiv Ring succeeds.” from Business Insider


The Motiv Ring is a subtly stylish fitness tracker that puts lots of features and functionality right on your finger.” from


This is your all day, everyday ring and it’s absolutely jam-packed with tech” from

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout Reviews is quite sleek and modern. It has DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY, EXPERIENCE, SIZING tabs at the top with Shop button on the right top corner. You can easily find any information with these tabs.

Shopping Processing

When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button you are not going to get the ring at the first place. The company will send you the sizing set before the ring so you could easily find your size and feel comfortable while wearing the ring. Select the size and use the app or website to tell the correct size and right color to the company. After you tell the size, you will get your ring within two business days with free priority shipping.

Customer Service

Their support team is ready to help you 24/7. You could get the help directly from their FAQ page: .

Online Support

If you don’t find anything on their FAQ page, you can contact them at You can also fill in the form present at their contact page to get your queries answered.

Motiv Ring Review – Bottom Line

Overall, Motiv Ring could be a great addition to your day to day life. Not only it looks great on the finger, but its underlying benefits are numerous. It is ideal for the health lovers who don’t want to wear the fitness watch all the time. It offers all the amazing features that you could expect from any fitness tracker. In a small packet, it is the complete package that could become your lifetime health partner.

Should I Buy Motiv Fitness Ring?

Definitely Yes! It is quite accurate in monitoring your day to day activities. Also, this Motiv fitness tracking ring has an amazing battery life of three days and would continue storing data even when your phone away for two days.

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Where to Buy Motiv Ring?

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