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The following article is a review of the company, This in-depth look into the company and its main product offering will answer pertinent questions related to what the company offers its customers, why customers need this product, how the product works, as well as its compatibility with a variety of devices and operating systems. In addition, our review will also look into its key features, and the available pricing and plans. A few of the frequently asked questions will also be answered in this article, and readers can also find a quick description of how to navigate the company’s website.

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An In-depth Review of

here navigation com is an online retailer for updated maps from the world’s most popular automotive brands. You can use the site to upgrade your vehicle’s navigation system to guarantee accurate navigation especially on roads that you are not particularly familiar with.

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Why We Need

We need in order to find the most updated maps for our vehicles’ GPS Navigation Systems. This is especially the case if one has not updated his/her vehicle’s GPS Navigation System map in the last year. An update from will guarantee a marked improvement in your navigation system’s functionality as well as routing accuracy.

If your vehicle’s navigation system is outdated, it will most likely miss a lot of important information including changes in roads, and addresses, as well as any other landmarks that might be of interest to you. To ensure that your navigation system is always accurate, then you should definitely download your vehicle’s updated map from

The updated maps from (HERE Technologies) are crucial for any type of travel, whether it is just the regular daily commute, or an extended trip across an expansive area.

Key Features

Some of the key features of include:

  • Efficiency-promoting features

The updates from come with efficiency-promoting features for your vehicle. Each update to your vehicle’s navigation system will provide crucial data in regards to fuel saving routes, as well as routes that you can use to minimize wear and tear.

Your updated map will enable you to select the most eco-friendly routes to help minimize your fuel consumption, reducing both your carbon footprint as well as your fuel expense. In addition, an updated map will provide you with the latest information on which routes have the least amount of traffic, which will help minimize the wearing out of vehicle parts as well as reduce your fuel consumption.

  • Convenience-enhancing features

The updates are also packed with features that enhance convenience. For instance, the updated maps will provide real time insight into the nearest hospitals, parking areas, restaurants, public restrooms, and fuel stations, without you ever having to search for these areas on your phone. This makes it much easier for you to identify and get to these spots conveniently and as quickly as possible.

  • Stress reducing features

Getting lost or ending up stuck in traffic can be nerve-wrecking, and significantly increase your stress levels while you are driving. You can avoid of all of this by having and using updated maps in your vehicle’s navigation system.

In addition, you can minimize the stress originating from the distraction of smartphones and other devices, by having updated maps in your navigation system that completely eliminate the need for using these devices while you are driving.

How Works works by providing GPS navigation system map updates for the most popular vehicle brands around the world. Customers can log on to the site, search for updates based on the brand of vehicle they drive, and upload the updated map into their cars’ navigation system. Most updated maps are uploaded into the GPS system using physical storage devices that include USB sticks and SD Cards. However, it is important to note that each vehicle brand is different when it comes to which uploading media is used. You will find out more information on the ideal physical media on your vehicle’s brand’s update map page.

For these navigation maps to be constantly and accurately updated, the company deploys several mapping vehicles that have been equipped with the latest technology including motion sensors, laser light radar, and cameras capable of rotating the full 360 degrees.  The use of this advanced technology coupled with both aerial and satellite imagery gather huge amounts of data that is used to produce highly accurate updated maps on an annual basis.

Check this video for HERE’s Navigation On Demand service provides OEMs with the ability to offer consumers an always fresh navigation & a compelling connected service.

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Can I install the Map Update Myself?

In most instances, the vehicle owners will be able to install the updated maps by themselves. If dealer installation is required, you will be notified of this on the product page.

When and how often are map updates released?

Usually, map updates are released on an annual basis. The specific timing of these updates will depend on the brand as well as the navigation system of the vehicle.

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The map updates from are compatible with majority of the most popular car brands used all over the world. These brands include the likes of Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Suzuki, Subaru, Saturn, Saab, RAM, Pontiac, Pioneer, Oldsmobile, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mini, Mercury, Mercedes, Mazda, Lincoln, Lexus, Land Rover, KIA, JVC, Jeep, Jaguar, Infiniti, Hyundai, Hammer, Honda, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, BMW, Audi, and Acura.

Pricing and Plans

The pricing of each map update varies depending on the map coverage area, the brand of your vehicle, and the navigation system that your vehicle uses. Select your brand of vehicle on the site so that you are able to identify how much an update will cost for your specific vehicle.

What Makes different to other online map update retailer? is different companies offering similar products in many ways including the fact that its map updates are affordable, highly accurate and specific, as well as easy to upload into your vehicle’s GPS system. In addition, the company’s updated maps provide wider coverage than maps from other companies. Furthermore, a lot more brands are covered on as you can find updated maps for nearly all of the vehicle brands used on the face of the planet.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout review

The website layout of ( is quite simple, which makes the site very easy to navigate. All of the pertinent links can be found on the homepage of the site, another element that makes navigation simpler.

Order and Payment

Ordering for the updated maps as well as making payments for them is also done on the website. Each brand has its own product page where you can see the cost of the update as well as purchase it.

Customer Service

The site contains a customer care page where you can find the relevant contact details of the company including email addresses and telephone numbers. In addition, there is a contact form that you can fill, and the customer care people will respond to you.

Online Support

The site has a Live Chat feature that you can use to communicate directly with the company. In addition, its social media handles can be found on the website.

Bottom Line – Is Legit? offers a wide range of updated maps, is easy to use, and offers data visualization as well as truck routing.

Perhaps the only downside is that there is not much information in regards to the company that is behind this great initiative. People need more background information in order to trust the company and its products.

Yes, is a legit company offering the most updated and accurate navigation maps to car users.

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Should I Buy their Online Maps?

You should definitely purchase these online maps that are accurate, regularly updated, and affordable. Purchase now, and be a part of the promotion that will see you receive up to $60 discount on your purchase. Please check all latest coupon codes to get discount at checkout.

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Get $50 OFF and Get Free Shipping on Select Mercedes-Benz Map Updates! Offer valid through 6/30/19.
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Get $60 OFF on Select Buick/ Cadillac/ Chevrolet, GMC Map Updates! Offer valid through 6/30/19.
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