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10% OFF Pretty Litter Coupon Code

For a limited time, get 10% OFF on health monitoring cat litter bags + FREE monthly delivery at Applies to first charge only one use per customer.

10% OFF Pretty Litter Coupon Code

For a limited time, get 10% OFF on health monitoring cat litter bags + FREE monthly delivery at Applies to first charge only one use per customer.

How to Redeem Pretty Litter Coupon Code?

PrettyLitter promo code

Redeeming the Pretty Litter discount is very simple. The buyer only need to enter our PrettyLitter coupon code to take advantage of the discount at checkout.

Pretty Litter Review – Best Odor Control Kitty Litter

Pets are a godsend and we cannot help but love them. It is a joy to come home to an enthusiastic welcome and fondle with them for a while. However, like everything else, there is a downside to this. Cleaning litter boxes is one of the major downsides for the cat owner. The Pretty Litter product comes to the rescue for this very snag. This Pretty Litter review expounds on the benefits of the Pretty Litter products.

What is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter coupon codePretty Litter’s products designs specifically suit the feline pets. As much as they are soft and cuddly, their litters require more than a little effort in cleaning. Pretty Litter bags allows the cat owner to clean all the waste in the litter box without much hustle. The technology used on the Pretty Litter bags allows the cleaning of cat refuse less of a hustle since they do all the work really. This Kitty Litter 2.0 allows the pet owner to clean their pets litter boxes efficiently and  hygienically.

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Why We Need Pretty Litter?

Wastes from the bodies of any animal can give deep insight to the health and wellness of its body. This knowledge allows one to easily notice when the animal is sick and require medical care. Using Pretty Litter the cleaning process is less hectic thus; one can easily recognize the patterns and seek the medical intervention their pet requires.

Benefits of Pretty Litter – Health Monitoring Cat Litter

PrettyLitter bag reviews

Pretty Litter comes with a cache of benefits since its design suits the purpose. The bag changes color to indicate the various health conditions of the cat. The design formula used to create Pretty Litter also ensures a four-pound bag last for a month the Pretty Litter absorbs and eliminates moisture from the refuse, therefore, no needs not replenish the litter every once in a while. Its odor elimination design ensures that the refuse does not waft off and cause a nuisance. Another benefit is its non-clumping technology. This involves crystals, which allow for easier cleaning if and better hygiene for the cat.

How Pretty Litter Works

The absorbent silica micro crystals are the answer to low moisture. Silica crystals absorb the moisture in the urine and evaporate it, which then reduces the clumping of feces. This allows for better cleaning of the litter and improved health for the cat. Silica is naturally odor absorbent more so than the clumping clay. The micro-crystals ensure the litter remains clean while the color change technology maintains tabs on the cat’s health. Watch this video to know to use Pretty Litter:

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What Are The Instructions For Using Pretty Litter?

Pour the contents of Pretty Litter in a clean litter box ensuring the bag covers the entire litter span and is of two inches depth. The Pretty Litter micro gels seal in the moisture in the urine ensuring that the litter remains dry and odorless. Clean away the feces in the scooper and shake the litter remaining in the scooper to retain the litter granules. Mix the litter thoroughly every day to avoid saturating the same spots. The color indicators in the litter should show olive green and yellow for normal health any other color requires close monitoring and a visit to the vet in case it persists. After a month’s use clean the litter and any refuse in the litter and empty in the trash bin before pouring in the new Pretty Litter contents.

Is Pretty Litter Safe For My Cat?

Pretty litter is both eco-friendly and feline-friendly in it designs. The silica microcrystals offer absorption for the moisture, which reduces clumping of the feces. The microcrystals are unabsorbent by the bowels, therefore, they remain intact even after cleaning the litter. The crystals are safe in case of involuntary ingestion and cause no digestive blockages or adverse health effects to the cat.

Will My Cat Have Any Problems Using Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter has a natural feel to it so it is unlikely the cat will find difficulty in adjusting. It, however, takes about a day or two to adjust to new environments. If this persists, try adding half of the old litter while using half of the Pretty Litter until the cat eventually adapts. Once the cat adjusts, there is no need to add the old litter.

How Much Pretty Litter Should I Use To Last A Month?

The Pretty Litter four pounds lasts for an entire month for a medium-sized cat. The recommendation made is to use at least two inches depth in lining though any less does not affect the functionality. Pouring the entire contents of the bag into the litter box and maintaining it clean of refuse will allow it to last the month

A Few PrettyLitter Reviews from Actual Customers:

The many reviews from Pretty Litter customers vouch for its convenience. A review by Michael B. says,

“I love this product! No more hauling heavy litter containers home. No more stinky litter! The product actually does not tread throughout the house as much as clay based. Poop shrinks in half from reduces moisture and becomes flushable. No urine clumps. Hardly any dust. Totally sold on this product.”

Another PrettyLitter customer review by Kristin A. In Los Angeles says,

“Give been using this stuff since January, and I love it. One bag for one month with one cat is spot-on accurate.”

Quick Reviews:

Website Layout

Pretty Litter review

The Pretty Litter website ( best quality is its user-friendliness. The website design provides convenience and enough information for the client. The website easy to follow links allows the client to easily navigate and find the various pages. Their site also offers ample information to ensure the client makes an informed purchase.

Shopping Processing

The Pretty Litter four-pound bags cover a month time for one average cat. With this estimates in mind, one can easily manage to purchase the convenient amount of bags depending on the number of cats. The Pretty Litter website allows for direct Shopping of the bags.

Booking and Payments

One needs not haul litterbags themselves with Pretty Litter. The website allows the client to make direct purchases, which are then delivered to the clients’ residences. The products on the website group according to the number of cats. Payments on the website allow the clients to use credit cards and other online payment methods like PayPal. After making the purchase, the virtually dust free kitty litter bags ship to the clients’ residence.

Customer Service

The personnel at Pretty Litter ensure that the client finds convenience in the products. The website not only provides enough information on using the Pretty Litter bags it also provides contact information to the personnel. The delivery service also convenience the client since they arrive at their doorstep thus they do not have to make the trips themselves.

Online Support

The website is an information asset for Pretty Litter clients. The information on the website offers insight on how to use the Pretty Litter bags. The website also provides a detailed FAQs page, which answers any questions the client may have on the product. For any other inquiries, the website provides a contact number to talk directly with the Pretty Litter personnel.

Pretty Litter Reviews – Bottom Line

The care for the loved felines can prove hard since they are secretive. The litter box, in turn, may prove to be a health hazard for the cat if not catered for. Using cat-friendly litter cleaning techniques not only proves convenient it ensure the feline maintains perfect health.

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Should I Buy Pretty Litter?

The products from Pretty Litter offer convenience and safety for the feline pets. Cat’s poo is hectic to clean but using Pretty Litter, one can reduce the odor and the clumping for an easy cleaning. The Pretty Litter bags are a sure buy. They also provide shipping and a 10% discount on the purchases with our special Pretty Liter promo code below.

Latest PrettyLitter Coupon Code:

10% OFF Pretty Litter Coupon Code

For a limited time, get 10% OFF on health monitoring cat litter bags + FREE monthly delivery at Applies to first charge only one use per customer.

10% OFF Pretty Litter Coupon Code

For a limited time, get 10% OFF on health monitoring cat litter bags + FREE monthly delivery at Applies to first charge only one use per customer.

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