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Sobekick Review at a Glance

Keeping a consistent track of gym activates while still shuffling the mortal coil might prove a tad too much to handle. The need to keep fit often takes the back seat when other troubles set in making the process that much longer. With this conundrum in mind, having a fitness training agency that helps one keep fit not only in a local gym but also on the go is a godsend. Sobekick offers unique training that answers the troubles of keeping fit wherever. In this Sobekick review, you will know them better.

Who is Sobekick?

Sobekick coupon codeThey are a premier boxing studio that offers ample facilities and services to ensure the client gets the thorough training they require. The studio gym offers both personal and group classes with professional fighters and certified trainers. Sobekick’s variety also includes a subscribed online training for video classes, which allows the client to keep track of their training on the road. The live high definition videos offer a variety of lessons, which ensure hardcore training for the client.

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What are They doing

Sobekick provides quality-training services ranging across all budgetary, health, and fitness needs of their clients. The studio offers a variety of classes and facilities to ensure the trainee enjoys the training. The certified trainers and professional fighters ensure that the training is thorough to boot. When not available for gym class one can subscribe to the online membership. Sobekick’s online platform allows the client access to a variety of high definition video classes to keep them on track with their training.


Top Selling Products at Sobekick.Com:

Convenience while training is a pleasure gained by using Sobekick training program. While the studio gym offers hardcore training, the online training offers live access anywhere for the client’s convenience. The products below are an amalgam of these two qualities of Sobekick.

  1. Sobekick’s Online Membership

When time offers a short leash and accessing the gym falls off the priorities online gym class is the next best thing. With this online platform at Sobekick, one can access a cache of training classes in boxing, kickboxing, core, and yoga among others. The advantage of subscribing to this online membership is in its convenience. One can take the lessons at home or even on the go and still meet their fitness goals. The 14 day free trial program also allows the client a taste of what the online training entails. The membership price starts at a monthly fee of 29 dollars or the annual 299 dollars. Check this video to know how Sobekick online classes work.

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  1. At Home Training Gym (Large Bag)

 Sobekick At Home Training Gym

How about home training when the need to train or throw a punch catches on. The Sobekick seventy-two inches tall round bag offers quite the release. This home package comes with additional accessories, which allow for better training. Among them are two boxing gloves, a jump rope, two 3 lb. weights, 2 and wraps, and one Sobekick bag. The monstrous seventy-two inch tall bag fills with water or sand at the base for stability and portability. With ample resistance and quick rebounds, it is quite a punching bag and an exercise tool. The “large bag” goes for $299 dollars, which includes all its accompanying accessories. Watch this video to know how to workout at home using Sobekick home gym equipment.

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What Makes Sobekick Different From Other Fitness Training?

Fitness training is an endeavor of commitment and focus, which requires time for fruition. To acquire that smashing figure or shed off the unwanted calories one requires a gym. Now what of making your very own home your gym? That is the convenience of having Sobekick’s training, one needs not hustle to go to the gym while they can easily exercise form their living room and still acquire the same benefits. The thorough fitness training classes at the studio gym also offer customized training to their clientele. This allows for any fitness, health, and time requirements the trainee may require.

A Few Sobekick Reviews from Actual Customers

Sobekick’s range of clients serves as proof of their effectiveness, which is evident in their positive reviews. Shay Meday, a fitness model has this to say,

“I have been with Sobekick for four years now and I absolutely love the classes!! The classes are definitely high intensity interval train which to me is most effective in toning and leaning out…,”

Anna Marrie Reilly also model also intones her love for Sobe kick by saying,

“Absolutely love Sobekick classes!!! I love how the have a range of different classes to work/challenge your body in multiple ways. My favorite is abs and booty after morning yoga…”

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

Sobekick review

The website is the easy navigation type, which is objective in providing information to the client. The colors on the website and the various images on display are not distracting yet they add appeal to the website. The various links are simple and easy to follow in order to get to any pages on the website. Briefly, the website is easy to navigate while the information on the website is just enough for the clients’ satisfaction.

Shopping Processing

The website provides various purchase pages on which one can easily purchase their items. While on the website, one can purchase the online membership programmer either by subscribing or the various ome tworkout supplies. The online membership subscription requires the customer to sign in in order to create an account. The various packages include the monthly subscription and the annual subscription whose benefits show on the website. The round-base gym purchases do not necessarily require signing in in order to purchase them. One however requires to key in the billing and shipping information.

Booking and Payments

On the products pages one can access information on the various products and access the purchase link. The purchase link allows the customer to add the products automatically to their virtual cart. For the round, base gym bags purchase shipping information and thereafter the billing information. For the online membership, however signing in provides the information.

Customer Service

The customer service at Sobekick ensures care for the client while training alone or in the studio gym. To this effect, they only have professional fighters and certified trainers to administer the fitness classes. The online membership also has professional monitoring to ensure the client gets healthy training even away from the gym. The website also provides various ways to contact the personnel at Sobe kick in case of an enquiry.

Online Support

The website provides a myriad of ways through which to contact Sobekick’s personnel, which include an email address and the various phone lines. This allows the clients to have their enquiry answered directly or as soon as possible as in the case of email address. The website also provides additional support with their FAQs page. The page provides detailed information on the various enquiries made which may prove helpful to the clients.

Sobekick Review – Bottom Line

The various industries in the world are changing face in the modern times and so is the health fitness too. Using the convenience edge to keep on top of the competition requires constant client survey and keeping the customer in mind. Sobekick’s gym brings with them convenience while also providing hardcore training to their clients. This trait is their major selling point, which is in itself an improvement to the fitness industry.

How to Order at

At the products page, allow the customer information on the various items to purchase. These include the home gym items and the online membership subscription. The products page also provides the various purchase link for the products displayed. For the online membership subscription, one needs to sign in and provide purchase information after which one can enjoy unlimited online classes wherever they are. For the home gym bags, though the signing is not a requirement, one needs to key in the shipping and billing information. Please check our special Sobekick promo code below to save your money at checkout.

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Get 20% Off Online Membership at!

For a limited time, 20% OFF Sobekick LIVE & On-Demand Online Classes at!

Get 20% Off Online Membership at!

For a limited time, 20% OFF Sobekick LIVE & On-Demand Online Classes at!

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