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The following is an Spire Stone review, an emerging technology in the field of activity tracking that monitors your breathing in a bid to promote a stress-free life.

An In-depth Review 0f Spire Stone

What is Spire Stone?

Spire promo codeSpire Stone is considered the first breath and activity tracker in the world that is able to decrease stress levels in an individual. In addition, by tracking your breath, it is able to notify you if you have been inactive for too long, and motivate you to remain focused on the task that you are undertaking.

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Key Features of Spire Stone:

One of the main key features of this innovative technology is the fact that Spire Stone will send you alerts before you actually get stressed. Spire is able to detect when you are becoming tense, and sends out an alert to you through your mobile device, warning you that you are about to get stressed. The notification will also recommend that you use one of the breathing exercises available so that you can calm down before your stress levels get to dangerous levels.

This fitness tracker is also able to track your breath at all times, and display the results in an easy to understand format. The results will be able to show you what events, or places spike your stress levels, as well as the specific times during the day when you are most stressed. This information will enable you manage your stress effectively.

Spire also has an activity-tracking feature that keeps track of all the steps you take in a day.

Why Should I Choose Spire Stone?

You should choose Spire Stone because it will help you lower your stress levels by keeping track of your breathing. It will let you know when you are becoming tense, and recommend some excellent breathing exercises that will help you calm down. In addition, it will help you remain focused as well as active throughout the day, by using your breathing patterns to alert you whenever you are losing focus or you have been inactive for too long.

Other huge advantages of the Stone are its durable batteries and aesthetically appealing design.

What is Spire Stone made of?

Spire Stone is made from a collection of different plastics that are durable. The clip of the technology is made from stainless steel, the surgical grade style, making it easy to clean and maintain, as well as making it highly durable.

It is also important to point out that Spire Stone will never get into contact with your skin, and that the technology is hypoallergenic.

How Does Spire Stone Work?

Spire Stone review

The first step you should take when you purchase the Spire is to set it up as you would with any other Bluetooth device. Turn the Bluetooth of your smartphone on, and then install the Spire application. Next, simply pair your phone to the Spire device.

After setting it up, you should proceed to clip the device inside your bra or to your waist, and ensure that the stone is touching your skin.

Spire Stone works by looking for patterns in your breathing as you inhale and exhale throughout the day. The device will send information to your phone, and you will see your breathing in real time on the application.

After using the device for a couple of days, you will have established a baseline so that your future breathing patterns are compared against this metric instead of an average standard.

The information you will receive on the app regarding your breathing patterns will tell you a lot about your stress levels, as well as your ability to focus throughout the day.

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Does Spire Stone Monitor Heart Rate?

At the moment, Stone does not monitor heart rates, as it is specifically designed to capture your breathing patterns.

The focus on breathing patterns is due to the fact that breathing better is easy to apply in our daily activities. Feedback regarding our breathing can help us develop a sub-conscious awareness about our breathing patterns, which will help us become more effective in life and self-aware.

In addition, Spire Stone reminds users to take a deep breath every time they are worried or stressed. This will help lower stress levels in individuals, which will significantly impact their overall health.

What Makes Stone Different to Other Activity Trackers?

Spire Stone is different to other activity trackers because its main focus is on your breathing. The aim of Stone is to help you relax by tracking your breathing patterns, and it alerts you when you become stressed or worried. You can then do breathing exercises that will help you calm down quickly. Without stress or worry, you are able to lead an effective and impactful life.

Spire Stone Review – Bottom Line

If you want to keep your stress levels at manageable levels, as well as ensuring that you remain focused throughout the day, then you should invest in Spire. Stone monitors your breathing patterns throughout the day, and alerts you when you are becoming stressed, and when you are losing focus. Buy it now and get special offers with our Spire coupon codes, promo codes and discount below.

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