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Research has observed that a lot more effort needed to be done to connect the use of bright light to aid and enhance a person’s attention and performance. The tireless effort by scientific scholars contributed to the emergent of an optimistic light remedy gadget known as the Human Charger. Read our Valkee Human Charger review to know more about this portable bright light therapy device. And remember to check our special Human Charger coupon code to get discount at

An In-depth Human Charger Review

What is Valkee Human Charger?

Human Charger Coupon CodeThe Human Charger is a small and thin device designed in a long-lasting technology in an aluminum body, and comes with a headset and settings adjustment.  Its incorporated app helps for quick charging and better power management.

You use this device for only 12 minutes and expressively advanc your liveliness levels, recover mood and rise your mental attentiveness. This device is also offers a faster, actual and suitable way to get your essential day-to-day prescription of light. It is designed with earbuds.

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Key Features:

  • It is designed with earbuds that helps in propelling UV free blue-enriched bright light as a substitute of entertainment in to your lobe channels.
  • It has long-lasting aluminum body that prevents it from rusting.
  • Comes with an advanced application for charging and power supervision.
  • Suitable – Comes with enhanced ergonomics such as headphones, settings tuning, product scopes making it portable anywhere.
  • Super designed – Made of a long-lasting component that prevents it from wearing out.
  • Contented- It is made in a way that it can be used in different ear shapes.
  • Fashionable and effective- Designed in a unique way with a mono-button operation
  • Comes with renewable power that can be used for 12 complete treatments.
  • Harmless and efficient – Offers light remedy that is harmless compared to the sun since its UV waves are safe.
  • Comes with a LEDset with four dimensions of earbuds accessories, a user guide and a USB charging cable.

Why Should I Buy Human Charger?

The Human Charger is designed with a LEDset that glosses light into your ears to rise energy heights, enhance mood, rise mental attention. The device also helps to treat Seasonal Affecting Disorders which is also known as the winter blues, decreases the possessions of jet lag, and enhances food desires. Its portability makes it comfortable to use it everywhere.

The light headset also treats a multitude of signs and ailments like migraine and jet lag. Its white light stimulates neural systems of the human brain, advances intellectual performance. The device offers you with a harmless treatment with few or no side effects. It is commendable for its suitability and effectiveness.

How Does It Look?

Watch this video for more information on Human Charger – the world’s first bright-light headset, it keeps you energized and clear-headed.

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Human Charger gadget comes in a sealed box together with LEDset ear buds, a detailed user manual, USB cable to recharge its battery, as well four sizes of ear bud pads. The box is sealed to ensure its safety. Human Charge comes in attractive black and silver colors and its made of durable aluminum that makes it to last longer.

How Does It Fit?

The Human charger can be put in your pocket since it is small. You just connect the headset in to the USB connector and put the ear buds into your ears and operate comfortably it with a single button

How It Work:

Human Charger Light Therapy Device

The Human Charger is operated very simple. You just need to set the LEDset earbuds into your lobes then tap the single control button. This will make the white light to stream over the ear channel it to the light-sensitive areas of your brain.

The device is used for only 12 minutes and sensitively advance your attentive levels, enhance your moods and rise your brain attentiveness by use of the LEDs designed into the tips of the earbuds. This device is also offers a quick, actual and appropriate way to get your essential day-to-day prescription of light. This way, your brain sensitivity is enhanced.

What Makes Valkee Human Charger Different to Others?

The Human Charger has an inbuilt attractive and user-friendly smartphone application that works together to reduce jet lag as it is enhanced to release Jet Lag and the Wintertime Blues. It is also designed from a long-lasting aluminum component as a substitute of plastic and has much enhanced ergonomics such as the headsets, settings regulators, and product sizes. It is sleek in design and smaller with advanced application for quick battery charging and better power supervision.

How Much Does Human Charger Cost?

Their website show that the device is sold at $236.32 both the black and silver Human Charger and they offer shipping in various countries. It can also be purchased via PayPal.

A Few Human Charger Reviews from Real Customers:

Watch an interesting Valkee Human Charger review by singer and songwriter Jayanti:


One happy client recommended Human Charger by saying his experience using this device was positive. Although he could not believe it before he thought it might have some side effects. But finally, he came to learn that the device really improved his life

A second client says the device is very helpful as it awakens her while she is asleep. She states that her days are always superb with the device as it keeps her more attentive and more contented. She recommends the HumanCharger to people who like traveling a lot, to artistes, who want to hit on the music industry.

Another client says he had to give it sometimes before buying it but he was happy to learn that the device really delivers as stated by the website after buying and using it. He says it has made him bright, and a feeling of relaxation all the time. He states that he uses the device in his trips to Asia and during Finland’s long dim wintertime.

A third client gives the device some thumbs up for its well-built, convenience and the battery lifespan. She says the gadget is small, she can carry it anywhere.

Quick Reviews

Website Layout

Valkee Human Charger Review

The website is user friendly, with interactive interface that provides an overview of the Human Charger. This serves as an advantage to people who are in a hurry since they can get informed about the device at a glance of the interface. As you navigate down, you will find that, the windows cascade, displaying pictures of smiling people in various locations where the device is applicable. The interface also shows different areas where the device can be used effectively. It offers bright and incredible pictures of the device in both black and silver color.

The pictures of people using the device offers a superb marketing strategy since you can be sure of the results of using the device. At the bottom, it provides animations of the customer reviews. This is an incredible approach that the website uses. You customer who reviewed that product and their profession.

The content is also sharable in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and in professional networks like LinkedIn. This is also another online marketing strategy. The website has an attractive call-to-action button where you can order the device.

At the top right corner, is another great approach where you can change the language of your choice.

Orders and Shipping

The website has provided an excellent purchasing procedure of the device. A standard and easy to follow process for buying the product where you click the “Buy Now” button. You need to select your item and Key in its coupon code. The amount of the device will be charged from your PayPal account. It requires you to enter details of your PayPal account or you can use your card. The charge for shipment is inclusive in the total price of the device. Shipment is done both locally and worldwide.

Customer Service

The website offers a simple to use FAQ i.e. frequently asked questions, which are answered in an understandable manner. You just click the question and a reply is displayed below the question. The website goes further to provide you with an opportunity to ask your question by filling the easy to fill form.

Online Support

You just need to fill in your details of your name, email address and your message in a form then you submit. A confirmation will be sent to you to your email.

The website provides contact information including the phone number and the time to contact the office. It also offers the customer support email address. You can also use the postal address to communicate to their head office.

Bottom Line – Is the device worth it?

The Human Charger is the world’s first white light therapy headset gadget which offers a rapid, active and suitable way to get your required daily dosage of light. It is tested and proven.

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