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Dog is man’s best friend, or at least that is how the saying goes. A dog can bring life and joy to anyone’s life and at the time, it is advisable to have a dog as a pet for psychological reasons. However, as anything that brings us joy it also begets woes when it is lost. Having the dog run off to explore a scent or chase after the ‘troublesome’ squirrel is cause for worry to many dog owners. Not knowing the whereabouts of one’s dog can cause worry to a point of stress. The invention of the Whistle Dog Tracker is an invention made to save the owner from the woes.

Whistle Dog Tracker Review – An In-depth Review of Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

What is Whistle 3 Pet Tracker?

Whistle Dog Tracker ReviewWhistle 3 Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor is a device that attaches to your dog’s collar and allows easy tracking. The whistle tracker essentially offers consideration all preferences and for all networks. The device uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks to help the pet owner to keep track of their pet’s whereabouts.

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Key Features of Whistle 3 Pet Tracker:

  • Connectivity: it connects with the Wi-Fi networks to set safety zones and uses cellular networks and GPS to locate the missing pet and send the location details to the owner’s phone.
  • Battery: battery life last up to ten days while the pet is within the Wi-Fi-set safe zone. When the pet wanders outside the Wi-Fi range, the battery lasts up to three days. Recharge only takes two ours.
  • Waterproofing: the Whistle 3 device is waterproof and durable (rated IXP7).
  • Activity monitoring: the Whistle 3 tracking device notifies the pet owner on the intensity of activity within a particular period using the accelerometer feature.

 How Whistle 3 Pet Tracker Looks

Whistle 3 GPS Pet TrackerWhistle 3 Pet Tracker is a small device that fits the collar size perfectly. It attaches to the collar and fastened with a back compartment to prevent it from falling off. Whistle pet tracker often comes in beige and black colors while some are laced it orange. It is not bulky which ensures the pet’s free movement.

How Whistle Pet Tracker Works

Whistle Dog Tracker uses advanced network technology to keep track of the pets’ movements. First, the owner has to designate a safety zone in which their pet spends considerable time. One can create more than one safety zone and all of which connect to a Wi-Fi network’s range. Every time the pet wanders off from these safety zones the owners receives a notification on their phone with the GPS information on the pet’s location. The use of common networks allows the owners convenience in having their alerts sent directly to their phones.

Watch this video for more information on Whistle GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor:

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What Makes Whistle 3 Pet Tracker Different from Other GPS Pet Trackers?

While other trackers may use only the GPS networks to keep track of the pets, Whistle 3 dog tracker uses Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular networks. This keeps the owner updated on their pets’ activities for a better pet relationship. The Whistle pet activity tracker is for on more than one pet, which offers quite the convenience to an owner of multiple pets. Other advantages whistle has over other trackers include its waterproof qualities and its long life battery.

A Few Whistle Dog Tracker Reviews from Actual Customers:

Those who use Whistle 3 dog collar have assured of satisfaction and are now at ease while letting their pets wander off knowing that they can keep track of them.

We placed the trackers in a plastic bag in a pouch on their collars, and I have peace of mind that I know their locations 24/7. They are working dogs doing 95% of their work and training off-leash, and they can frequently be out of my line of sight. It’s a huge safety comfort having Tagg as a backup to find them if needed. I cannot recommend a better product for tracking your pet.”  Melissa R.’s tells on how she finds ease in knowing Jojo and Maggie are safe with Whistle on their collar.

The color range of the whistle products is somewhat lacking but the beige color, which seems to be the overall color, offers convenience all the same.

We are a tech family and love sensors and Wearables. Our dogs are part of the family, so it was just natural for us to provide them with the Whistles,” so says Katrina C. who is the owner of two dogs.

Quick Whistle.com Reviews

Website Layout

Whistle.com review

Whistle.com is a website designed for its intended purpose, pet tracking. The website layout is uncomplicated and the links are easy to see. Information lent on the website ensures the customer always makes an informed purchase. Briefly, Whistle.com is a user-friendly website with a convenient interface.

Orders & Shipping

Whistle offers direct purchase of their products on their website by following the “Buy” link at the top of the website page. The purchase page offers extensive information on the products, which adds on the information given on the home page. The discounts on the price and free shipping offer a rare convince to the customer.

Customer Service

The Whistle fraternity is dedicated to making sure the owners keep track of their pets. The timely alerts and the precise location notifications are accurate which offers time convenience while tracking the “escapees”. The service delivery is therefore very reliable in terms of their commitments and accuracy.

Online Support

The Whistle website ( https://whistle.com) offers information on ways to contact their personnel in cases of inquiry. The options include an email address that they ensure that the client gets their response promptly. The phone contacts also ensure that the client can get in direct touch with Whistle with the exceptions of public holidays. The website also offers a detailed support page and a FAQs page on which answers queries in detail.

FAQs of Whistle 3 Pet Tracker:

How is Whistle 3 different from a microchip?

While the technology microchips use is reactive, the fact that the owners have wait for the rescue and take availing their pets to a vet clinic with the owner’s information is cumbersome. This process would take weeks and long days. The whistle technology connects to the owners’ phone with the cellular network and GPS tracking that allows the pet owner to track their pets easily and accurately within short periods.

Is Whistle Pet Tracker 3 waterproof?

Whistle three is both durable (rated IPX7) and waterproof. It, therefore, works in any condition be it rain or snow. The pet can also swim but needs to wipe the device before recharging it.

How long does whistle three battery last?

On average, the battery life of Whistle 3 collar depends on the cellular and Wi-Fi coverage of the pets’ environment. While good coverage may last it for seven to ten days, the latter ranges from two or three days. The application sends a notification to the owners’ phone when recharging is imminent Recharging takes about two hours and doing it within two to three days ensures secure coverage. The battery may also drain every time the pet wanders out of the Wi-Fi zones and having additional notifications.

Does Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker have activity monitoring?

This feature comes free with the Whistle application. The application allows the pet owner to monitor the intensity of activity at a particular time using an accelerometer. The client can also customize this feature depending on their pets’ breed and age. This feature offers convenience for the client while checking on their pets’ health and exercise.

Whistle 3 Pet Tracker Review – Bottom Line

Whistle Pet Trackers are efficient and vouched for not only by the customer reviews but also by their service. While one may worry about their pets’ safety when they are outside the house, with whistle comes the assurance of safety. It eases the mind greatly when one knows where their loved ones are and that they can get to them easily.

Should I Buy Whistle GPS Pet Tracker?

Whistle products guarantee efficiency in their purchase terms and even in their specifications. To back their claim, a ninety-day return fee guarantee ensures that customer can return the products in case it has a fault and have their money returned. They also offer a free delivery service on purchase. With this purchase options and conveniences, Whistle 3 pet activity tracker sets the bar when it comes to keeping track of one’s beloved pets.

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