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How to Redeem Withings Watch Coupon Code?

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Withings Watch Review

The following is an extensive review of the company, Withings, detailing who the company is, why customers should choose this company over its competitors, the best selling products on the site, as well as some of the features that make the company’s products superior to others in the market. This Withings watch review will also conclude by providing a brief summary of how to navigate the company’s website.

Who Are They?

withings coupon codeWithings is a company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of consumer electronics that are designed to help customers monitor and enhance their health and activity levels. These electronic devices include hybrid smart watches, scales, and health monitors.

These smart products help ensure that customers are able to improve their daily well-being, as well as to enhance their long term health.

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Why Should I Choose Withings?

You should choose Withings because the company designs products that seamlessly blend into your current lifestyle. The smartwatches are stylish and comfortable, and can be easily worn on one’s person throughout the day to monitor activity levels, and throughout the night to monitor your sleeping patterns. You can even work out with said products.

In addition, the company’s impressive fitness tracking devices come with guaranteed long battery life, as well as waterproof features. These devices are also easily customizable to suit your individual style and preferences.

Furthermore, these devices are compatible with Android and iOS devices, and sync instantaneously and seamlessly with the Health Mate App, home to all of your personalized Withings fitness programs, and health data as well as metrics.

Best Selling Withings Watches at Withings.com:

In this section, customers will be able to familiarise themselves with some of the company’s best selling products including their prominent features as well as prices.

  1. Withings Move

Withings Move promo code

The Withings Move is an activity tracking watch with superior features that include:

  • 18 month battery life
  • Water resistance for up to 50m depths
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Customizable to ensure it fits your style, and life.

This activity tracker is cased within a classic watch. Instead of a screen, your activity is displayed on the dial using the third hand.

With this activity tracker, you can effortlessly track all of your activities that include swimming, walking, running, jumping, and sleeping. In addition, it comes with a fully functional GPS to comprehensively map your activity path.

The tracker automatically syncs with the company’s Health Mate App where you can access your fitness levels, goals, and metrics.

There are two collections to choose from. The basic essentials collection will cost you $69.95, and the device can come in a variety of combination of colours. These include black and yellow gold, white and sea blue, white and coral, black and mint, and finally, white, black, and mint.

The second collection is the Timeless Chic collection, that costs $99.95 a piece. Combination of colors to choose from within this collection include black and silver, white and silver, and chic blue and rose gold. This last piece will cost $149.95 as it also features a 36mm leather wristband.

Special Withing Move Coupon Code:

Withings watch coupon codeWithings Special Offer:

Free Shipping on Withings Fitness Tracker & Watch Orders over $115  at withings.com.

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  1. Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings watch coupon

The Withings Steel HR Sport is a hybrid smart watch designed to track activity in a wide variety of sports and fitness trainings.


Its most prominent features include:

  • Heart rate monitoring: this feature breaks down the effect that a workout/sport/activity has on your heart rate, as well as calories burned, and the length of the workout. All of this information is then uploaded to the Health Mate App for your analysis and monitoring.
  • Fully connected GPS
  • Multi sport tracking- the fitness tracker allows you to choose from more than 30 sports. You are able to simply go to workout mode by a press of a button on the tracker. In addition, this activity tracker is intuitive enough to automatically recognize when you are exercising, and this ensures that each activity is tracked accurately.
  • Fitness assessment through the VO2 Max estimation
  • 25-day battery life
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Classic casing designed using stainless steel for maximum durability
  • Water proof up to 50m deep

This Withings hybrid smart watch goes for $199.95

  1. Withings Pulse HR

Withings fitness tracker coupon

This is a health/fitness tracker with advanced features that enables you to keep track of all of your training and daily activities. It monitors your heart rate throughout the day to ensure you are getting as much activity as possible for a healthy lifestyle. It also features auto sleep tracking that also comes with a sleep score to help you determine if you are getting quality sleep.


This fitness tracker is designed using a casing made from 316L stainless steel. The casing is then reinforced using a polycarbonate coating. Its battery can last up to 20 days without the need for charging.

Other features include:

  • Multisport mode
  • GPS Connected
  • Automatically syncs to the Health Mate App
  • Sleep cycle and sleep score tracking
  • Smartphone alerts

This Withings fitness tracker goes for $99.95.

  1. Withings Steel

Withings Steel promo code

Withings Steel is an automatic sleep and activity tracker that tracks your every activity using the company’s Connected Movement tech. This information is then synced to the Health Mate App for deep health analysis as well as personal coaching.

It features an analog subdial that provides you with easy to understand insights into your daily activities and progress.

Features include:

  • Sleep Analysis
  • 8 month battery Life
  • Water resistance
  • Customizable bands
  • Activity/fitness tracking

This Withings activity tracker is priced at $129.95

What Makes Withings Watch Different to Other Activity and Fitness Watches?

Long battery life, multisport tracking capability, and easy customization of the Withings watches set them apart from other activity and fitness watches in the market.

Quick Withings.com Reviews

Website Layout

withings review

The website layout is simple, interactive, and visually appealing. Its simplicity makes the website easy enough to navigate even for first time visitors.

Shopping Processing

Shopping is carried out on the website. Each product has its specific product page where you can find all of the information you need about the product including features, specifications, customizing options as well as price. A virtual cart is provided where you can place the product (s) you wish to buy as you carry on shopping on the site.

Order and Payment

Once you finish shopping, and click on the checkout button, you will be redirected to the payment page. Here, you will be required to enter your personal and payment details as well as authorize payment from your preferred payment method. When the payment goes through, you will receive a confirmation email alerting you of your successful purchase.

Customer Service

The website has a customer support page where you will find all of the contact details for the company that you might need in order to get in direct contact with the company.

Withings Review – Should I Buy Withings Watch?

You should definitely purchase Withings Watch owing to its superior and effective features that make tracking your activity and fitness level, a total breeze.

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How to Buy at Withings.com?

Simply visit the website, select the Withings product that you desire, add it to cart, and proceed to checkout. Once on the checkout page, you will be prompted to enter your personal and payment details, after which you will be required to authorize payment from your preferred payment method. You will receive an email confirmation alerting you about the successful purchase as well as providing you with details regarding shipping. Hurry and purchase now in order to receive a special discount with Withings coupon code below.

Best Withings Watch Promo Code:

Withings watch coupon codeWithings Special Offer:

Free Shipping on Withings Fitness Tracker & Watch Orders over $115  at withings.com.

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