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Best XD Fit Coupon Codes:

XD Fit couponXD Fit Special Offers:

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How to Redeem XD Fit Coupon Code?

Redeeming the XD Fit promo code is very easy. The buyer has to choose XD fitness products and enter this XDFit discount code to take advantage of the discount here.

An In-depth Review of XD Fitness Equipment

XD Fit coupon codeXD Fit Equipment is a company founded in 2008. Its manufactures and sell body fitness equipment. XD Fit Company that is built to provide the highest quality fitness products in the world. The Company’s mission is to engineer, design and develops the highest quality product through innovation.

Why Should I Choose XD Fit?

XD Fit offers a wide range of fitness products which are of high quality. Most of the products come prefilled. They are also safe for indoor use and are better and long lasting. The products have their weight embroidered so that they can fade or peel off.

Check this video to know Heba Ali’s full 2 days of training using XDFit’s badass equipment.

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What Are They Selling at Xdfit.com?

The company innovates and develops fitness products. Currently, the Company has over 30 approved patents and other pending patents on various innovations. Their mission is to engineer, design and develops the highest quality product through innovation. The following are some of the bestselling equipment from the company.

  1. 18in XD Kevlar Medicine Ball

XD Kevlar Medicine Ball

This is the toughest and only reinforced medicine ball, built with DuPont Kevlar fiber on the market. It is an extremely durable low bounce ball available from XD Fit. It’s a patent ball available in 6 different weights, ranging from 40lbs to 150lbs. the ball is perfect for large activities performed by most athletes from different fields. The ball features:

  • It is built with durable DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, this allows the ball to be used for longer periods of time without wear and tear.
  • The balls tacky surface provides for maximum control by users.
  • The balls weight identification is embroidered to prevent it from fading or peeling of
  • Regardless of the weight, the balls diameter is a consistent 18-inch diameter.
  • It has a unique panel design to withstand rigors from high-impact exercises

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  1. XD Kevlar Weight Vest

XD Kevlar Weight Vest

This weight vest is built with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber. As it is patent, it is the only vest build from this fiber. The vest is ultra-durable. It is worn by slipping it over one’s head and strapping it across the body by use of a cross-strapping system. This method prevents it from moving sideways or up and down during exercise. With weights, the vest comes with 20lb and 40lb. This weights can be adjusted down to 1lb increments for the 20lb vest and 2lb for the 40lb vest by removing the coated weight bars. Basic features include:

  • It is durable as it is built with DuPont Kevlar fiber.
  • The vest comes pre-weighted in 20lb or 40lb sizes
  • Perfect fitting: cross strapping system allows one to strap it perfectly. This prevents any weight shifting during workouts.
  • The adjustments: this allows the wearer to adjust it to the desired weight.
  • The vest has fully padded linings and extra-padding on the shoulders to help prevent hurting around the shoulders and neck regions.
  • The vests weight is evenly distributed around the vest
  • It can also be personalized with a Velcro patch area on the front of the vest.

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  1. XD Kevlar Kettlebell

XD Kevlar Kettlebell

This is an innovative kettlebell designed to make kettle bell training easier, safer, quieter and easier on floors, and during storage. The design features a steel handle that allows for exact kettle bell functionality and form. Its soft bottom construction is reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber and filled with steel sand. This provides the highest level of durability while still offering protection to users for accidental drops, pinches, or collisions.

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  1. XD Kevlar Sandbag

XD Kevlar Sandbag

This is a durable sandbag reinforced with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber.it features 5 nylon handles with reinforced stitching allows for the heaviest of use. Its interior is specially constructed to prevent the weight from shifting around in the bag. It also helps the bag maintain its shape. As all the bags come prefilled thus no filling required. The sandbag can be used to perform the following movements:

  • Olympic lifting movements
  • Olympic lifting movements’ variations; the diagonal movement and the rotational movement.
  • Complex movements based exercises, exercises which require emphasis on one’s stability.
  • Dynamic partner movements i.e., throw, catch, move, throw, and catch cycle.
  • Rehabilitation exercises, those combining multiple joint and those of developing functional movements under different levels of restraints.

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Few XD Fit Reviews from Actual Customers:

Here are some of  XD Fit customer reviews from review sites:

“A customer liked the product fiber quality of the XD Kevlar Sandbag. She liked the middle handle as it was one of her main grips. She attributed this to the reinforced stitching. Her choice of sandbags was the 35lb which she bought 2. She said it provided adequate weight for doing her exercise and was perfect for indoors weight lifting as it was safer to slam on her apartment floor than other sandbags.”


“A customer bought the XD Kevlar Weight Vest with an intent to improve endurance and bone density. He liked it as the vest’s weight was evenly distributed and comfortable for walking and jogging. The vest was nice as it was adjustable to his body structure. It also had good quality materials and stitching.”


“One user of 18in XD Kevlar Crossfit Medicine Ball liked its durability and it’s built. He said it was the most durable and well-built he had ever used. The ball didn’t fall apart like others. ‘When you pick this ball up you can just feel the difference’.”


“A customer who had bought the kettlebell liked it because of its soft bottom and handle. The kettlebell didn’t destroy her gym floor. The handles were great as they were made of steel, unlike other kettlebells which had cloth material and caused blisters.”

Quick Xdfit.com Reviews

Website Layout

XD Fitness Equipment Review

XD Fit.com has a simple website display. At the home page, there is a menu button, a search and a cart icons. Items of sale with their prices are displayed, some are accompanied by subheadings with how to use the products.

Shopping Processing

One has to have an account on the site so as to be able to shop. You then log in, select a product you want to buy. Select the preferred weight. Select quantity you want to buy, for large quantities, the site offers personalization option. You then click on the ‘Add-to-cart‘ button. The Shopping Cart will then show the items in you have selected and will allow you to change the quantity of each. You then check the cart icon at the top right of the page. Once satisfied with the purchase, you click the ‘Checkout‘ button.

Booking & Payment

Bookings and payments can be done on various platforms, such as JCB, MasterCard Visa and Apple Pay.

Customer Service

It also has a call number where customers can reach them and be given assistance with complaints. Customers can also get help by visiting stores selling the equipment. The company representatives stationed in the store can guide customer on how to use the body fitness equipment.

Online Support

The website has links to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where customers needing clarification can contact them. It also has an online blog where customers can interact and discuss the product, and how best they can utilize them.

XD Fitness Equipment Review – Bottom Line

XD Fit offers the best reliable products in the body fitness industry. All its products are made from the durable DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber. This makes the products long lasting. The fiber also makes the products safer, smoother, and easy to use with minimal disturbance.

How to Buy at XD Fit?

XD Fit products are available in online stores and selected authorized dealers.  Please check our special XD Fit promo code to get discount at xdfit.com.

Special XD Fit Coupon Code:

XD Fit couponXD Fit Special Offers:

Save up to 40% OFF on XD Kevlar Medicine Ball, Lifting Belt…etc at Xdfit.com. Shop now!

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